May 31, 2020

I Can’t “Bear” The Nonsense!

Oh, please! Somebody save me from the onslaught of human ignorance, nonsense and general emotional clap trap!

Save Bears, an organization that seems to think much more of bears than humans, or at least think bears are humans, promote complete bear nonsense in order to get a better shot (no pun intended) at non thinkers’ bank accounts.

From Save Bears website, we find this:


And so, according to these misled people, bears express emotions. And just how do they do that? Is it that you have to catch up with one in the forest and just ask them how they feel? Will they answer you? Give you a thumbs up or thumbs down? It has already been determined that the only way anyone can truly assess whether any animal can feel pain or “express emotion” is by being able to communicate intelligently with them.

Then there’s this:


Bears are bright, that is as far as animals go, but fall short from being able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Bears do have a remarkable sense of smell, as some studies seem to suggest a bear’s sense of smell is many times better than that of a bloodhound, but a bear doesn’t have X-ray vision, nor can he fly faster than a speeding bullet.

To state that a bear is “intelligent and quickly learn[s] from experience” is just a bit too foolish I’m thinking. If a bear is that smart then why do they keep coming back raiding dumpsters, trashing barbecue grills, busting down bird feeders, raiding garbage cans, tearing into cars, etc., only to get hauled away and released someplace? And if they are so damned intelligent, why do they find their way back to the same sites and then end up dead? Smart animal, cuddly too, and probably forgot to express some emotions, like the nonsensical ones on display by the not so intelligent bear lovers who don’t seem to learn any quicker than the bear.

Just nonsense!



Rutting Buck Attempts to Mate With Teenage Girl

I find little to laugh about in this video. The humans, albeit ignorant as hell, see this entire event as hilariously funny. They are ignorant of the ways of deer and stupid to approach the deer in the first place. Fortunately, at least for the humans, there was no harm done as history has shown that a rutting buck can beat the hell out of a human, even goring them with their antlers.

I would conclude that the actions of the humans are the result of indoctrination and the humanization of animals factor beat into the brains of our children.


“Speciesism: The Movie”: As Dumb As It Sounds

A couple of weeks ago a new schlock-umentary called “Speciesism: The Movie” premiered at a theater near us in Washington, D.C. We decided to go see it, given that many people from the Humane Society of the United States and other animal liberation groups would be in attendance, including folks like longtime (ex-)PETA leader Bruce Friedrich (who has said that “blowing stuff up and smashing windows…I do advocate it”) and Gene Baur, whose group Farm Sanctuary was found guilty of electoral fraud following a 2002 campaign in Florida.<<<Read the Rest>>>


Man Seeks Asylum Due to Global Warming

Can Al Gore’s product of climate change fear and insanity get any whackier than a man seeking asylum in New Zealand because he fears rising ocean water levels? Living on a small Pacific island, Kiribati, on the Equator halfway between Hawaii and Australia, a man supposedly fears rising sea levels due to Al Gore’s fake global warming and thinks that 30 years from now his island, with a population of 100,000, will be underwater.

I suggest we send him a snorkel and a rubber raft.


Animal Perverts Ain’t Too Smart Either

It’s the typical crap sandwich you read about when animal perverts go about trying to save animals because they believe humans and animals exist at the same level, sharing in the same rights. Some even believe animals are as intelligent as humans and that is probably well displayed in the Lake Tahoe area where bear loving perverts are interfering with efforts by officials to trap nuisance bears and relocate them.

No longer is it the objective of these mentally damaged perverts to do as much as they can to help ward off the inevitable death sentence of a bear that becomes habituated to humans, these morons are now prohibiting officials from trapping the bears and relocating them to more wilderness areas. One deviant imbecile even stated that moving a bear into the wilderness was scaring the bear back into the city.

But, as is typical of these types, they have resorted to violence, death threats, harassment and destruction of government property and then deny they are responsible.

Here’s a short list of some of the profound comments made by bear loving freaks:

1. “They are just gorgeous creatures, and they are so misunderstood,”
2. “If you don’t get rid of that trap, we’re going to kill you”
3. “We’re going to destroy your business and screw up your boats and destroy your property.”
4. “We are the intruders here,” – Note: This one always gets me. The pile of sticks who make this comment also said, “If you want to live in a beautiful area like this, let’s learn how to live with the animals that are here.” How ignorant and self centered can a totalitarian fascist be? If this person really had all this “love” for animals, why did THEY choose to live where the bears do? These ignorant fools think they have the right to live where they choose and THEN dictate to all those around them how they are to live because they choose to live in a beautiful area. They are the biggest hypocrites in the world today.
5. “There is something special about bears. It’s hard to explain. The more I am with them, the closer I feel to them.” – Note to bear pervert – Get a life!
6. “Carl Lackey [biologist] is the ultimate bear serial killer,”
7. “Oh, please beat the crap out of this guy,”
8. “When a bear is where he shouldn’t be, tell him right then and there. Wave your arms and stomp your feet. Once the animal has fled into the forest, you stop and say, ‘Good bear.’” – Note: This epitomizes the mental illness associated with a perverse affliction with animals. I mean seriously. Are you kidding me? Sick! Sick! Sick!
9. “People who don’t like bears don’t like us.”
10. “I am not a terrorist, and I don’t break the law.”
11. “He [a bear] doesn’t seem to be in any mood to harm anybody.”
12. “Animals who grow up around our villages… are the least likely to harm a human.”

These freaks should just pack up and move back to the city. What idiots!


Seriously! Who’s Lying Here?

This piece of propaganda was found recently on the rear bumper of a Connecticut car. These scumbags deliberately lie for one purpose only. To extort money out of millions of people to ignorant and lazy to even bother discovering the truth.

That poor misunderstood little woofie!



Cats Kill Birds – Dogs Become Non Essential Wolf Populations

According to J.R. Absher, editor of “The Birding Wire”, abandoned and feral cats are free to roam about killing birds by the billions. He says that many of these cats are unwilling participants in a program called Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Release (TNVR). While this may slow down the growth of feral cats, they still eat birds and the birders don’t like it. I wonder why that is?

Some are asking why is it acceptable to not have stray dogs running around but it is for cats. Absher asks:

The thought of permitting – and encouraging – packs of stray and ownerless dogs in our communities wouldn’t gain a whit of support from city councils or county commissions. So why on earth promote it for cats, given the wealth of evidence that it’s unhealthy, harmful, and so devastating to songbirds and ground nesters?

Perhaps I have a few answers for Mr. Absher. First of all, dogs are worshiped and cats are only “loved.” Dogs are bigger than cats, most of the time, and thus the adage, “out of sight out of mind.” Cats kill and eat mice too, and we know that mice don’t have as many rights as say dogs, i.e. coyotes and wolves. It’s okay to kill mice. Nobody wants them. Nobody “loves” them and I don’t think anybody worships them…..although Michael Jackson sang a song once about a rat named Ben.

Perhaps more people should buy and read the book, “101 Things to Do With a Dead Cat.” Ever see a book called, “101 Things to Do With a Dead Dog?” Didn’t think so.

If I post a picture of dead dog on my website, thousands of sick and demented individuals leave some of the most disgusting comments imaginable. When I post a picture of a dead cat, nobody cares. I have always said that if you want to kill your kids and get away with it, move to Florida. But, if you mess with your dog in the Sunshine State, they’ll give you the death penalty.

But running to Absher’s defense, so far I’ve avoided addressing his claim that people wouldn’t put up with disease-infested dogs running around communities terrorizing people. And he’s 100% right. They deserve special protected status. What the U.S. Government, i.e. the United State Fish and Wildlife Service does is take those feral dogs, lock them up in a remote pen somewhere for awhile and then release them into people’s back yards claiming them to be a non essential experimentation of “wolves”, pure breeds, creating a “distinct population segment” and then protecting them so they can legally spread disease and kill off all the wildlife….like cats are doing with birds.

I would suggest that if J.R. Absher and others want to get these cats off the street, get with some of those brilliant faux scientists at the USFWS and claim those cats to be a rare species of cats that needs protecting. Then people will be more tolerant and there would be no problems.

I can think of species like, mini catamount, or toy tiger. Hey maybe I’m on to something.

I’m from the government and I’m here to help.


Beware Earth First Terrorists

The below poster was made by Save Western Wildlife in response to threats issued by Earth First terrorists against hunters and trappers.



Disturbed New Jersey Woman Ruins a Good Bear Fight

This woman’s elevator doesn’t go to the top floor. I’ve seen videos of this completely brainwashed, propagandized product of Tavistock, challenge bears in her back yard that are directly threatening her. What this video doesn’t tell is the whole story. She feeds bears in her back yard. And while the bears are there (wink, wink! I think she thinks they are her children) she expects them to be on the best human behavior as possible. She is clueless about what wild animals do. These two bears are NOT fighting. They are posturing. Evidently this woman and everyone else who has labeled this bear encounter a bear fight might also think bears and humans are on equal emotional levels.

It is very possible that by her disrupting a very normal black bear behavior, she is turning the bears into a representation of herself, i.e. a mentally challenged member of her species and thus the black bear species. Retarded bears end up dead!

I wonder what God is saving her for.


Soon Human Animal Marriage?

To what degree will this perverse American society continue to denigrate itself? The U.S. Supreme Court ruled it constitutional that two people of the same sex can marry and enjoy all the “benefits” of heterosexual people. Recently, animals were declared to have the same emotional feelings and reasoning as humans, and we know that for some time the United Nations has placed animals on the same plane of rights and respect as humans; or should I say that humans were placed in the same pits of hell as animals.

And now, we see where Texas A&M University is teaming up with the SPCA in order to teach all veterinary students how to recognize animal abuse. What could possibly go wrong?

It is not a stretch to believe that soon it will be declared constitutional, the marriage of a human and an animal. I hope it happens actually. Then those who would prefer that can go live with the animals where they belong. With equal animal rights we know that all jackasses will continue to vote democrat.

It’s not their fault!