February 6, 2016

The Satanic Evil of EnvironMENTALism


Can Animal Cams Help Stave Off Climate Change?

*Editor’s Note* – What non thinking insanity is rearing its ugly head in this country/world. No thought here is given to anything except the selfish desires of perverted animal lovers, caring only for their own greedy desires, as Techonzombies, to destroy the wild places real wild animals live, and promoting it as saving the planet. […]

PETA Sues — Give Monkey Rights to His Selfies

*Editor’s Note* – If a monkey has rights, SUE THE SON-OF-A-BITCH! He stole a camera and caused high levels of stress on a human! So, a monkey steals a man’s camera and snaps photographs – at least some of them of the monkey. PETA is suing on behave of the monkey saying that those photos are […]

Green Weenie—Or Hot Ticket of the Month?

*Editor’s Note* – I do not know if this particular event is “brilliant satire” or “environmental” insanity, but I assure you that the name environmentalism lives up to the break down of the word which contains “mentalism.” EnvironMENTALISM is a bad disease with seemingly no cure. Perhaps the worst part of it is that it […]

It’s a Mad World

Colorado park stays closed because too many people are trying to take selfies with bears – source “We’ve actually seen people using selfie sticks to try and get as close to the bears as possible, sometimes within 10 feet of wild bears,” said Brandon Ransom, Denver Water’s manager of recreation. Before it was closed, a […]

“Peaceful Islam”

WARNING!! Nudity in the video. As in the words of George W. Bush and others, Islam is a peaceful religion. Yes, it and others, exude the essence of the leadership. Share

WDFW hires wolf consultant – ABSOLUTE INSANITY!! 

Conflict-resolution consultant Francine Madden will start her new two-year, $850,010 contract with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife by leading a closed-door session Thursday of the state’s wolf advisory group. Source: WDFW hires wolf consultant, who closes another meeting – Washington – Capital Press Share

Bottom Story of the Day: Lion Kills Man

Of all the depraved notions that comprise moonbattery, failure to understand that a person’s life is worth more than an animal’s is possibly the sickest. Source: Moonbattery » Bottom Story of the Day: Lion Kills Man Share

Small family business says it’s intimidated by AutoZone 

AutoZone says the couple is using the word “zone” in its name. The company claims the Hamms can’t do that.”Do you think that’s right?” I asked. “No, of course not” Hamm replied.In the letter, AutoZone accuses this mom-and-pop business of trademark infringement. It claims consumers could confuse this family shop of being affiliated with AutoZone.As a […]

Cecil, We Hardly Knew Ye….

According to our sources, the lion, despite being collared, was not protected under that country’s hunting laws. Professional hunters have told us that lions are protected inside the national parks but those same lions, if outside park boundaries are, for lack of a better term, fair game. It went on to take issue with the […]