August 21, 2019

Alaskans Must Stop Burning Wood to Stay Warm

You Can’t Fix This Kind of STUPID!

“But alas, now comes the federal government to tell the inhabitants of Alaska’s interior that, really, they should not be building fires to keep themselves warm during the winter. The New York Times reports the Environmental Protection Agency could soon declare the Alaskan cities of Fairbanks and North Pole, which have a combined population of about 100,000, in “serious” noncompliance of the Clean Air Act early next year.”<<<Read More>>>


WaPo Reporter: “It Didn’t Look Loaded”

“When I got to the ER, I had a swollen face, metal-foil confetti in my hair and a faint odor of gun smoke. Finally, the doctor could see me.

“I shot myself in the eye with a glitter gun,” I said. I showed him the Party Popper, which I had brought with me, in case he wanted to send it off to the National Institute of Morons for further study.

I got home from the hospital with a scratched cornea and a tube of eye ointment.”<<<Read More>>>


INSANITY: Far Beyond Being Responsible for Animal Welfare

“The panelists praise wolves for their adaptability: Their plump paws are perfect snowshoes in winter, and their lean, aerodynamic bodies help them run as fast as 40 mph and cover hundreds of miles across a variety of terrain. Suzanne Stone, a biologist with Defenders of Wildlife, points to the audience and asks, “Can I use you as guinea pigs?” She arranges volunteers into a pack structure. A zoo staff member in a khaki shirt holds his hand up high, like the pack’s strong alpha male holds his tail, while a woman with dyed purple hair hunches and folds her arms inward—a vulnerable pup. A woman in a brown cardigan takes the role of a beta female, which Stone likens to “middle management,” helping baby-sit pups while other adults seek food. As the pups grow, they branch out, going through a lone wolf period before eventually forming new packs.”<<<Read More>>>


Off-Road Insanity and Media Insanity

I was sent a link to a story of how a couple, “from away,” traveling in a “tour bus,” with 22 dogs, followed their GPS and ended up on a snowmobile trail in northern Maine…stuck.

Insanity? It is insane that anybody should be traveling in a tour bus with 22 dogs. Yes, that’s insanity. Why is it insane? Because the Maine media, all of them, report on the incident of how the couple got rescued by police and game wardens, only mentioning the difficulties in places in norther Maine of using a GPS to travel.

No mention of 22 dogs. Insanity! It is the normal.



Oh, Go Blow It Out Your Ass

“The state’s Air Resources Board can also now regulate bovine flatulence, as long as there are practical ways to reduce the cows’ belching and breaking wind.”<<<Read More>>>



But remember, Kalifornia is the testing ground for the rest of the country. Do nothing and soon you’ll be paying taxes on your own farts.


Still Doubting The World’s Insanity?

treesexIf trees are so damned life-like, why not have sex with one. A total mindless, blinded person who calls himself a “forester” says, “There’s increasing evidence to show that trees are able to communicate with each other. More than that, trees can learn.

If that’s true — and my experience as a forester convinces me it is — then they must be able to store and transmit information. 

And scientists are beginning to ask: is it possible that trees possess intelligence, and memories, and emotions? So, to cut to the quick, do trees have brains?

It sounds incredible, but when you discover how trees talk to each other, feel pain, nurture each other, even care for their close relatives and organise themselves into communities, it’s hard to be sceptical.”<<<Read More>>>

I never thought I would live long enough on this really screwed up planet to witness this insanity. The perversion with dogs, pets and animals sends me over the edge but to think someone actually thinks this way.

Forgive them Father…but do they know what they do?



Animal Perversion Prevalent Everywhere

I know I anger a lot of people when I expose their perversion toward animals. It’s one thing to have a pet, and yet it’s quite another when animal worship rises to a level of placing the welfare of ANY animal above, or equal to, that of man. Here’s two more examples.

Some time ago, New Jersey reported on a black bear that, due to some kind of malformation, has adjusted and has learned to walk on his rear legs. The bear has been nicknamed, Pedals. As would probably be expected, people got a kick out of seeing the bear getting about walking upright.

However, this seemingly has set off a firestorm from the animal perverts, demanding the bear be moved to a “wildlife sanctuary” and cared for – likening the event to that of a person in a wheelchair needing special attention. In addition, a petition has been circulated, supposedly collecting over 300,000 signatures to move the bear to a sanctuary “before it gets hurt” by a “human with a gun.”

Wildlife officials have repeatedly attempted to tell the brain deficient public that the bear is healthy and has adjusted to his handicap fine. But that never satisfies an animal pervert. The perverts have raised $25,000 for a “new enclosure” insisting the bear be institutionalized.

These kinds of people are quick to raise money for something this perverse and are first in line to throw the humans out, stealing their livelihoods and running them off their own property.


Second is a story so bizarre, it can’t be made up. A woman driver in the Houston, Texas area, stopped her car in the middle of the multi-lane freeway, blocking traffic, endangering the lives of hundreds of other people, say nothing about risking her own life. She left her car, ended up crossing the center Jersey barrier, walking out into speeding traffic, during a busy rush time, in order to rescue a cat. She zigged and zagged in and out of traffic, not concerned if the traffic would run her over. Only intent on saving the cat.

Witnesses said the woman was completely oblivious to her surroundings and the danger and peril she was putting other people in. Her disturbed mind was intent on saving a damned cat while she and many others could have been killed or injured. But that would not have mattered to an animal pervert. If hundreds of people had died, saving the cat would have been worth.

Too many humans. Never enough animals.



Animal Farm or Funny Farm

I recently read a short Letter to the Editor from the Western AG Reporter (the letter was scanned from a newsprint and emailed to me.) The letter writer pointed out that the fish and wildlife department was fining a man hundreds of dollars for “harassing” wildlife. It seems that a bear was attacking his livestock, so he was using his pick-up truck to chase the bear away. The letter writer wanted to know if the livestock belonged to this man and they were on his property, then why isn’t the fish and wildlife department being fined for THEIR wildlife harassing his cows?

The solution is clear. Simply shoot the damned bear!

I’ve always said the Environmentalists always take and never give. They take life from people for their idiotic purposes. In this case, the man would have been better off to just shoot the damned bear. Give the environmentalists exactly what they are asking for.

Mind you, of course, that authorities, who collectively lack enough brains to know to get in out of the rain, along with their buddies at the environMENTAL institutes, teach that “hazing” is a good tool to use to keep large predators from attacking livestock and humans – a means of cohabiting with wild animals. I think a truck is a great tool to use to “haze” a bear.

Get a life!

They’re coming to take me away, aha! They’re coming to take me away oho! To the Funny Farm where life is beautiful all day long.


Protect Yourself: Take Off Front Door



Nuisance Bear Hot Spots in Maine

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) provided followers on Facebook with a map that shows locations around the state that they deem to be “Nuisance Bears Hot Spots.” The comments left by followers range from ignorant to showing side effects of total lobotomized brains.

According to the majority of those who left comments, the solution to “nuisance bears” is to kill humans. But that’s nothing new. Animal perverts are animal perverts because they hate humans and prefer animals for all their pleasures in life.

But there was one comment that was so completely ridiculous, someone would have to actually think about what would be the biggest lie they could tell….Nah, I change my mind. That would actually require a brain. This person has none. It’s nothing but nonsensical, emotional drivel – the result of romance biology and Voodoo environmentalism. Here’s what they said: “…there use to be 100 times more bears only half a century ago and now they are actually at a low population because mankind built cities, harvested forests, and hunted them down. This is the truth and not an illusion of public safety, if at all they should be fearing us for being the cruelest living beings on earth.”

We see the hatred toward mankind along with delusional babbling from someone incapable of any sort of rational thinking. According to the MDIFW, bears range in numbers from 24,000 to 36,000. If 50 years ago there were, “100 times more bears,” then Maine had between 2,400,000 and 3,600,000 bears. Not only is that biologically an impossibility, it is an utterly ridiculous statement to make. According to another website, there’s barely over 500,000 black bears in the United States and that includes the estimated 200,000 in Alaska.

50 years ago, I was a teenager living in the rural countryside of Western Maine. I was in the woods as often as I could be and began hunting before the age of 10. I can honestly tell you that Maine did not have 3 million bears. As a matter of fact, also according to MDIFW (not human haters) the estimated bear population of Maine in 1955, 61 years ago, was between 5,000 and 7,000 bears. In 1975, 41 years ago, the estimated bear population was between 7,000 and 10,000 bears – a far cry from the “100 times” bears spoken of above.

Due to the lack of bear management, it is said that around 1,900 most of the bears in Southern Maine were gone, leaving bears to roam only in Northern Maine in limited numbers. Once a management plan was put into place, based upon the North American Wildlife Conservation Model, Maine now sees 24,000 – 36,000 bears statewide. With this kind of continued growth, I fail to see how man is doing anything else but responsibly managing the animals.

Instead of hating on man and call for his mass murder so animals can live without man’s influence, perhaps some of these fools should do a little bit of reading and research to discover some truth for a change. As much as these animal perverts don’t want to recognize it, both men and animals have always shared this planet and always will. Pretending that somehow man can be erased from the equation (which prompts me to ask just what species it is these people think they are) probably isn’t going to work.

For the most part, men have done a remarkable job of preserving animal species – in some cases perhaps too much so. Get over it and get on with life.

Geez! I can tell you for a fact (wink, wink) that there are 100 times more ignorant people today than a half-century ago!