January 29, 2023

Life and Times of Eleazer Peabody

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Eleazer Richardson Peabody bio:

I am Eleazer Richardson Peabody. I was born in Greenwood, Maine on July 5, 1925, at my family’s home on Patch Mountain. I believe that I am a true Maine Native, even though my great, great grandfather was born in a house in Greenwood, Massachusetts, and died in that same house here on Patch Mountain. I am an outdoorsman, “survival” farmer, Granger, benevolent neighbor, and observer of life around me. Our country has just started recovering from a great war, and many wartime restrictions to daily life are now lifted. The hustle and bustle of people here making themselves better lives is encouraging.

I have kept a daily journal to track the “weatha” and help me remember to bill my survey clients. I am, as are most Mainers, a “Jack of all Trades”; with my best aim in life that of a land surveyor. I get to travel around the area quite often, and meet a wide variety of people. In my journal, I have tried to capture many stories and encounters that I have found interesting. Someday these may be worth repeating!

This is the journal of Eleazer Peabody. Nearly his entire life has been spent in the outdoors of Maine. He recalls many of his adventures from his childhood up until the present.

Titles to Stories of Eleazer Peabody
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