September 23, 2017

The world is coming to an end so hurry up and buy my snake oil (and my nearly worthless carbon credits)

Shown in the example of the fishes and the loaves, Jesus’ attitude of abundance engenders love and generosity even in times of true scarcity. Lucifer’s attitude of scarcity breeds brutality that denies federally-protected God-given private property civil rights for the common good, a concept that results in subhuman misery and enslavement.

Livy, sharing thoughts and opinion from a bunkhouse on the southern high plains of Texas.


More centralized POWERS is always the fools errand

Below is quote by a professor at Ohio State; Enjoy the read, he wants more Communist Fascism to save the resources; At the same time he promotes science that promotes abundance and provides scarcity and condemns science that promotes abundance because we want to avoid scarcity. So he’s a backwards thinker when it comes to promoting abundance. And we’re backwards thinkers because we don’t believe in science that obviously promotes abundance yet provides scarcity. He’s so blind he won’t understand what he has done until he see it first hand because he cannot see it coming, he has no vision, he’s just following along with indoctrination disguised as education and science. He’s being depopulated, so are his children he is raising. Maybe because he wouldn’t be so evil no one else would. Do you see how brilliant these evil doers of these various think tanks are? They’ve set in motion a plan to genocide billions of lives while promoting they are saving lives. The bottom line is one billion or 500 million as a global population could be sustained indefinitely according to the founders of this global environmental movement.

Here below is the evangel of the new ecclesiastical environmental authority these people are spreading in the public school system and universities. Heretics, beware. This first sentence is hilariously funny because if the Democrats lose the Senate environmental chaos and destruction will be the result. Take note of how the enviros preach their own apocalypse via a natural Armageddon..

” Remember this is cooperative federalism, and if states get pushed too much there just may be a “re-set” on the balance, which could happen if the R’s take the Senate, and the 17 Western states weigh in with any force.”—WM

“This situation would be terrible for a variety of reasons, but most importantly, because global climate change, water, energy, and (to a much lesser extent) wildlife issues are exposing the need for a more centralized, ‘command and control’ approach to dealing with environmental issues (or at the very least, greater cooperation and coordination). The rush of some states to exploit resources to advantage their citizens (*and at the cost of citizens of other states) is exposing the same type of ‘tragedy of the commons’ Hardin described for individuals almost a half century ago. The difference is instead of the individual herders in Hardin’s metaphor, we have individual states rushing to exploit the commons (i.e., natural resources) to their advantage, but the long term detriment of all. What we, as a country, need now is the exact opposite of what ‘states rights’ advocates are pushing for.”—Jeremy Bruskotter – He’s always right ya know…

“Environmentalism is a religion. It does not belong in the natural sciences and is more connected with social science” (Mooney, no pagination). According to Klaus, this religion is purely a statist one designed to enthrone policy professionals that hope to “rule from above”—D.C., Czech President Vaclav Klaus – address to the CATO Institute in Washington, D.C.

Yes, a police state is their answer for everything.. wait until it crushes them and watch them wail.. Because it will.

” Nineteenth-and early twentieth-century thought teems with time-bound emergent deities. Scores of thinkers preached some sort of faith in what is potential in time, in place of the traditional Christian and mystical faith in a power outside of time. Hegel’s Weltgeist, Comte’s Humanité, Spencer’s organismic humanity inevitably improving itself by the laws of evolution, Nietzsche’s doctrine of superhumanity, the conception of a finite God given currency by J.S. Mill, Hastings Rashdall, and William James, the vitalism of Bergson and Shaw, the emergent evolutionism of Samuel Alexander and Lloyd Morgan, the theories of divine immanence in the liberal movement in Protestant theology, and du Nouy’s telefinalism–all are exhibits in evidence of the influence chiefly of evolutionary thinking, both before and after Darwin, in Western intellectual history. The faith of progress itself–especially the idea of progress as built into the evolutionary scheme of things-is in every way t he psychological equivalent of religion.”—W. Warren Wagar p. 106-07 H.G. Wells and the World State. New Haven, CT.: Yale UP, 1961.

The “faith of progress itself” was also one of the defining pillars of the anti-Christian Enlightenment. This anthropocentric religion, which reached its nadir with the bloody French Revolution, venerated progress as the product of man’s apotheosized Reason.

“Reason, working upon nature, would enhance the quality of life for each and every one of the Enlightened. The Atheist philosopher Condorcet preached the doctrine of a com ing Utopia, where indefinite progress would bring forth a “natural salvation” of plenty and immortality. Progress held that since the universe was knowable, enlightened man could become the subject of history rather than its object. Mankind could fashion nature to its wishes; the efficacy in shaping the natural order was limited only by time and the sheer limits, if any, of reason.”—Conrad Goeringer – “The Enlightenment, Freemasonry, and the Illuminati.”American Atheists 2006