March 29, 2017

American Individualism is a Product of Much Work by our Founders

American individualism is a product of much work by our Founders, a meeting of the minds of Federalists and Anti-Federalists, and its many centuries’ old principles are embodied in the US Constitution. The Magna Charta is about 800 years old and still very relevant. American individualism forms the foundational basis of our government and therefore […]

American enslavement to the Endangered Species Act in violation of Equal Protection and 13th Amendment

Antebellum USA: With slavery, we did the plantation owners’ bidding for nothing. If we did not, we were punished. 21st Century USA: With the Endangered Species Act, we do the bureaucrats’ bidding for nothing. If we do not, we are punished. And we get to pick neither our plantation owners nor our bureaucrats. And they […]