January 21, 2020

Cecilmania, Madness, Perversion and Hypocrisy

This is all part of the insanity of the American Society. And what’s worse is nobody realizes what they are doing. After reading the Pope’s Encyclical on Climate Change, it is no wonder the world advocates more compassionately for the welfare of animals over the welfare of people. The Pope blames “human beings” for everything and claims the Bible mandates that we protect animals over the cost of the well-being of Mankind. Sick!

‘What lion?’ Zimbabweans ask, amid global Cecil circus

Gawker reports that Cecil the Lion’s brother was also a lion. Unbelievable isn’t it? Who would have guessed that a brother to a lion would have been another lion. However, the same report states, “…Cecil the lion’s brother Jericho, who is also a lion,” News for the author of this report. A lion is NOT a WHO. It’s an it.
Researcher Disputes CNN’s Report on Death of Cecil the Lion’s Brother

Cecil and Cecile: Humaneness, but Not for the Human

Who’s Really Responsible for the Killing of Zimbabwe’s Lions and Other Wildlife?



Candice Swanepoel blasts Cecil the lion’s killer Dr Walter Palmer – Limbaugh Weighs in


Death threats have been sent to the American dentist who killed Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe earlier this month amid growing anger over the protected animal’s slaughter.

Tributes to the butchered lion have poured in thousands of miles away at Dr Walter Palmer’s office in Bloomington, Minnesota, where protesters dressed as ‘dentist hunters’ also threw stuffed lions at his house.

Source: Candice Swanepoel blasts Cecil the lion’s killer Dr Walter Palmer | Daily Mail Online

Limbaugh: We Cry Over the Death of Cecil the Lion, But Shrug Off Planned Parenthood?

But how in the world can you get teary-eyed and misty-eyed and sad over Cecil and, at the same time, participate in burying what’s happening at Planned Parenthood?

Readers must understand that Limbaugh is an animal pervert. He reveals that when he says, My own cat was disappointed when she found out Cecil was killed.  All animals are worried about this.  Understand that. “

Are you kidding me? Limbaugh, who has given generously in the past to The Humane Society of the United States, thinks that animals sit around and worry about events such as the killing of a lion. Anyone who actually thinks that has something seriously wrong in their head.

But we live in a society that is really screwed up. Everything is upside-down and backwards. Limbaugh’s point that it is considered routine to murder unborn babies and sell the parts, should be well-taken. But it is not.



Landscaper Sentenced To Jail For Running Over Ducks

Landscaper Jason Scott Falbo II has been given a year in jail for running over a family of ducks with his lawnmower.

Source: Landscaper Sentenced To Jail For Running Over Ducks « CBS Miami


Moonbattery » Animal Rights Advocate Roland Windsor Vincent Calls for Extermination of Conservatives

Oh man! Do they come any more perverted, evil and blinded than this bubble brain?

Source: Moonbattery » Animal Rights Advocate Roland Windsor Vincent Calls for Extermination of Conservatives


Animals Are “Its” Not “Whos”

I see this mistake made more and more each day that I spend reading accounts that involve animals. I’m not a grammar expert and don’t pretend to be. The reason I mention the fact that people are using the wrong subjective pronouns when referring to animals isn’t because I think they are ignorantly, grammatically incorrect but that they may be using the subject pronouns normally used for human beings to describe animals. More than likely this is due to ongoing brainwashing and propagandizing by those who believe that animals are equivalent to humans (or of higher esteem) and choose to use human-related subjective pronouns to further the perverted agenda of animal rights.

To cite a couple of recent examples of this, let me begin with an article I read from an outdoor writer WHO was writing about coyotes and their preying upon pets. He writes: “I saw a story on the news about a coyote who had attacked a young boy.” Proper use would have read: “I saw…coyote THAT…”

The author continues: “They are smart animals and have learned that they don’t need to fear those residents.” Using the plural subject pronoun intended for reference to humans, is incorrect and sends the wrong message to people about the role animals play on this planet. A correct usage should have been something like this: “Coyotes are smart animals and have learned not to fear residents.”

Still further in the article we read: “…trappers were called in and captured five coyotes, one of whom was – through a DNA test – confirmed to be the animal that attacked…” A man did not attack any kids. An animal did. IT was later captured. Perhaps the writer should have stated, “one was -through a DNA test…”

We also find, in reference to coyotes: “…all of them howling, The coyotes veered off before they got to me.” Correction: “all the coyotes were howling…The coyotes veered off before getting to me.”

We can find a headline in an online newspaper (by subscription) that reads: “Vet says dog who swam in Payette L. died from algae poisoning.” The article also references the dog (a female) as “she.” Because the dog is a female, doesn’t qualify it to be labeled a she. Bitch is the common name for a female dog.

The point of all this isn’t about grammar, because frankly, I don’t give a damn. What it’s about is the substitution of human-intended subjective pronouns where pronouns intended for objects should be used. Of course this is intended to promote the humanization of animals into our society; a perversion that has excelled at rapid speed in the most recent years.

Care to learn more about subjective pronouns?


Forced Veganism: That World HAS Gone Mad

No wonder people like Obama want all Americans to go to college, regardless of whether they can afford it or it makes any sense for them personally or professionally. The leftist brainwashing taking place on college campuses is beyond anything you will see even from the media. Beliefs and attitudes are being installed by people like Professor Steven Best of the University of Texas at El Paso, whom the Chronicle of Higher Education describes as “one of the leading scholarly voices on animal rights.”

Source: Moonbattery » Professor’s Manifesto Calls for Terrorism to Impose Vegan “Abolitionism”


Local Wolf Pack Takes Sheep Herd – USFWS Says Wolves Are Doing Just Fine

Sometimes it is quite easy to figure out the real agenda. Below is a link to a story of some people who attempted to set up a sheep ranch in Wyoming – like that’s some sort of terrible thing (maybe killing a few cops in Baltimore would be better?) – and wolves are systematically destroying the owner’s sheep herd.

In response, according to the article, Mike Jimenez, Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf Coordinator for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, says, “The wolf population is doing just fine…” Obviously! And here reveals the perverted priorities our blinded society abides by; save the damned wolf and to hell with anyone looking to live in peace and make a living. We protect idiots who want to kill humans and to hell with decent, productive persons.

Sick! Absolutely sick behavior…and our tax dollars pay this guy to cherish wolves and allow people to suffer, while at the same time our tax dollars pay government heads to protect killers while innocents suffer.

Yup, that’s about the way it is. I’m looking for an out of planet experience. Anyone want to go?

In the evenings, Janet and Buol Heslin can sit on their back porch in Alta and watch wolves emerge from the nearby national forest. The couple has raised sheep for the last 10 years and the last seven on their farm in Wyoming, and they’ve had a few problems with wolves.

Source: Local wolf pack takes sheep herd – Teton Valley News: News


The Upside-Down World That We Live In

DogPerversionIn another act of brilliance, a writer in the Bangor Daily News, still attempting to find a bear for a mate, made the following statement:

Let’s not forget that the bears of our state –if they belong to anyone other than themselves – belong to all of us, and the way they are treated is a powerful statement about the kind of people we are and the values we hold.

Who could argue such a statement? It’s true. The kind of people we really are is reflected in how we treat animals. However, my view of that statement and the guy’s who made it, couldn’t be any further apart from each other.

The author of this statement, in the context of his article, is saying that humans are bad because we hunt animals – in this case the subject is about bears and the way it is being done.

Progressivism has caused the world to turn topsy-turvey. Those of the progressive persuasion believe this to be a good thing. All they need do is convince themselves that what once was bad is now good. At least in this case, it is my opinion that it is not a good thing. The way that American’s treat animals has turned in a very perverse direction. The more humans are convinced, through propaganda and brainwashing, that animals are “just like humans” and have “rights,” the more extreme the perversion becomes.

If we wind our clocks back to the late 1700s, through historic accounts we can learn that while Thomas Jefferson lived and worked for the U.S. Government to find trading partners throughout much of Europe, he used, much like this author, the same principle that people could be judged by how they treated their animals. However, Jefferson believed, as did much of society then, that coddling animals as pets and thinking of them the same as humans, was a mark of poor character and he refused to do business with them. Today, people find such an act as atrocious. I applaud him.

But, to a progressive, what Jefferson did means absolutely nothing. To them the world must change to meet their growing perversion.

Hunting and gathering has been a part of existence since the beginning of time. Through the progression of time and mind manipulation, people have become convinced that it is acceptable to go to the market and buy a slab of steak, but it is wrong to harvest your own slab of steak through hunting.

Is this really the issue when one argues that animals are just like people, that they have rights? If that were true, then I don’t understand why there is opposition to taking the life of a bear, when probably many of the same people who spend their waking minutes protecting bears, see no problem with killing an unborn human. Is this not really more of a reflection of what kind of people we are than how we treat bears?

Turning one’s focus onto placing value on how we treat animals, only distracts from the reality of how we treat our fellow humans and the value of life that is placed on them. Murder, hatred, stealing, lying, drugs, alcohol, and all those things that once were considered terrible things, doesn’t seem to be a reflection on the “kind of people” we have become, yet, hunting wild animals and how we do it, is? This is sick human behavior, but not to the progressive.

Once man knew what was right and what was wrong. That has all changed now and in the statement highlighted above, it becomes clear that we are no longer using a moral compass to guide human behavior and set. Instead, we are now placing animals as equivalent in all aspects to humans in order to convince ourselves of our own worth and treating animals better than we are treating humans.

We all should be ashamed.


Another Example of Human Perversion Of Protection of Animals Over Humans

People need to understand that this action by humans to protect predators, or any animal, over the protection of humans, their property and livelihoods is an extreme mental illness, a perversion that goes beyond normal comprehension. When will we get it?

“Wolf attacks have been particularly prevalent in the region over recent months, with this incident the 129th in 2015 so far. Nearly 300 sheep have been killed, with the Roquebillière area particularly affected.

“The [current] regulation is still not sufficient…if effective measures are not taken, our shepherds will disappear,” concluded Estrosi.”<<<Read More>>>


Idiocy Begets Idiocy

“The Portland Sea Dogs will not be serving Linda Bean’s Maine Lobster at Hadlock Field concession stands this season, according to a press release Monday from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

David Byer, a spokesman for PETA, said the organization contacted the Sea Dogs during the 2014 season, showing team officials video footage of lobsters and crabs being processed at Bean’s Rockland plant in “crude and cruel methods.” He said PETA was told earlier this month of the team’s decision to stop selling the product.”<<<Read More>>>

Instead, let’s promote the practice of “crude and cruel methods” of murdering unborn babies, by ripping their legs and arms off while still alive, sticking needles in their heads or sucking them apart with a vacuum cleaner. PETA thinks that ripping live lobsters apart is “crude and cruel.” And yet I doubt they even consider the same treatment of humans as crude and cruel.

PETA is a fringe group of perverted freaks and so what does that say about the owners of the Portland Sea Dogs? If they intend to honor the perverse ideologue of PETA then I would have to seriously consider whether I would ever attend another Sea Dogs baseball game.