December 4, 2022

Animal Perversion Prevalent Everywhere

I know I anger a lot of people when I expose their perversion toward animals. It’s one thing to have a pet, and yet it’s quite another when animal worship rises to a level of placing the welfare of ANY animal above, or equal to, that of man. Here’s two more examples.

Some time ago, New Jersey reported on a black bear that, due to some kind of malformation, has adjusted and has learned to walk on his rear legs. The bear has been nicknamed, Pedals. As would probably be expected, people got a kick out of seeing the bear getting about walking upright.

However, this seemingly has set off a firestorm from the animal perverts, demanding the bear be moved to a “wildlife sanctuary” and cared for – likening the event to that of a person in a wheelchair needing special attention. In addition, a petition has been circulated, supposedly collecting over 300,000 signatures to move the bear to a sanctuary “before it gets hurt” by a “human with a gun.”

Wildlife officials have repeatedly attempted to tell the brain deficient public that the bear is healthy and has adjusted to his handicap fine. But that never satisfies an animal pervert. The perverts have raised $25,000 for a “new enclosure” insisting the bear be institutionalized.

These kinds of people are quick to raise money for something this perverse and are first in line to throw the humans out, stealing their livelihoods and running them off their own property.


Second is a story so bizarre, it can’t be made up. A woman driver in the Houston, Texas area, stopped her car in the middle of the multi-lane freeway, blocking traffic, endangering the lives of hundreds of other people, say nothing about risking her own life. She left her car, ended up crossing the center Jersey barrier, walking out into speeding traffic, during a busy rush time, in order to rescue a cat. She zigged and zagged in and out of traffic, not concerned if the traffic would run her over. Only intent on saving the cat. You might be wondering, how much does a personal injury cost if you get into a multi-lane freeway accident in this situation. A car accident lawyer at Hensley Legal Group will be able to answer all your questions.

Witnesses said the woman was completely oblivious to her surroundings and the danger and peril she was putting other people in. Her disturbed mind was intent on saving a damned cat while she and many others could have been killed or injured. But that would not have mattered to an animal pervert. If hundreds of people had died, saving the cat would have been worth.

Too many humans. Never enough animals.



BUY A CLUE: It’s Called INSANITY!!!!!

And you are insane to support it!


Open Your Soul – Give Animals What They Want

Oh brother!



Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings

Regardless of the intensity of education a person has, that amount of brainwashing and indoctrination cannot seemingly penetrate the intense “feelings” people have for animals. The difficulty here seems to be separating perceptions from reality. People want to “love” (worship?) animals so much, the first step in the justification of perverse animal worship is to equate an animal with the same ability to feel, sense, and reason as humans do. This is exemplified in a letter to the editor in the Bangor Daily News.

Although some dogs may love to hunt, I wonder how they’d feel if they knew about their chances of being ripped apart by a cornered bear. How would they feel if they knew they could wind up in a shelter once their usefulness is over at the end of hunting season?

The rest of the opinion piece is riddled with what-ifs about a bear’s feelings as is being projected onto the animals by the reader; a reader that lacks the ability to distinguish between reality and romantic fantasy.

Perhaps it is best described in a recent comment by Richard Fernandez when he says:

So the idea that reality can be trumped by perception is now the ultimate in modern sophistication, a necessary device to support the world of magic. In actuality this viewpoint is a reversion to the mentality of the cave-man, a return to the days when nature was an incomprehensible mystery to pacified by a witch-doctor.

Feelings, nothing more than feelings!

Old Hunter Says:



Kill People, Save Wild Dogs

CrosshairsAbout ten days ago I posted information sent to me by Idaho for Wildlife concerning a planned event – a coyote and wolf derby. I then sat back to watch the fireworks and I’d surmise that the fireworks display has been quite predictable, if not revoltingly nauseating and a very poor reflection on today’s human species.

While the planned coyote and wolf derby is a legal event, personally I don’t oppose it but I would be dishonest if I didn’t at least say that I thought the event does present itself, to animal worshipers, as a bit of in your face. This is at least to the extent that those involved with the derby should not have been surprised that shortly after the announcement of the competition, death threats followed.

But I’m not here to discuss the ups and downs of wolf and coyote derbies. Perhaps lost, in a deeper, more meaningful issue is what has transpired in the degradation of human society.

First of all, let me make it clear that I have not spent much time at all following all the ins and outs of what has transpired since the announcement of the coyote and wolf derby. It is my understanding from emails and information I have been sent, along with a miniscule sampling of mainstream media sources, that the threats have been mostly typical, and as I said expected.

The threats have ranged from “hanging an entire family,” and, “burn the business down,” also, “sick ______ like you need to be removed from the planet.” While I’m sure far worse than this has shown up in other media platforms, none of us should lose sight of the fact that this is unsatisfactory human behavior…….at least to those of us who find value in decency, common respect and a love of the human species. Certainly, actions and reactions of the type on display here is below that of an animal.

When we put the entire larger issue into perspective, it appears difficult, if not impossible, for some to grasp the understanding that humans are threatening each others’ lives over a wild dog. Is this what has become of the human race?

Earlier this morning I was reading information written about mountain lions and the person who wrote some of it made a remark about how “cougars killed only 15 people.” The message embedded in statements such as this is that the life of any animal creature, regardless of the numbers, needs protecting, rationalizing that 15 human lives sacrificed is unblinkingly acceptable. Sick! If you disagree, it is your right to do so, but you are wrong.

I read another comment left by a very educated and now retired person from the medical field who stated that in order to love one has to first learn to hate. If this is true, how long do we humans have to wait in order to see the harvest of love sowed by the seeds of hatred? The answer is forever. Nobody can learn to love by first hating. Making statements like this is about as evil as evil can be and I pity the person who has been so wrongly affected by the circumstances of life that they actually believe this.

On display in Idaho, are no fewer than two very seriously flawed and troubling human traits. One, is the fact that time and the influences of our everyday life, have turned us into a people that places animals at par or even above that of humans. Humans are caretakers of animals and the environment of the planet we live on, but not at the expense of human life. Lost is all of this is the value of the human. As a society, we are drifting away from a worshiping of the Creator and replacing it with a worship of the creation.

Secondly, our society is full of hate. Respect for the fellow man is being pared away leaving an inner core of sinful anger, entitlement, disrespect, selfishness and greed; gripping some so badly they reveal their undisciplined selves to threaten people and their property over an animal. If you don’t consider this serious and wrong, I am sorry for you that you are so blinded you can’t see the wrong in it.

Most will pass this off as mostly meaningless, believing and stating that there are always extremists on both sides of all issues and it is non representative of Americans. I disagree. Is it an acceptable action of extremists wishing death and destruction on fellow humans?

Little by little, with each passing event, the downward spiral of a troubled and secular society grows. It’s far easier to pass this off as no big deal than it is to actually do something about it. So far, we’ve mostly chosen to do nothing about it.