February 27, 2017

Moosota Pick-up Truck

Photo by Al Remington

Hunters Rescue Locked Up Bucks from Coyotes

Palmated Bucks

PHOTOS: Two large bucks, one taken in Louisiana and one in Maine, depict non typical antlers with palms. For more information on the Louisiana buck go here.

Hunters Rescue Two Antler-Locked Bucks

VIDEO: Don’t try this at home.

A Monster Tree

PHOTO: Creativity with antlers and skulls.

Two Men in Boat Rescue Two Locked Up Bucks


200″ Deer Antler Sheds Found in Downeast Maine

Caption that accompanied email with photos: These sheds where found this winter, with an estimated inside spread of 20’’ they scored 200’’ Both horns off the same deer were found a year ago too! Those were mounted. Lets hope the old boy lives to grow another set this year. Amazing what we can have if […]

A Cherished Matched Set of Moose Antler Sheds

A Maine trapper, checking his trap lines with his trusty partner, discovered a perfectly matched set of moose antler sheds. What a find!

Story of a Maine “Shed Hunter”

*Editor’s Note* Below is a teaser and link to a Bangor Daily News article about Albert Ladd who has a reputation as a “shed hunter”, among others. Shed hunting is going into the forest searching for antlers that are natural dropped or shed from buck deer and bull moose. Albert is a friend and someone […]