May 1, 2017

Moosota Pick-up Truck


Photo by Al Remington

Hunters Rescue Locked Up Bucks from Coyotes

Palmated Bucks

PHOTOS: Two large bucks, one taken in Louisiana and one in Maine, depict non typical antlers with palms.


For more information on the Louisiana buck go here.

Hunters Rescue Two Antler-Locked Bucks

VIDEO: Don’t try this at home.

A Monster Tree

PHOTO: Creativity with antlers and skulls.


Two Men in Boat Rescue Two Locked Up Bucks


200″ Deer Antler Sheds Found in Downeast Maine

Caption that accompanied email with photos:

These sheds where found this winter, with an estimated inside spread of 20’’ they scored 200’’ Both horns off the same deer were found a year ago too! Those were mounted. Lets hope the old boy lives to grow another set this year. Amazing what we can have if coyotes don’t eat them first.


A Cherished Matched Set of Moose Antler Sheds

A Maine trapper, checking his trap lines with his trusty partner, discovered a perfectly matched set of moose antler sheds. What a find!

Story of a Maine “Shed Hunter”

*Editor’s Note* Below is a teaser and link to a Bangor Daily News article about Albert Ladd who has a reputation as a “shed hunter”, among others. Shed hunting is going into the forest searching for antlers that are natural dropped or shed from buck deer and bull moose.

Albert is a friend and someone that I like to think of as my eyes and ears in the field of Western Maine.

Albert Ladd hunts mostly deer and coyote, but he also hunts antlers, the hobby that’s earned him the designation of “shed hunter.”

The 63-year-old Ladd lives on three acres on Route 17, just south of Coos Canyon in Byron, a town bisected by the Swift River north of Rumford and Mexico in Oxford County.

“I’ve lived here all my life,” he said. That includes the many years when he worked in the pulp mill at the New Page paper mill down in Rumford.

“Before I went into the mill, I cut wood for a living for a number of years,” Ladd said. “I’m always in the woods, hunting and trapping.” <<<Read the Rest>>>