October 3, 2022

PETA Loses Last-Minute Bid to Block DC-Area Urban Bowhunting

*Editor’s Note* – The quote below from PETA says that “human beings” must recognize that animals have the same rights. That might be so, and in time “human beings,” especially those who have been completely brainwashed, probably will place animals on a higher pedestal than themselves. However, a MAN knows better.

In addition, take notice of the bureaucratic, utter nonsense a person has to go through in order to hunt deer with a bow. BS to appease the morons who want to protect those animals until they present even more problems.

“We are extremely disappointed by the ruling and deeply saddened about the fate of the deer, who are Montgomery County’s gentle Cecils. The day will come when human beings must recognize that wild animals have a right to live on their ancestral lands and not be forced out and slaughtered simply for living as they have for generations.”

Source: PETA Loses Last-Minute Bid to Block DC-Area Urban Bowhunting : The Outdoor Wire


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