June 3, 2020

Broad Daylight, Wolf Attacks Kills Dog and Carries Away

Couple of thoughts here. One, the “wolf” looks like some kind of wolf hybrid to me, but that doesn’t lesson the damage or the need to rid the landscape of these things. Two, the “native” interviewed in the video didn’t seem to be all that much bothered by the event and one could argue that he thought it quite amusing.


Long Range Tactical hunters join State and Federal officials in hunt for killer wolf in Sun Valley, Idaho

Idaho For Wildlife has been assisting with the coordination efforts to locate a few highly trained, long-range tactical hunters in hopes they can hunt down and destroy a colt killing wolf in Sun Valley, Idaho. This wolf killed a valuable colt of Kevin and Jennifer Swigert on 2-13-2014. Then ten days later on Sunday 2-23-2014 at 1:45 PM, this same aggressive wolf attacked two of the Swigert dogs in broad daylight within 300 yards of the Swigert’s while they were feeding their dogs.

Due to the extremely aggressive behavior of this particular wolf, concerned citizens both locally and nationally have come forward wanting to help the Swigerts any way they can. Some have pledged undisclosed amounts of donations to help incentivize hunters in hopes of eliminating this dangerous wolf before it attacks and kills again. One local lady left a $100.00 bill on the windshield of a hunter who has been vigilantly hunting every day. Some want to help with Vet bills.

The Swigert’s have dealt with hundreds of wolves in the past 15 years but have never seen a wolf more brazen and unafraid of man. The Swigert’s have witnessed the wolves drastically reduce the number of elk and deer near their home since wolf re-introduction. They believe that with the wolves eliminating much of the prey base this is contributing to the desperate and aggressive behaviour of the wolves.

USDA Wildlife Services if attempting to locate and destroy the wolf from a plane. The challenge in this country is that the wolves have become educated to what these planes represent. They are able to hear these planes from a great distance and they take cover making them very difficult to hunt from the air.<<<Read More>>>


Too Many Cougars in Parts of Washington State

This winter 10 cougars have been killed in the Methow Valley, five by state wildlife officials after the cats attacked livestock or pets, and five by hunters, Treser said.

Hunters who received special permits by WDFW to hunt cougars with hounds in the Methow Valley have not reported taking any cats, Treser said this week.

As a result of the higher-than-normal number of cougar predations and encounters, WDFW earlier this month issued three special permits allowing hunting with hounds as part of a cougar removal program. Each permit allows one cougar to be killed.<<<Read More>>>


Wolves Continue Attacks in Spain

Wolves kill again in the town of Riofrio

The livestock of the affected farm found the body of a calf on Tuesday morning, in the area known as Cuartel de Santa Maria, near the road from Avila to Navalmoral de la Sierra.<<<More Google Translated>>>

“Havoc” in Santa Cruz de Pinares

The incident occurred on Sunday, two days after a farmer of the same township alzase voice for having suffered three attacks on their sheep in a week.<<<More Google Translated>>>


And Germany Now Deals With Problem Wolves

GOERLITZ, Germany — German police reached the accident to find what news stories would describe as a scene from a horror show: Seven horses, huddled on a small, dark, highway, had been ripped to pieces by two speeding cars. The drivers had been badly injured. Investigators found pieces of auto wreckage and horseflesh scattered around the site.

But the reason the December car wreck remained national news for weeks had only a little bit to do with the carnage. Instead, what’s made the accident the talk of Germany is its suspected cause: wolves, which reportedly spooked the horses into the paths of the oncoming cars.<<<Read More>>>


Establishing a New Understanding and Paradigm About Bears

Part of the New World Order!



Spain Dealing With Attacking Wolves, Threat Exists for Disease

What may not be getting to these people is the information and education of the great risk they may have from diseases spread readily by wild canines. With so many accounts of so many wolves near people’s homes and along the highway, diseases such as Echinococcus granulosus threaten the health of all people. Wolves infected with the tapeworm, will leave dangerous spores in their feces. People in the outdoors and in particular domestic dogs and other animals can easily get these eggs on their fur and transport them into the homes where children and adults can easily ingest them.

Wolves attacking livestock, human beings and destroying wild animals and game, is a completely different subject than dealing with the disease aspect of wolves.

Wolves in Avila, Spain attack calf in broad daylight beside the highway.

Original Spanish edition:

“Just listen to the roars of the animal, the two men ran across the road. But despite arriving in a few minutes, allowing them to see in person the wolf, and could do nothing to save the calf, which had been attacked by the hindquarters.”

English Translation edition:

Sheep attack and kill 11 sheep in Las Navas del Marqués, in the place El Saltillo, Spain. This is the 15th attack in 3 months.

Original Spanish edition:

“The Young Farmers Agricultural Association (Asaja) Avila has denounced a new wolf attack in the town of Las Navas del Marqués, in the place El Saltillo, which caused early Thursday in the deaths of eleven sheep and caused numerous abortions in the flock.”

English Translation edition:


Italy and Spain Dealing With Wolves

In Spain:


Avila UCCL wolf denounces the attack which took place last Tuesday in a farm located in the place “Riomonte”, located between the industrial area and the city Vicolozano Bernuy Salinero, in the town of Avila, who had the resulted in the death of a calf 20 days of life, and Charolais cross Avileño, with a market value of about 500 euros.

This, according to the complaint Agricultural Organization, is the second attack took place near the town of Bernuy, and the second in just a week, to the farm.<<<Read More>>>

In Italy:


Billboard reads:

“Maremma, land of tradition. We defend our breeders. We defend our origins.”
“A campaign to support the fight against predators.”<<<


Wolves Attack Humans

As reported by “Caravan” resident of the village, Tamara B., mechanic farm them. Krupskaya Nikolay Mihaylov came out of the barn, when suddenly he jumped behind the animal. The man began to fight back and at first thought it was a dog.<<<Read More Google Translation>>>

In another incident:

“I got up at 8 o’clock in the morning, went into the yard, and this time attacked me from behind the beast fangs dug in right lower leg. I began to beat him with their fists on the head, and he did not once, but escaped. I thought it was a dog, but then I learned that it was a wolf. Limped to the hospital, where I sewed the wound did rabies vaccine. Limp still, “- says Zhumabergen.

Later, at three o’clock, the predator attacked Aldashov Isayev. Wolf threw 89-year veteran of the war in the yard of his house and bitten.

On the same day predator pulled four sheep in the yard Birjan Fazylova.<<<Read More Google Translation>>>


Wolf Found Dead 90 Miles from Paris, France

*Editor’s Note* – The link to this article was sent to me and it is written in French. The first link below is to the original French news clipping. The second link is to a Google translation. As you can see, provided the link works, the translation comes out a bit rough but nonetheless I think readers can make sense out of it.

French original

Google translated