March 20, 2023

Maine Audubon Looking for Volunteers to “Monitor” Roads for Wildlife Traffic

The Maine Audubon is seeking volunteers to give of their time to “monitor” highways in parts of the state in order to provide information as to where and how often wildlife crosses the road. More can be read about this program by following this link.

I’ll actually reserve comment about this programs and its usefulness and effectiveness, however I would like to point out that in the linked-to article above it reads:

Biologists with Maine Audubon and the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife will use the information gathered by volunteers to work with town planners and the Maine Department of Transportation to reduce road risks to rare wildlife and improve conditions for drivers.

I find it troubling that the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife(MDIFW) will work with a group of untrained volunteers conducting nonscientific “studies” or “monitoring” to be used to “work with town planners and MDOT” to protect wildlife and yet when experienced outdoor sportsmen repeatedly report to MDIFW about game conditions in the forests and fields, it is not always and regularly heeded in ways that could be beneficial to the wildlife.

From my own experiences over the past several years, what I have found is that sportsmen are right on top of what’s taking place in the field. Fish and Game “experts” are about 3 to 5 years behind reality and this lag in field knowledge can be a critical time. Part of the reason they are behind the actual events on the ground is due to their refusal to listen to or work with sportsmen when it comes to game management.

I wonder then, should, let’s say, the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine, or some other sports afield group seek volunteers to monitor how moose and deer or other game species are doing, whether or not MDIFW would have any interest? Perhaps it is because MDIFW fears the lobby power of groups like Audubon over sportsmen groups.


Audubon’s Wind Analysis Map for Maine

Full map and more information found here.

Maine Wind Analysis Map 2014-03-07 08-00-50


Bats Being Slaughtered by Wind Mills – Audubon Studying Why Bat Numbers Declining

Only in America!? Or, is it all about the money?

According to an article found on Breitbart, as many as nearly 1 million bats are being killed by windmills each year in the United States; along with countless other species.

In Maine, Audubon is spending time and money trying to figure out why bat populations are declining. I suppose it must be coincidental that bat numbers are sinking while at the same time windmills are dotting the landscape everywhere. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


Maine Audubon Pushing Their “Climate Change”

Ignorance abounds and that’s the kind of fodder that organizations like Audubon feast on in promoting their agenda-driven Marxist dogma.

The ignorance is unfortunate but it is actually perpetuated by water-muddying environmentalists who do not want people to know or understand facts and truth because that would put an end to their money making con job they are pulling on the people.

There are many and very distinct aspects of climate change, but never in any discussions that I have read or been a part of, has anyone taken a bit of extra time to expound on the differences and why it’s important to separate all issues and aspects.

Climate change, where once was generically referred to as global warming, is always used in an all-encompassing way to disparage the human race, while accusing man of being the culprit of changes in our climate. Seldom, if ever, was there even any attempts to define the deviations between natural changes and those, if any, caused by man and proven as such. Most people do not know there is a difference and this falls nicely into the hands of emotion-seeking blood suckers who promote man-caused climate changes.

Most fail to understand and certainly are not taught by those appearing to be concerned about climate, that there is a marked difference between weather, climate, proven science, modeled science, theories, differences in carbon dioxide and air and water pollutants, and the real effects all other things have on our climate. Al Gore acted nearly in a criminal way and has done more to dislodge any credibility in climate science by declaring “the science is settled”. How unfortunate. Science is never “settled” and shouldn’t be. Otherwise, how will we progress?

But, environmentalists have an agenda and it isn’t about finding the truth on what really does effect our climate and therefore they will continue to perpetuate all the lies that restrict scientific study and do what they can to play off the emotions of ignorant people and put more and more money in their banks.

The Maine Audubon will sponsor Maine State Climatologist George Jacobson in a speaking role to discuss climate change, or at least that’s the terminology that will be used. If you are hoping Mr. Jacobson might offer something refreshing and truthful, instead of the worn out verbosity of the global warming cultists, don’t hold your breath. Comments, like those published in the Bangor Daily News, let’s us know that Maine Audubon and George Jacobson are carrying on with global warming as the fault of man.

Climate changes driven by our activities, especially the use of fossil fuels, will be the great global challenge for the next few generations. How we adapt to largely unprecedented conditions will determine the fate of not just natural ecosystems, but even our own social order.