February 7, 2023

Now Spraying Bacteria Into The Skies to Control “Weather”

A better understanding of the bacteria’s role could lead to its eventual inclusion in more accurate climatic models. The bacteria outperforms artificial cloud-seeding chemicals, suggesting its possible use as a rain-maker. So far, though, it’s of most use to skiers and snowboarders. Since the late 1980s, a company called Snowmax has supplied resorts with a P. syringae-derived additive that allows snowmaking machines to powder the slopes at temperatures much higher than would otherwise be possible.

Source: How scientists are harnessing the ice-making powers of bacteria


Dog Infects Humans With Plague for First Time in US

A dog became sickened with the plague last year.

Four days later, the dog’s owner entered the hospital with a fever and a bloody cough that became worse over the next few hours, but an initial blood culture was misidentified, according to the CDC report.

As the patient’s symptoms grew worse, the test was redone and he was found to have been infected with pnumonic plague, according to the CDC report. The remains of the dog were also tested and were found to be positive for the plague bacteria.

Source: Dog Infects Humans With Plague for First Time in US – ABC News