November 27, 2022

N.C. Bears Number Over 10,000 Hunting Season Planned With Baiting

While activists, hiding behind animals as an excuse to promote their totalitarian agendas, are spending millions of dollars in states like Maine to effectively end reasonable, productive and effective bear hunting, we find yet one more state that has watched their black bear population grow 5-fold in thirty years. In addition to North Carolina voting to implement a bear hunting season this year, they have provided a quasi bear baiting allowance that we’ll have to wait to see how effective it will be.

…..allowing the aid or use of unprocessed foods for bear hunting on private lands as long as the bear is not actually consuming the unprocessed foods.

The below graphic shows how bear populations in North Carolina have changed and grown since 1971.




Understanding Difference Between Baiting Bears and Feeding Them in Back Yard

One of the dumb arguments being used by the people haters against bear hunting is that baiting of bears is the same as feeding them in your back yard. This is perpetuated either by ignorance or outright deceit. The problem is that the bear lovers want people to believe that baiting a bear many miles from civilization causes bears in the suburbs of Portland, Maine to raid garbage cans and bird feeders.

When bear numbers are allowed to grow unchecked, bears are forced into civilized landscapes looking for food as competition for a limited amount of food increases. When bears are forced into civilized landscapes the potential for public safety threats rises as well. When bears are baited away from civilized landscapes, the overall bear population is diminished because a hunter takes a bear for personal use and consumption reducing the chances of negative conflicts between bears and people in Portland, Bangor and other towns around the state.

Even a former wildlife biologist turned basket weaver either doesn’t understand the concept or does and is intent on misleading people.


Nature Balancing Itself and Animal Rights Hypocrisy

An article that appears on the website, gives readers a glimpse into what most people believe to be “balance of nature” and proof they have no idea what their so-called “balance” looks like. In addition, the same article reveals the hypocrisy that drives animal rights and animal protection groups (actually anti hunting, control freaks).

What is being shown is an emaciated young black bear. The article states that this particular bear should have weighed about 100 pounds coming out of hibernation. Instead it tipped the scales at 15 pounds. The reason for the starvation was given as being the result of a lack of natural food last fall leading up to the time of hibernation when bears work hard at gorging themselves to build fat reserves.

This my friends is an example of “(un)balance of nature.” Most who believe this myth have been convinced or have convinced themselves that if man just dried up and went away, nature would always self-regulate and be in some kind of Disneyesque, fake balance that does not exist.

One has to ask which is more cruel/inhumane? To see young bears being starved to death “naturally,” or through population manipulation, employing hunting and trapping, to keep bear numbers at sustainable levels so that when those seasons come around when there is little natural food, this extreme kind of starvation is better avoided.

It won’t stop all situations but it could mitigate a very serious issue.

On the hypocrisy side of things, in the article we read, “It’s important not to feed bears if they come searching for food in your lawn. Call animal control, so the bears can be taken to a haven where they’re revived, and then released.”

The animal protectors, most of whom dislike hunters, say that using bait for hunting bears is cruel, unnatural and causes bear populations to grow too high for the carrying capacity of the forests. They also say feeding bears by baiting/feeding habituates them to humans and creates the nuisance problems we see on a regular basis.

Here we see hypocrisy at its finest. First we see that while many people claim “balance of nature” and that man should get out of the wildlife management business, we have man butting into wildlife management, creating a wildlife management business of their own, reviving starving bears (starving due to balance of nature?) and then sending them back into the forests again to starve and/or cause the starvation of other bears.

While the animal protectors claim that feeding/baiting bears teaches bears that humans are a food resource, it is somehow overlooked that “reviving” a starved bear cub and sending it back to the woods has not taught that bear to be dependent on humans for food?

In addition, the act of reviving a starved bear may, in fact, cause the starvation of another bear. The reason these dozen bears that have been found are starving is because of a “natural” phenomenon known as too many bears and not enough food. Sending a revived bear back to compete with other starving bears makes no sense at all.

They kinds of ignorant and hypocritical people love balance of nature, that is the kind they conjure up in their heads, when it nicely fits their narrative. And holding true to their totalitarian ways, rules they have insisted on having about feeding/baiting bears, apply to only those they dislike (hunters).