March 29, 2017

What Kind of Lazy-Ass Hunting is This?

One proposed bill in Maine concerning deer hunting is LD 62, an act that would legalize hunting deer over bait. Most already know I oppose this as it is not a necessary tool to keep deer populations in check, among other things, and I also find it ridiculous that it is legal to plant a […]

Deer Take Caution: Baiting is Illegal

Maine Researchers Trap “Chocolate” Bear

The Bangor Daily News has a story of Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) capturing of a “brown-phase” black bear, something that is a rare treat in the Eastern United States. This should be a good opportunity for the idiots who obsess on stopping man from utilization of the resources and to end […]

Hunt Harder and Smarter: 5 Keys to Successful Black Bear Baiting

It’s my experience that consistently killing big black bears over bait takes just as much, and often more work than spot-and-stalk hunting. The belief that baiting black bears is simple and easy is a misconception common to those who have never done it. And, no, I’m not talking about the sort of hunting where you […]

If You Can’t Destroy Hunting at the Ballot Box, Try it This Way

New Hampshire’s proposal to ban all chocolate as hunting bait after four bears died last year has stirred intense debate between hunters who say the ban is an overreaction and those who say the risk of chocolate poisoning is too great.

Eeyore’s Distant Bear Relative – Brer Bear

Death By Chocolate

It appears as though wildlife officials are discovering that bear baiting sites that use mostly chocolate and chocolate candy bars as bait, may cause the death of bears due to an overdose of theobromine, a naturally occurring toxin found in cocoa. The Bangor Daily News has a story of four bears found dead in New […]

If It’s So Easy to See and Hunt Bears Why Do Poachers Bait Them?

As a rule I do not cover game poaching stories. I’ll let you figure out why. Unless of course the poaching involves some extreme or extenuating circumstances of interest other than a bunch of brain dead morons killing game for money or perhaps other perverse reasons. There’s an opinion piece published in the Montana Standard […]

Baiting Bears Does Not Produce Large Bears or Welfare Bears

I have said before and will state again, one can only hope that when voters go to the polls to vote on any issue, they are at least afforded the opportunity to get the truth as it pertains to the issue. Maine will face a referendum next November on whether or not to ban bear […]

Millions of Pounds of Doughnuts to Bait Bear?

I’m thinking of all the maxims in existence that can be used to describe this story: It’s better to be thought of as stupid than to open your mouth and remove all doubt, perhaps fits best. It’s certainly not profound on my part, or anyone else’s, that when it comes to discussions on animal welfare, […]