March 23, 2017

Life, Liberty and Happiness is Holding Hands with an Animal

It has always amazed me the amount of, not only ignorance (a case of failure to learn), but stupidity (it just cannot be corrected) that exists in the world today. One of the most revealing events in the revelation of ignorance and stupidity, all too often comes to us in the form of blind hypocrisy. […]

Coyotes: The Mythical Miracle Workers

People are needlessly being misled about large predators and the role, or lack thereof, that these large, wild carnivores play in our forests, regularly referred to as ecosystems. The term ecosystem is even misleading but I’ll leave that for another day. I was reading a short article the other day by a self-proclaimed expert/advocate of […]

Should wolves be introduced in Scotland? – BBC News

*Editor’s Note* – There is a video available at the below link. Unfortunately I am not able to bring it over here for viewing. The myth spoken of, as it pertains to introducing wolves to the Scottish Highlands, is that the wolf is necessary for a “naturally balance ecosystem.” “Naturally balance ecosystem” is not a […]

Read How We Got Where We Are – Then Use Just Two Facts to Expose the Truth about Wolves

*Note* – The following article is published on this website with the consent of the author. Please support The Outdoorsman by clicking on the link to your right on the computer screen and subscribing to the print publication. The only way this honest and accurate work can continue is with your support. Thank you. by […]

Gasp! A Mountain Lion is Killed

“Long study of eco-systems show that the idea of a “balance of nature” is a myth. There are feedback loops that mostly keep everything from dying off all at once, but the process is bumpy, dynamic, and the mix of species constantly changing. Everything dies in the end. The most that can be hoped for […]

Frank Murkowski Lives on a One-Way Street

Former Governor of Alaska and U.S. Senator, Frank Murkowski, in a rant about environmentalist lawsuits to stop timber harvesting in portions of Alaska, seems to invoke “balance of nature” in one breath about wolves, while holding his breath about “balance of nature” in the next. In the Juneau Empire he writes: To try to link […]

An Example of Balance of Nature

“The population prior to 2000 increased significantly from low numbers in the late 1970-80s due to good forest cutting practices. Wolf numbers were kept in check due to an outbreak of mange, and black bear predation on calves was kept in check until the spring hunt was cancelled in 1999. Then came the perfect storm […]

Nature Balancing Itself and Animal Rights Hypocrisy

An article that appears on the website, gives readers a glimpse into what most people believe to be “balance of nature” and proof they have no idea what their so-called “balance” looks like. In addition, the same article reveals the hypocrisy that drives animal rights and animal protection groups (actually anti hunting, control freaks). […]

The Traveling Wolf Medicine Tour

*Editor’s Note* – In an email exchange this morning to others on my email list, this is what I wrote (with a couple of edits) in regard to this piece of junk opinion that can easily be labeled as nothing more than a traveling medicine show. “It is my opinion based on a few years […]

The Sky Is Falling!….On You But Not On Me

I am going to attempt to combine two different issues into one shared topic. My writing skills sometimes don’t match my brain’s ability to see things, sometimes much differently than others do, and at times I struggle to make my point clear and as concise as I see it. Yesterday, I shared with readers some […]