May 28, 2023

BDN An Obvious Mouthpiece For Fascist Bloomberg

If one ever wondered on what ground the Bangor Daily News stands on and whether they would sail with or against the money and power of the fascists posing as leftists, simply read the newspaper’s editorial about Michael Bloomberg’s Question 3 – a referendum to destroy the rights of Maine people.

There is nothing so lazy and ignorant by any journalist, reader, researcher or editorial staff than copying and pasting information spoon fed them by political activists without verifying its factual content. It also lays bare their political bias and intent. The Bangor Daily News did not practice honest journalism, even in conducting an opinion piece, and even though we have known of the left bias of the BDN, it has become that much more obvious that real journalism takes a back seat to politics, especially those driven by the power and greed of a multi-billionaire.

Shame on the BDN for exposing themselves as biased and inept.


Maine’s chance to reconsider bear hounding, trapping without referendum – Or I’ll Get My Way One Way or Another

*Editor’s Note* – The Bangor Daily News, a mouthpiece of the Left and a hater of anything Maine tradition, is at it once again trying to convince Maine people that hunting bears with hounds and trapping are methods that simply don’t fit into what they deem and demand should be everyone’s lifestyle. This time they are suggesting that when Maine is devising their new bear management plan, that the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) should manipulate that plan to get the Legislature the necessary bias to enact laws that would ban the bear hunting methods.

If this isn’t the classic, “I told you so,” I don’t know what is. Hunters and others supportive of bear hunting have, for years, stated that anti human groups, such as the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), will never stop their campaign until they have succeeded in eliminating all forms of hunting, fishing and trapping. The Bangor News is a wonderful “useful idiot” for groups like the HSUS.

In examining the editorial staff’s perspective on this issue, we see that they think the company hired to conduct surveys of public opinions “might” this time show that a majority of people will support a ban on bear hounding and trapping. Even though two referendums in 10 years proved otherwise, BDN, in their insanity, think this time that “third time’s a charm.”

And they may be right – not because a majority of people think that way but because it appears, from what I have read about this effort, everyone is placing all their bets on that company who will be conducting the survey. What fools who do.

All surveys are bias. Let me repeat that. All surveys(polls) are biased. The company that will be conducting the survey for Maine will say they are not and that all questions and approaches are scientific, blah, blah, blah. The reality is a question can be asked in several ways in order to achieve a desired outcome. Sorry, but that is the truth.

So, just as easily, the survey questions can be presented in any way they want and the results will be neither accurate nor unbiased. In short, Maine is to become at the mercy of a company out of Virginia that everyone thinks may be the answer to all things bear in Maine.

Regardless of the outcome, regardless of what MDIFW does, regardless of what the Maine Legislature does, regardless of what any sane person or group of persons does, the Bangor Daily News and all other anti human groups will NOT stop their attacks until they get what they want.

With bears specifically, this round of management planning is the agency’s opportunity to reach a consensus, which could be key to preventing another referendum battle over bear hunting methods that have gone before voters twice in the past 11 years.

Source: Maine’s chance to reconsider bear hounding, trapping without referendum — Opinion — Bangor Daily News — BDN Maine


An Interaction Takes Two? Intelligence Not Required

The Bangor Daily News(BDN) editorial staff has gone above and beyond the call of duty to exemplify their ignorance on the subject of bears. There’s a saying that’s been around for some time and has changed a bit over the decades but essentially it says that it is better to make people wonder about how stupid you are by keeping your mouth shut, than speaking and removing all doubt.

The BDN editors decided to take a stab at removing all doubt by stating that staff at the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) aren’t bright enough to understand in an equation involving bears and humans, the density of the human population factors into that equation. Hurray for the BDN to point out the obvious.

What causes bears to conflict with humans isn’t just how many bears and how many humans are on what sized land mass. But does the BDN know that or do they even care? Doubtful!

The issue of bear behavior, especially in human-settled landscapes is complex and changes rapidly. Editors at the BDN and radical perverts at the Humane Society of the United States have no business attempting to manage our wildlife and game species from their offices in both Bangor and Washington, D.C.

People have been spoon-fed utter nonsense since the day they were born and now they believe it all to be truth. No more than Chandler Woodcock ought to tell the editors at BDN how to layout their newspaper and sell copies, BDN shouldn’t be protecting an animal species they have zero knowledge about and clearly show that they don’t.

This is why Maine residents should vote to let the MDIFW professionals take care of the bears, BDN can continue to print their newspapers and the Humane Society of the United States can continue to fraud the people and steal their money. Or, they could do what others do that are clueless: Go play golf.


Winning and Losing The War on Propaganda in Maine’s Anti Bear Referendum Battle

NugentThe battle over the upcoming bear hunting referendum in Maine will be won or lost depending on who can wage the biggest amount of effective lying and demonization of “the other side.” This is at its best in a recent editorial in the Bangor Daily News, where the paper attempts to make readers think the paper is not biased in this campaign against normal Maine living.

On the one hand, you have the Humane Society of the United States; perhaps one of the most corrupt and dishonest organizations in America pointing a finger at the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine and Save Maine’s Bear Hunt and placing shame on them for employing Ted Nugent as their campaign spokesman, as if this makes them corrupt and dishonest. The Bangor Daily News, while trying to claim they aren’t party to the lies perpetuated on both sides, takes key quotes and uses them craftily against the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine and Save Maine’s Bear Hunt.

The newspaper chooses to post at least part of a quote from James Cote, campaign manager for Save Maine’s Bear Hunt: [Ted Nugent] “has never been and will never be a spokesperson for our campaign. We, as the only organized opposition, have never announced that he has anything to do with our campaign.” Perhaps Mr. Cote missed the lesson that day when most were taught NEVER to use never and always in sentences that deal with people.

If this was the quote Cote made and in the context it was intended to be, then Cote erred in making it. While the intent may have been to put some distance between Save Maine’s Bear Hunt and the always controversial Ted Nugent, Cote’s choice of words to do that perhaps were not well selected. Nugent had just given one of his guitars to the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine to use to help in raising funds to fight the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) wanting to ban bear hunting.

Without having the full text of all the words spoken by Cote, it’s difficult to know exactly how he attempted to correct HSUS’s lies about Nugent being a spokesman for Save Maine’s Bear Hunt. The Bangor Daily News, a professional at spinning words to sell copy and promoting their own, sometimes not-so-impartial, agendas, jumped all over Cote’s words in a double whammie, covering it’s own butt while at the same time being clever enough to continue to be biased against Maine’s bear hunting by manipulating words. In other words, while attempting to let readers know that the paper understands that Nugent isn’t a spokesman for Save Maine’s Bear Hunt, they took the opportunity to cease on Cote’s words to divide his camp, which in turn will lesson the power of Save Maine’s Bear Hunt in its battle with HSUS. Very clever. This is what happens when you have the media on your side.

Of course the lesson here is to choose your words carefully; always an extremely difficult task when dealing with greedy and biased news media.

On the other hand, the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine and Save Maine’s Bear Hunt do not have the resources the criminals at HSUS have and need to be careful of the words they speak for and/or against those who choose to support them. We cannot always choose the ideal supporters for any campaign but words that would not cut off the hand that feeds you nor provide ammunition for a biased media sure would help. This is a classic example of David and Goliath.


It Appears Maine Gun Owners Say Leave Us and Our Guns Alone

It may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back when the Bangor Daily News(BDN) sought the names and addresses of every single concealed carry permit holder in the state. Such a request did not set well with those permit holders and even those not holding a valid permit. I wrote yesterday that requesting and use of that information can only be for all the wrong reasons. The Bangor Daily News has since rescinded their request.

The uproar has grabbed the attention of many, including the New York Times that made note this request for information followed on the footstep of another news agency in New York that actually published the list of names from two counties and included an interactive map to go along with it, intimating that BDN had the same intent. BDN stated they did not intend to publish the information.

BDN’s actions seemed to be enough to set off a domino effect and prompt others to take action. The Governor, Paul LePage, has submitted emergency legislation that would temporarily block the release of permit holders’ information. This may be a good and timely move as it appears another group has requested the same personal information as did BDN.

George Smith, a freelance outdoor writer and who happens to write articles for the Bangor Daily News, says that maybe it’s time to do away with concealed carry permits.

For years I tried to convince legislators to repeal the law requiring permits to carry weapons in a concealed manner. The concealed carry permit system is illogical, expensive, and a waste of time and resources.

I’m all for that! Requirement of a concealed carry permit is unconstitutional and is nothing more than a glorified form of gun registration. It has always boggled my mind that gun owners mostly oppose any form of gun registration but find no problem with submitting to licensed carry. Vermont does not require a permit to carry concealed and Maine should follow suit.

On a related note, some gun owners I’ve heard from say we need to compromise and seek more reasonable gun limits. I say why? I think it’s time to not only hold firm to our already diminished rights but to push back even harder and regain ground already compromised away. Make no mistake, the gun grabbers aren’t interested in compromise for themselves; only if gun owners are willing to do it.

And while all this posturing is going on, Maine has a backlog of about 3 or 4 months to get a permit; and that estimate may be very low as I am aware of one instance of a person seeking to renew, and it took at least 6 months.

Maine people are an independent lot and sometimes it takes quite a bit to stir a fire under them. It appears the BDN, along with a tyrant for a president and other fascist politicians have kindled a large enough flame to prompt many Mainers to say, enough is enough. You ain’t messin’ with me and my guns!


Bangor Daily News Asks For Then Rescinds Request For Concealed Carry Permit Holder Identification

Let’s establish a couple things that I think have been lost in the debate about whether the personal information about concealed carry permit holders should be available as public information. This is America. Under the Constitution, a person is innocent until proven guilty. Laws are created to protect the innocent (it is said). Furthermore, a licensed concealed carry person is a law-abiding individual, otherwise they would never be permitted to carry. It’s time these individuals were treated as lawful Americans and give them the respect they deserve instead of making them targets for people who hate guns and anyone and anything associated with them.

Considering the statement I just made, it is easy to conclude that any person or agency, i.e. Bangor Daily News in this case, that seeks the personal information on permit holders, are doing so for reasons that can only be wrong, political and potentially cause harm to law-abiding citizens.

Yesterday, Mainers discovered that one of the state’s largest newspapers, the Bangor Daily News(BDN), through Freedom of Information Act powers, sought the names and personal information of concealed gun permit holders across the entire state. Within 24 hours BDN rescinded its requests due to the outrage of many citizens, including the Governor.

In an “Editor’s Note” published in the Bangor Daily News, the editor writes:

What has been heartening, however, are the dozens of calls and emails from readers about this issue. We’ve had many good conversations about our request, our intentions, and our commitment to privacy and security of the data.

Unfortunately, these conversations have been trumped by rampant misinformation about our request, as well as swift political opportunism. It’s clear that as a state, and as a nation, we still have much to do to generate light in this debate, instead of heat.

This statement is dishonest and hypocritical. While BDN may be telling people it has no intention of publishing a list of permit holders and their personal information, believing somehow this exonerates them of any wrongdoing or places them above common indecency, they fail to tell the public exactly what they need the information for and what their plans are with it. In a veiled attempt at that, BDN says it needs the information to “study issues.” And then do what with the information and the results of biased studies one need ask? This is dishonest at best.

The hypocrisy comes when the BDN editor accuses people angry at BDN’s possible intentions as “trumped up by rampant misinformation”, not that the BDN has ever done such a thing. The editor also claims that some of those opposed to BDN’s request for permit holder information are participating in “swift political opportunism.”

What I’d like to know is what BDN would like to call their actions, to acquire the names and addresses of every concealed carry permit holder for purposes that can only be political and potentially harmful, if it isn’t “swift political opportunism.”

BDN says they, “regrets that its request for information may have been taken as a personal attack on concealed carry permit holders…” When we consider the history of what has become of this sort of requested information, and considering the fact these are all good, lawful and upstanding citizens, how else are these permit holders supposed to have taken BDN’s actions if not a personal attack?

And then we ask, “Why is someone proposing a law to make it illegal to obtain this private information?”