March 30, 2017

Maine Gov. LePage Pens Letter to Trump: Tear Down That Monument

In a move that might become a matter of too little too late, Maine Governor Paul LePage sent a letter to President Trump asking him to reverse Barack Obama’s declaration of a National Monument in lands east of Baxter State Park. An article found in the Bangor Daily News indicates that there is some concern […]

Put on Your Pussy Hats You Corrupt Fake Politicians

Cry me a river – or more fitting today would be Crimea River…or something. Over the weekend, Senate Minority criminal Charlene Schumer pored on the tears claiming Trumpet was mean spirited and un-American. Waaaaaaah! Before that we had Baroness Obama, working as hard as he could to drum up some tears, while at the same […]

A Threat to “Foreign Policy”?

Below is Barack Obama’s Executive Order for the continuation of a declared “National Emergency” in the Republic of the Congo. Interesting that, as spelled out in the EO, the national emergency threat is to the “foreign policy” of the United States. Not a threat to the nation or to the people of the U.S. or […]

What Slick Willy and “W” Started, Barry Finished

You figure it out. If you ain’t smart enough, you’ll just keep on doing what you been doing. Click on Image to Enlarge

Will Quimby’s New Obama Playground Destroy Baxter State Park?

Oh, the cries to protect wilderness! Many cried to protect the beauty and the “wilderness” of the Yellowstone National Park. And did they? I suppose it depends on your political perspective definition of what “wilderness” is…right Slick Willie? Yellowstone, often described as the model of how all lands should be “protected” has limited access but […]

The President’s Unfinished Promise: The Federal Government Still Lacks a Meaningful Scientific Integrity Policy

*Editor’s Note* – This is comical in a way and a great example of smoke and mirrors propped up in front of an unsuspecting population. Some people are frustrated with fraudulent science. Laughable, however, is that the frustration is often times rooted in one’s ideological perspective of what they want things to be. Understand that […]

Keeping Campaign Promises for a National Park?

*Editor’s Note* – We all know Angus King was bought and paid for, mostly with Michael Bloomberg money and being in lockstep with Obama. Voting against action that would place more authority in state’s hands to prevent the Federal Government from continuing its onslaught of land stealing, one has to wonder if Angus King (with […]

Black Conservatives Critical of Obama’s State of the Union Address

Press Release from the National Center for Public Policy Research: Puffy, Partisan Speech Further Mires President’s Lamentable Legacy “You Can’t Put Enough Lipstick on This Pig of His to Make It Look Pretty” WASHINGTON, DC – Members of the Project 21 black leadership network are commenting on – and available for interviews about – President Barack […]

Memorandum — Promoting Smart Gun Technology

MEMORANDUM FOR THE SECRETARY OF DEFENSE THE ATTORNEY GENERAL THE SECRETARY OF HOMELAND SECURITY SUBJECT:      Promoting Smart Gun Technology For more than 20 years, the Federal Government has worked to keep guns out of the wrong hands through background checks.  This critical effort in addressing gun violence has prevented more than two million prohibited […]

U.N. goes for Police State in the United States | Agenda 21 Radio

*Editor’s Note* – Perhaps this report is two things – a bit late and presented with the cart before the horse? The below clip from a bigger article says an attorney is calling attention to the intentions of Barack Obama’s “police state.” What is it exactly that needs to happen in order for the United […]