March 20, 2023

More of What to Expect in The End of Days

Yesterday I shared with readers Yahweh’s words to the scribe Baruch about what we can expect during the “End of Days.” Near about the same time as Baruch ben Neriah was getting information and instructions from Yahweh, he had a vision/dream. Baruch’s vision was about waves of “black waters” followed by waves of “bright waters” inundating the earth. Baruch prayed to Yahweh and asked that this vision would be interpreted for him.

Yahweh sent his angel Ramael to interpret. Here is some of what was told Baruch about the final wave of the most “black waters.”

2 BARUCH 48:31 And the time will come of which I spoke to you and that true is appearing which brings affliction. For it will come and pass away with enormous vehemence; and arriving in the heat of indignation, it will be turbulent.

2 BARUCH 48:32 And it will be in those days that all inhabitants of the earth will live with each other in shalom [peace], because they do not know that MY judgment has come near.

2 BARUCH 48:33 For in that time there will not be found many wise men and there will also be not many intelligent ones, but, in addition, they who know will be silent more and more.

2 BARUCH 48:34 And there will be many tidings and not a few rumors, and the works of the phantoms will be visible, and not a few promises will be told, some idle and others affirmed. (emboldening added)

2 BARUCH 48:35 And honor will change itself into shame, and strength will be humiliated to contempt, and the strong one will be broken down, and beauty will become contemptible.

2 BARUCH 48:36 And many will say to many in that time, “Where did the multitude of intelligence hide itself and where did the multitude of wisdom depart?”

2 BARUCH 48:37 And when one thinks about these things, jealousy will arise in those who did not think much of themselves; and passion will take hold of those who were peaceful; and many will be agitated by wrath to injure many; and they will raise armies to shed blood; and they will perish with those in the end.

2 BARUCH 48:38 And it will happen in that time that a change of times will reveal itself openly for the eyes of everyone because they polluted themselves in all those times and caused oppression, and each one walked in his own works and did not remember the Torah of YAHWEH the Mighty One.

2 BARUCH 48:39 Therefore, a fire will consume their thoughts, and with a flame the meditations of their kidneys will be examined. For the Judge will come and will not hesitate.

2 BARUCH 48:40 For each of the inhabitants of the earth knew when he acted unrighteously, and they did not know MY Torah because of their pride.

2 BARUCH 48:41 But many will surely weep at that time-more, however, because of the living ones than of the dead.

The final “black waters.”

2 BARUCH 69:1 With regard to the last waters you have seen which are blacker than all those preceding which came after the twelfth, those which were brought together; they apply to the whole world.

2 BARUCH 69:2 For YAHWEH the Most High made a division at the beginning for only HE knows what will happen in the future.

2 BARUCH 70:2 Behold, the days are coming and it will happen when the time of the world has ripened and the harvest of the seed of the evil ones and the tov [good] ones has come that YAHWEH the Mighty One will cause to come over the earth and its inhabitants and its rulers confusion of the ruach [spirit] and amazement of the heart. And they will hate one another and provoke one another to fight.

2 BARUCH 70:3 And the despised will rule over the honorable, and the unworthy will raise themselves over the illustrious. (emboldening added)

2 BARUCH 70:4 And many will be delivered to the few, those who were nothing will rule over the strong, the poor will be greater in number than the rich, and the impious will exalt themselves over the brave. (emboldening added)

2 BARUCH 70:5 The wise will be silent, and the foolish will speak. And the thought of men will not be realized then, nor the counsel of the strong, and the hope of those who hope will not be realized. (emboldening added)

2 BARUCH 70:6 Then it will happen when those things occur which have been said before will come to pass, that confusion will fall upon all men. And some of them will fall in war, and others will perish in tribulations, and again others of them will be troubled by their own. (emboldening added)

2 BARUCH 70:7 YAHWEH the Most High will then give a sign to those nations which HE has prepared before, and they will come and wage war with the rulers who will then remain.

2 BARUCH 70:8 And it will happen that everyone who saves himself from the war will die in an earthquake, and he who saves himself from the earthquake will be burned by fire, and he who saves himself from the fire will perish by famine.

2 BARUCH 70:9 And it will happen that everyone who will deliver himself and escape from all things which have been said before; both those who have won and those who have been overcome; that all will be delivered into the hands of MY Servant, the Anointed One.

2 BARUCH 70:10 For the whole earth will devour its inhabitants

HEAVENLY FATHER, I pray that you will lift the strong delusions that blind the many, that you will shield them from the anger, hatred, and confusion and cause the many to return to your love and knowledge.