August 14, 2020

More Mental Drool Over Maine’s Anti-Bear Debate

At about 5 minutes into this video, the moderator asks the two gentleman if they think the upcoming bear referendum in Maine will further divide Northern Maine and Southern Maine (the two Maines). Ethan Strimling, described as a “political analyst” operates as any slimy politician would and never answers a simple and direct question. I mean how difficult is it to offer conjecture on whether a very emotional event will divide the state?

Instead, he eagerly demonstrates his ignorance of facts and, like a brainwashed robot, anxiously takes the opportunity to promote the two-party divide and be conquered system, while mouthing stupid talking points hoping to bolster the anti hunting environmentalists effort.

A simple question of whether the state will further divide becomes an ignorant echo chamber of why, in his perverted perspective, hunting is unsportsmanlike and inhumane.

Complete mental drool and emotional intoxication on display!




A Case For Tom’s Mental Drool Elixir



Don Helstrom: Defending Maine’s Black Bear Hunt

Exclusive to NRA News Cam & Co on the Sportsman Channel

Don Helstrom of the Maine Professional Guide’s Association describes new efforts by animal-rights organizations to end the black bear hunt in the state. Sufficient signatures have been gathered for a ballot initiative to ban the use of bait, hounds and trapping. Visit to help.Originally aired on the Sportsman Channel. 2/05/14.


Are We Seeing Signs of Maine Bear Predicting the Future?



HSUS Turns In Signatures for Anti Bear Management Referendum

The bears are beginning to react to the reports they are hearing about the effort of the mentally ill people at the Humane Society of the United States to gather enough signatures to force a referendum vote in November to stop good bear management.



HSUS Bear Drool in Radio Interview

The Humane Society of the United States, the radical and illegal political giant the remains protected by the U.S. Government as a non profit, sends their Maine representative Katie Hansbury to participate in a radio interview about bears, bear hunting, bear trapping, bear baiting and bear hounding. Get a towel because the drool gets pretty sloppy.

560 WGAN News radio podcast.


Maine Radio Hosts Feature Discussion of Maine Bear Referendum Consequences



Maine Anti Bear Perverts Say They Have Enough Signatures

According to John Holyoke of the Bangor Daily News, the unrepresentative of truth, Mainers for Fair Bear Hunting say they have received enough signatures to present to the state for the purpose of bringing a voter initiative to the November ballot to end bear baiting, trapping and hunting with hounds.


Is HSUS Struggling To Get Signatures For Anti Bear Referendum?

Looking at the two comments posted below on Facebook, one at least has to wonder if the Humane Society of the United States is struggling to come up with enough signatures needed to initiate a citizens’ initiative for the fall election. Hmmmmmmm!



Bear and Coyote Hunting Together

This is Bob Tigro’s story of bear and coyote hunting at Oxbow Lodge in Oxbow. What do coyotes have to do with hunting bears with bait, snares and hounds? If it weren’t for bear hunting Bob wouldn’t have made another trip to Maine this year to coyote hunt. He contributed more money on the road and at Oxbow Lodge.<<<Read More>>>