February 3, 2023

N.J. Records Far Fewer Bear Complaints After Bear Hunt

After a six-day bear hunt in New Jersey that resulted in nearly 600 bears being taken, officials say complaints about bears have dropped significantly. But, the New Jersey Sierra Club says the hunt does nothing about the “so-called problem bears” because, evidently those bears don’t live in the woods. They only hang around in peoples’ back yards year round. The executive director for the New Jersey Sierra Club says about the bear hunt that, “It deals more with the docile bears.”

I guess what he is suggesting is that the bears that get hunted, including the 600 that got killed during the six-day hunt in December are docile. Perhaps the bears just walk out of the woods holding up a white flag.

The protectors of bears continually say that utilizing a bear hunt to reduce the number of bears and thus resulting in a decrease of public safety complaints, is bogus. If so, then how do you explain that following a bear hunt the number of complaints dropped from 305 to 90, according to a New Jersey DEP spokesman?

And, is it a fact that the so-labeled “problem bears” are not taken care of during a hunt? The Sierra Club says that’s a fact and that the reason is because no hunting of bears is allowed in those areas where he claims bears are a nuisance. But, whose fault is that?

Where’s the common sense? A few less bears will result in fewer public safety issues AND put meat in somebody’s freezer.

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