October 17, 2021

If Officials Can’t Find Bears to Count, How Can Hunters “Spot and Stalk”

In Maine, back in 2004, a referendum to end bear baiting, trapping and hunting with hounds was defeated by the voters. The same environMENTALists are planning another attack on, not only Maine’s hunting traditions, but also to rid the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) of the tools necessary to manage a healthy bear population.

According to an archived article that was originally published in the Portland Press Herald on October 10, 2004, that has been made available to me, the MDIFW stated that, “without the current hunting methods, black bear numbers will grow, and bears increasingly will forage in populated areas, creating public safety risks.”

Any rational thinking person would have to conclude that 9 years later and better data that shows that the bear population is growing in Maine to perhaps record numbers, that not only are the current hunting methods necessary to keep populations in check, officials need to come up with creative ways to harvest more bears. (Note: It has been months and months and still MDIFW has yet to release the bear harvest numbers for 2012.)

Maine Citizens for Fair Bear Hunting, a conglomeration of radical fringe animal rights groups like the Humane Society of the United States and Wildlife Alliance of Maine, says that the only necessary means of hunting bears is through what they like to call “spot and stalk.” Spot and stalk is a method of hunting any game by sneaking through the woods until a hunter “spots” game and then “stalks” it until given a chance to kill it. For some, this is the choice of hunting because of the challenge. That option should not be taken away from those hunters who choose to do that.

However, “spot and stalk” provides such a tiny success rate, that with only that method of hunting bears, it would do nothing to keep the bear population in check. Officials at MDIFW need to have at their disposal proven methods of hunting in order to manage a healthy bear population and provide for public safety.

In a recent article I published here on this blog, I provided data to show the elusiveness of the black bear, partly due to its tremendous sense of smell; seven times that of the bloodhound.

In the same archived Portland Press Herald article referred to above, there was lengthy debate and information provided by the author about the difficulties that exist with fish and game experts all across the country in being able to accurately count bears for population estimates. In Georgia in 2004, for example, then Georgia bear biologist David Gregory said, “Black bears are difficult animals to count. Unlike moose or antelope, which can be spotted from the sky, bears are reclusive, lurking among bushes and brush.”How can you count them when you can’t see them? You have to use all these indirect methods.”

Certainly if trained professionals can’t find bears in order to count them, why would anyone of knowledge in black bear management, think that “spot and stalk” bear hunting would be a successful means of controlling black bear populations?

As a warning to readers, groups are circulating petitions and asking Maine citizens to sign them in order to destroy Maine’s bear hunting traditions and strap the MDIFW to hamper their means of proper and proven bear management. Do NOT sign any of these petitions until you have the facts. The information these groups are using is incorrect. It is designed to play on your emotions and have no basis in sound wildlife science.


HSUS’ Anti Bear Referendum is Delusional



Bear Spotted in Downtown Ellsworth, Maine

It is that time of year when in Maine black bears emerge from their wintering dens. More than likely they are all out by now and some are probably hungry. Such was the report from the Bangor Daily News of events occurring in downtown Ellsworth, a small village south of Bangor, toward the coast.

In the BDN report, it suggested, from earlier press releases from MDIFW, that increases in these bear encounters happen when spring comes early.

Last year, when the state saw an early spring, the Maine Warden Service received 870 bear-related complaints — up from 436 complaints in 2011 and just 395 in 2010.

While this information may be true, what should have been included in this was a statement of fact that as bear populations increase, so to do the number of incidents of bear meeting man. I bring this point up because recently the Joint Standing Committee for Inland Fisheries and Wildlife voted “ought not to pass” a bill that would end bear hunting with dogs and trapping, among other limitations; a bill sponsored by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). However, HSUS has promised a referendum on this issue next year.

Maine, like most all other states, implements hunting and trapping as a means of regulating the desired populations of game species, including predators. Should HSUS be successful in their referendum, from the information I have received to date on what the proposed referendum will look like, basically all aspects of bear hunting will be eliminated with the exception of stalking.

Already the bear population in Maine is at perhaps record high numbers with MDIFW facing a difficult task in getting hunters and trappers in enough numbers to keep in check the population. Contrary to popular belief, wildlife does not “balance itself” and one can easily and logically conclude that, among other difficulties, Maine people would be facing increased problems with bears.

The MDIFW spokesman speaks of, “bear incidents tend to slow down as summer progresses, when it’s easier for hungry bears to find natural food.” Again, this is true under “normal” circumstances. With overgrown bear populations, too many bears will be competing for food. If natural food is not abundant, the competition becomes even greater and this circumstance will tend to drive bears into human populated areas in search of food. Now imagine a scenario of too many bears AND not enough natural food.

Maine residents should be encouraged to take the advice of MDIFW in making your homes as bear proof as possible and don’t allow HSUS, or any other animal rights groups, to force our fish and game experts into managing or not managing wildlife based on social demands rather than science. Sound wildlife management benefits both humans and wildlife.


Criminals at Humane Society of US Plan Bill To Stop Bear Trapping/Hunting w/Dogs

The timing is about right. With Obama’s illegal and crooked election victory and the majority of Americans seemingly content to become slaves to the government, compounded by the fact that Obama and a corrupt, inept, worthless, puppet Congress have decided now is the time to steal more of the hard earned money a few American still make, sportsmen probably don’t have enough money to fight an anti-hunting bill from the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).

At the local level in Maine, voters decided they would rather continue the mired-in-poverty lifestyle while being the most popular state to find free hand outs from the same Santa Clause that Obama worships, and voted the communists, er, I mean democrats back in control of the Maine Congress.

Yeah, the timing is excellent for HSUS to impose their fascists dreams onto a population of serfs eager to collect their next government dole.

In 2004, a similar battle erupted costing exorbitant amounts of money to stop bear hunting and trapping. The antis got greedy and thought they could get it all in one fell swoop. After the fact, they learned Maine voters would have voted down a trapping ban, so HSUS has gone back to work to get as much as they can now and will come back later, with their endless supply of dirty money they take from people annually, to get the rest.

Nobody took my advice of several years ago, not long after the BBI (Bear Battle I) and put their efforts into getting a constitutional amendment to guarantee the Maine people the right to hunt, trap and fish while constitutionally mandating that the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) manage game species for surplus harvests. While not an end all to such asinine lawsuits, it is quite a stumbling block when crooks like HSUS know they have to somehow defeat a state constitution to promote their idealistic perversions of animal cult worship.

While it’s never too late to introduce an amendment, having done so before this latest announcement, might have warded off the efforts of the fascists.

Time to gear up the propaganda machine for Bear Battle II. What’s in your wallet?