January 27, 2023

Trey Gowdy Demands Answers on Benghazi

We can see from this video that Trey Gowdy is asking questions about the whys and wherefores of events in Benghazi that led to the murder of Ambassador Stevens and others. What most don’t know is if he or anybody else could handle the truth of what happened. Does Gowdy already know who planned the event and why, and is he running a smoke screen?

There is one thing certain, none of us will ever know the truth from the Government. I see most of this as a dog and pony show to make sure Americans are told only what the “Insiders” want them to know.

Gowdy is chastising the media for not doing their job. The problem is the media is doing exactly what they have been told to do and what to say. Who controls the media? The Council on Foreign Relations controls the media, as they control the CIA, as they control the U.S. Government. What you are allowed to hear from the Government and Media is only what the CFR wants you to hear.


Benghazi: Traitorous Deeds at the Highest Level of Government

“I think Gowdy is serious, and I think he is a real patriot, but I think he has been warned away from the final conclusion or he’s been threatened,” Jones told WND.

“I’ve been working very closely with the Citizens’ Commission, and I think Gowdy, if he doesn’t go any further than he has, has either been warned within the Republican Party or threatened externally.”

“The truth is Boehner only agreed to appoint the Select Committee after a lot of pressure from a lot of people and to put Gowdy in to head it, which is something we all recommended,” Jones said. “But I think Boehner has either given Gowdy the word that enough is enough, or it’s gone above Boehner, and Gowdy’s been threatened.”

Asked directly, Jones agreed with Vallely that traitorous deeds at the highest level of government were committed regarding Benghazi and that the Republicans in Congress have joined the Democrats in a continuing cover-up.<<<Read More>>>


CBS CEO: It is Not a Conflict of Interest to Report on Your Own Brother

CBS CEO Les Moonves on Network’s Benghazi Coverage: Siblings Reporting on Siblings is Not a Conflict of Interest

National Center for Public Policy Research Participation in CBS Shareholder Meeting Marks 6th Media Company Visit of 2014 Shareholder Meeting Season for Group

Los Angeles, CA/Washington DC – Responding to a question from National Center for Public Policy Research Free Enterprise Project Director Justin Danhof at the CBS annual shareholder meeting, CBS President and CEO Les Moonves made the astonishing claim that it is “inaccurate” to call a circumstance in which a sibling is reporting on a sibling a conflict of interest.

Danhof had asked Moonves, in part:

…In its most recent poll on the state of the media, Pew Research reported that Americans think the news media is biased, frivolous and liberal. Two out of three Americans think today’s news stories are simply inaccurate and 76 percent say the media favors one side over the other in reporting.

CBS’s coverage of the Benghazi scandal is emblematic of one of the major problems with the mainstream press – an unwillingness to speak out against the failings of progressive politicians…

As the Heritage Foundation reported this month, “CBS News President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, the White House deputy national security adviser who drafted the newly-released document about Benghazi just days after the Sept. 11, 2012, attack that killed four Americans.” But that information was not made public until a watchdog organization, Judicial Watch, obtained connecting documents after filing a court case.

This obvious conflict of interest is only the surface of a much deeper and more systemic issue. Then-CBS News investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson tried to obtain these same documents, but later said CBS News was unwilling to pursue the issue. She has since left the network citing its unwillingness to engage in investigative reporting…

We don’t need Bernie Goldberg to come in here and explain how the vast majority of producers and reporters are liberal folks, but why can’t they check their politics at the door and be objective in news reporting and analysis? So my question is this: what kind of policy does CBS News have to avoid and report on conflicts of interest such as with the Benghazi cover up, and, in an country where nearly twice as many people identify as conservative than liberal, why does CBS continue only to cater to liberal Americans?

“According to CBS President and CEO Leslie Moonves, running a news group that is reporting on your own brother who happens to be a high-ranking White House official at the center of a major international controversy is not a conflict of interest,” said Danhof after the meeting. When I asked Moonves about the fact the president of CBS News’s brother authored the controversial memo in the wake of the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, he claimed it was ‘inaccurate’ to call this a conflict of interest. This is an appalling response that fails to understand the gravity of what has occurred. Media relies on the public’s trust to remain relevant, and Moonves doesn’t seem to grasp that even the appearance of a conflict like this is a severe violation of that trust.”

Danhof continued: “Moonves completely deflected my criticism of this conflict of interest by claiming that the left has attacked ’60 Minutes’ false reporting on Benghazi claiming that CBS has, somehow, been too critical of the Obama Administration. He actually called my criticism ‘ironic.’ But I was not talking about the ’60 Minutes’ report, I was talking about the fact that CBS news had a direct conflict of interest, knew about it, one of the company’s own reporters tried to get the documents showing the conflict and CBS News stifled her efforts. CBS News has gone to extraordinary efforts to protect President Obama and his team from conflict after conflict. Benghazi is just another example.”

“Some mainstream media outlets at least have the temerity to admit liberal bias. CBS News CEO Moonves is clearly still in the denial stage. It is fair to say that when it comes to realizing the bias in his own building, he is a member of the flat-Earth society,” Danhof concluded.

The National Center for Public Policy Research participated in the shareholder meetings of five other media companies so far this year, including Disney (ABC News), the New York Times, Gannett, Graham Holdings (Post-Newsweek Stations/Slate) and Comcast (NBC/MSNBC).

The CBS shareholder meeting was held May 22 in Los Angeles, in the studios in which the “Price is Right,” and, earlier, “I Love Lucy,” have been filmed.

Danhof’s full question for CBS, as prepared for delivery, can be found here.

National Center for Public Policy Research Chairman Amy Ridenour is a CBS shareholder.

The National Center’s Free Enterprise Project is a leading free-market corporate activist group. In 2013, Free Enterprise Project representatives attended 33 shareholder meetings advancing free-market ideals in the areas of health care, energy, taxes, subsidies, regulations, religious freedom, media bias, gun rights and many more important public policy issues. Thursday’s Amazon.com meeting was the National Center’s 38th attendance at a shareholder meeting so far in 2014.

The National Center for Public Policy Research, founded in 1982, is a non-partisan, free-market, independent conservative think-tank. Ninety-four percent of its support comes from individuals, three percent from foundations, and three percent from corporations. It receives over 350,000 individual contributions a year from over 96,000 active recent contributors.

Contributions are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated.


Trey Gowdy Offends Media With Questions

But do any of these people, media and politicians, really want any of us to know the truth?


Benghazi Unanswered Questions

VIDEO: Congressman Trey Gowdy asks Benghazi questions.


A Cold Man and Liar

*Editor’s Note* – I received an email today. In that email was one person’s written account of what happened in Benghazi, Libya and a face to face encounter with President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Leon Panetta and Susan Rice. This meeting occurred when the letter writer went to Washington, D.C. to claim the body of her cousin, a personal guard at the embassy. In the email, it said to pass this information on. That is what I am doing. Take the information and use it as you wish. I have no way of knowing whether it is true or not.

Cynthia Lee Myers Wanted to share the truth of what happened over in Libya.

“Here is my story. A week out the Embassy in Tripoli began receiving multiple tips about an Al Qaida cell in the area planning an attack on 9/11 in response to the killing of Bin Laden. For the next several days, the state dept and WH were asked for a security force and were denied at least six times. Ambassador Stevens and his team were given the all clear that the Consulate in Benghazi was safe and there was no need for a security force other than his 3 personal guards(One being my cousin) and a few Libyans who were not armed.

Then the attack and murders occurred. Immediately the WH claimed it was a protest gone bad over a you tube video. Obama made a quick speech in the Rose Garden on Sept.12 before catching a plane to Vegas to campaign. He made a generic statement at the end of his speech after placing the blame on an overheated protest over the video. He said “No act of terror will shake the resolve of America.” Later that day and over the next 2 days, the liberal media began saying Ambassador Stevens and the other 3 men died of smoke inhalation. This was not the case. Out of respect for my cousin, I’m not going to be specific about his murder. However Ambassador Stevens was brutally murdered. His genitals were cut off, he was sodomized and beaten and cut and stabbed and burned. He was drug thru the streets and left for dead. This is eyewitness testimony of a local Dr. who found the Ambassador in a ditch and tried to save his life. He had no idea who he was. The other 3 men, including my cousin, met similar fates. And deaths due to smoke inhalation is a 100% fabricated LIE. The next week I drove my aunt and Uncle and 2 others to DC to receive his body. We met with Hillary, Panetta, and Susan Rice. ALL of whom apologized and said it was a protest gone bad over a video and exited the area. Next Obama entered with the same story and didn’t apologize and wasn’t sympathetic. My aunt cried to this man and all he did was hand her flowers and walk away. I tried to get his attention, but didn’t. I got upset and yelled liar to him, he kept walking. Then a secret service agent grabbed my arm and led me to a room where I was held till the proceedings were over.

America , I saw firsthand how cold this man is. What kind of liar he is. Most of you haven’t a clue about this tyrant and yet you support him. And act like every word he says is Gospel. These murders and the fast and furious cover ups make water gate look like a kid who told his bff’s secret to the class.

We must stop this man, and please pass this story along.
— God Bless America!


Obama’s Military Action in Benghazi



Top IRS Official Pleads the Fifth

Or it might be more accurate to say that it is much easier for the Department of Justice to cover up any wrongdoing, at least by Obama and/or his administration’s upper echelon, if they conduct their own investigation, supposedly causing Lois Lerner to plead the Fifth.

She was scheduled to testify before Congress on Wednesday but the “inconvenience” of a DOJ investigation conveniently provides a reason to plead the Fifth and therefore not be subjected to having to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help her Obama!…… or undergo the scrutiny some will cast upon her testimony. We know the mainstream media will only cover anything that leads away from their god, Obama.

The LA Times evidently is breaking this story.


I Didn’t Do It! I Swear! Hey Look Over There



Random Thoughts and Comments

When is Murdering a Baby Not Murder?

Authorities in Cleveland say that Ariel Castro may face the death penalty because he starved one of the women he kidnapped and beat her stomach to force an aborted fetus…..at least five times. My question is, if Castro had allowed each of the babies to be born and then stuck a pair of scissors into the skulls of the babies or snipped the baby’s spinal chords at the base of their necks, would he then be only facing assault and battery charges or something similar?

Only One of the Problems With Corrupt and Stupid Media

Joe Scarborough, of miscarriage media, MSNBC, said that the Obama Administration would be in a bigger mess if the “far right” (whatever in his mind that means) “hadn’t overplayed their hand.” For some of you, you may struggle with this, but take a minute to think about how ridiculously ignorant that statement is and how it shows Joe Scarborough to be a non journalist goon, moron and an obvious shill for whoever is paying his wages…..or maybe he’s of the same average intelligence as all other television personalities posing as journalists.

If there were to exist today any such thing as a “journalist”, and Scarborough is barely above a 2nd grade level of brain function, they would ask themselves a simple question about the events in Benghazi. Do all the excuses add up? There is either a problem or there isn’t a problem. To choose to not cover the Benghazi afterbirth, one has to believe that Joe Scarborough, if he were legitimate, didn’t think there was anything to the story that there was a coverup or even a lack of proper response to the attack by terrorists who murdered four Americans.

Now, he comes riding in on his green energy electric horse claiming to be some elitist, all-knowing, all-seeing, right hand of the Obama/Hillary god, attempting to demonize the “far right” (whatever in his mind that means) and makes a complete idiot of himself. I love it.

The problem is, most people are programmed to think differently than I do and I understand that. They will either hate Scarborough because he said something bad against their side, or they will love him because he said something good about their side. For those that need an interpretation, Joe Scarborough was just admitting there is a serious problem here but he chose (and the rest of the mainstream media) not to cover the story because the “far right” was.

BRILLIANT! JUST BRILLIANT! Damn we are so blessed.