June 9, 2023

New Jersey Bear Drool


Exit 14, New Jersey – Is it only in New Jersey? Nah! This kind of mental drool runs rampant in this country. It just so happens that we caught the fake conservative Chris Christie’s state showing their true colors in living drool.

What all of these people need is a dose of my Black Bear Drool Elixer. It’s good for what ails them.

Below is a photo of a billboard created by New Jersey anti human, anti hunting people. Below that is a comment made by someone who really understands mental drool.


Drooler’s Comment: “Great billboard. I also think we should have a billboard with young bear cubs that says something like, “50% of the bears killed in the NJ Bear Hunt are this young.” (Or whatever the % is. People assume it’s always big, burly bears that get killed.)”

These “Real Women” live alone! Bears won’t eat them either.