January 18, 2022

Fly Away Jack, Fly Away Jill


Photo by Al Remington


Milt’s Corner – Roseate Spoonbill


Milt Inman Photo


Environmental Destruction of Wind Energy

Brain dead idiots believe that wind energy is environmentally friendly and will save our planet. This is a bold-faced lie, for profit, at the expense of the environment and yet non thinking people are so eager to buy into wind energy with no knowledge and understanding of what is really taking place. Evidently it’s only those visible smoke stacks that are so repulsive and destructive to our environment….they think.

Here’s proof to the contrary. Some of the information here and all of the photographs were provided to me by a friend. Thank you.

The first photograph (I’m sorry it’s a bit blurry) shows a site plan for proposed wind turbines near Bingham, Maine. The second photograph is better seen but small. The intent here is for the reader to be able to compare these maps with Google maps (shown below). This is important because the maps and photographs depict a radical clear-cut, the likes of which have not been seen in Maine in decades – all for the purpose of planting Eco-friendly wind turbines. Yeah man!


Next, are three Google maps that show a massive clear cut. Please see how this clear cut relates in comparison with the wind turbine proposals from the first two maps. Note Kingsbury Pond and Kingsbury Plantation as a relative perspective of how things are planned.


The next two photographs were taken on the site of that clear cut. Massive destruction!


The final photograph is of a truck taken at the clear cut, presumably doing site work.


Somebody please tell me why wind energy is so damned wonderful. In addition to the destruction of the forests, for profit, once installed these rotating blades are known to kill bats, eagles, migratory birds and just about anything that flies and yet idiot environmentalists welcome this rape with open arms.


Lovin It: Rare Bird Chopped Up by Windmill

Powerline tells of a rare bird, a white-throated needletail, to be seen in the Hebrides. People rushed to catch a glimpse of the bird only to be witness to it meeting its fate by flying into the blade of a windmill, smashing its head, causing it to tumble from the sky and land in a dead heap at the base of the environmentalists’ invented death trap.



False Alarm! No Predator Drone or Stealth Bomber

*Editor’s Note* – It must have been one of those days. When I originally posted this picture, not only did I forget to provide a link back to the first photo I posted of these redpolls and looking like stealth bombers, but here I posted the wrong picture. My apologies. Please follow the link below to the original post and picture and then view this post and picture and perhaps it will make better sense.

I think this photo indisputably proves that the fear of stealth bombers or predator drones attacking homes in Alaska is a false flag.


Photo by Al Remington



Even the magpie likes a free meal.


Photo by Al Remington


Palm Sunday


Photo by Al Remington




Photo by Al Remington


Red “Reflecting” Poll

I have taken the liberty of naming this now semi famous common redpoll from Alaska, “Reflecting.” It seems when this picture was taken, Reflecting, had just bounced off the glass of the nearby window and was sitting here “reflecting”, or so says the photographer.

Photo by Al Remington


Common Redpoll – A Different View. Little Bird – Big Bird

Photo by Al Remington

Little bird above – Big bird below!

Photo by Al Remington