December 3, 2023

Which Crime Scene is Real?



This is related to another link provided by Rattler Rider, posted earlier today.

In an explosion in Ankara, Turkey, this man bled out.


During the Boston Bombing, this man “lost his leg” and is alert and seemingly enjoying his ride in the conveniently available wheelchair. Consider, if you can, that a person has their leg blown off. Bleeding commences immediately. How long does it take for responders to get there and how long does it take to get a wheelchair? Don’t know? How long does it take to bleed out? Would you be sitting up and alert, riding in a wheelchair, if you just had your leg blown off from a bomb? Even in the movies, this guy, if he was still alive, would have been riding on a gurney and triage wouldn’t have been set up “down the street”…affording the opportunity to parade fake victims in front of spectators and conveniently located television cameras. And ask yourself this question: With all the supposed victims at the scene, consider what each person in this photograph is doing and why.

I have talked with several medical professionals who all tell me they just don’t think trauma this great, would provide time nor the opportunity for what you are seeing in this photograph.


Boston Bombing Questions About Black Backpacks

With every major killing incident, there are always oddities, unanswered questions, and of course conspiracy theories. A theory remains a theory until it can be proven.

I have countless unanswered questions about the Boston Marathon bombing but I want to keep this as simple as possible and focus on just one aspect of the bombing and then perhaps you too will have more questions.

Yesterday, a reader on this blog, left a link to a series of photographs taken in and around the bombing area of the Boston Marathon. This certainly was not the first batch of pictures I have seen in this regard. I recall the first series (don’t actually recall where I saw them) made little sense to me and as a matter of fact I considered many of the conclusions theorists were jumping to to be a stretch. I have learned over the years to never disregard anything. There is usually a degree of truth in everything and it’s up to me to be vigilant and search for the truth. I’m still searching.

The last series of photos certainly piqued my curiosity, so I’ve been doing some research and thought I would share with readers some of what I have found as it pertains only to the backpacks focused on throughout this investigation.

It is to the best of my knowledge concerning dates and “official” photographs, etc. that I present this information.

I believe it was on April the 17th, a Wednesday, that the FBI announced to the public that they were focusing on a black, nylon backpack or bag believed to have contained the bombs that were exploded during the foot race. They also released a photo of the remnants of one of the bags believed to be part of the bomb. Note: I believe this photo to be a copy of the official FBI photo released to the public and media.


On April 18th, the following day, the FBI released photos of what they called “suspects” in the bomb attack. I believe this photo to be an official FBI release.


Two other important statements from the FBI took place on April 18, 2013. I am not sure if there was one or more FBI press conferences that day. If there was more than one, I then do not know the specific order in which the statements were made.

In one statement, the FBI said, “If you have visual images, video, and/or details regarding the explosions along the Boston Marathon route and elsewhere, submit them on”

In a separate statement, the FBI warns: “”The photos and videos are posted for the public and media to use, review, and publicize. For clarity, these images should be the only ones and I emphasize the only ones the public should view to assist us,” DesLauriers said. “Other photos should not be deemed credible and they unnecessarily divert the public’s attention in the wrong direction and create undue work for vital law enforcement resources.”

I think under “normal” circumstances I wouldn’t pay much attention to a statement like this but it seems to contradict the plea given the same day for the public to send them “images, video, and details” of anything they deemed suspicious.

Of course one theory is that the FBI was attempting to direct the public to focus only on the two suspects they had fingered as the perpetrators.

However, let’s move on.

The FBI releases, on the 17th of April, a photograph of what they told the public was the remnants of a backpack or nylon bag that contained the bomb that blew up people near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Below is that photo again, only this time I have drawn a circle around what appears to be a whitish-colored square or rectangle – perhaps an ID patch or something attached there by the manufacturer.


I am going to post two more photos that one I believe to be an FBI photograph published by USA Today. The other I am not sure where it came from but to me appears to have come from the same surveillance camera. The first photo is of the two suspects, their backs to the camera, but more importantly, it gives us a pretty good shot of the backpacks they had on at the time the photo was taken, presumably sometime prior to the explosion. The second photo is of just the older brother of the two suspects and gives a better look at his backpack.



If we attempt to compare the official FBI photo of the shredded backpack with the two backpacks shown on the backs and/or shoulders of the two suspects, isn’t there reasonable doubt that these two packs don’t match very well the official FBI picture? Consider the pack hanging over the shoulder of the younger of the two brother suspects. It’s as much white as it is black. In the official backpack photo, the large amount of white appears to me to be more like the lining than built into the color scheme of the backpack slung over his shoulder. Or I’m wrong.

The lead suspect, the older brother, his pack comes closer to matching the official FBI bag but any whitish, square or rectangle patch cannot be detected in this photo.

If this isn’t confusing enough, I want to post one last photograph of what many of us were forced into seeing if any of us watched the news. It’s a picture of what is believed to be the backpack, with a bomb in it, placed at the bomb scene, or that’s what we have been told. However, I cannot find anywhere where this photograph is listed as an “official” FBI photo. Remember, we were told to only look at their photos and all others were not credible. So this may not be credible in the FBI’s mind.

Somebody please tell me that the image in this photograph does not an any way shape or form, resemble the official FBI photo of the black nylon backpack or bag that contained the bombs.


All of this has at least gotten me to a point of asking more questions and looking for more evidence. What I see in these photos, most of which are official FBI photographs, simply does not make that much sense – at least it doesn’t very nicely fit into the narrative given by the FBI.

I am certainly open to reasonable explanations.


One Boston Bombing Suspect Killed