October 8, 2015

What Idiots WANT to See


What I Can’t See and Why I Can’t See It

Everyday my email inbox gets blasted with countless emails, most of which are simply forwarded emails that originated from who knows where. But there’s generally some kind of question or comment that accompanies many of those emails asking or stating that “this could happen here in the U.S. if we don’t do something about it.” […]

Five Monkeys


“Climate Denial”: A Term to Suppress Truth

“Climate denial” — with all its Freudian overtones — has moved to the center ring of the linguistic fight over global warming. “Climate change has always been a kind of a framing war,” author and activist George Marshall said. “If you can get out there and you can get your language inserted into the discourse, […]

Schools now tasked with creating ‘green’ citizens

Common Core is not a benign set of federals standards meant to make your children smarter, warns an educator who says it looks more like an indoctrination program to push students toward “green” jobs for a “green economy.” Source: Schools now tasked with creating ‘green’ citizens Share

Institutes for Higher Brainwashing


Platitudinously Speaking

Several years ago I read a book I didn’t like. It was easy to figure out why I didn’t care for the book – I couldn’t understand it. Unlike most things written today (I’m sure I am guilty too), this book contained words and phrases the author placed together all on his own. In other […]

Chemical Aerosol Spraying to Save the Earth While Sacrificing Billions of People

I doubt that I can convince anybody new of the ideas that: Chemical aerosol spraying is ongoing and has been for some time; Anthropogenic global warming is nothing more than a theory; That to some saving the earth is more important than the inhabitants of the planet. Look up! For crying out loud LOOK UP! […]

But Don’t Go Look!


Wolf Brainwashing Propaganda for Kids

Below is the cover of Time for Kids, November 8, 2013, Vol. 4, No.9, Edition 3-4. The cover headline asks, “Are Gray Wolves Safe?” I want to ask, “Safe from what?” or better yet, my first impression upon seeing the cover was, are gray wolves “safe” for kids to be around? After all, do kids […]