April 18, 2015

Platitudinously Speaking

PlatitudeSeveral years ago I read a book I didn’t like. It was easy to figure out why I didn’t care for the book – I couldn’t understand it. Unlike most things written today (I’m sure I am guilty too), this book contained words and phrases the author placed together all on his own. In other words, it was original thoughts. Because our educational institutions have failed us, independent thought is missing from our culture. Note: I say our schools have failed because I see the failure as being the destruction through allowing and creating an atmosphere in which humans cannot question and draw conclusions on their own. It is not a failure if the intent is to create non-thinking robots echoing the cliches created specifically for them.

I doubt any field of interest is exempt from the bromide. I think the worst kind of platitude is one delivered from a position of moral superiority. Just today I received an email that had been forwarded several times before cluttering up my email box. The original message was from a fish and game organization, whose website states that: “It’s time for sportsmen to stand together.” This epitomizes an over-used cliche that achieves the lower boundaries of boredom. Because the organization is promoting their own membership with platitudes of self-perceived grandeur, the moral impact of this comes from the simple fact that the “stand[ing] together” must happen on their terms because of superiority of thoughts and actions. This, in and of itself, is terribly unoriginal.

But, I shouldn’t pick on just one organization. It’s everywhere: “we need to reach across the aisle;” “we need to get something done;” “it’s important to compromise on issues in order to get something done;” “it’s been done this way since the beginning of time;” “It’s for National Security;” “Think of the children.”

It’s enough to make one’s stomach roll. But I have my doubts as to how many can see and recognize the boring, meaningless words and phrases that they’ve had drummed into their heads since childhood.

Earlier today, I was also following a discussion about how, “there needs to be a law” in order to deal with people who are doing things somebody else doesn’t like. This is what has become of our thoughtless society. It matters not whether one person is being lawful or not. If another doesn’t like it, “there ought to be a law to stop it.” After all, it would be “getting something done.” Is that what is meant by that statement? If so, then should we then, “stand together” and “think of the children” as we “reach across the aisle?”

Even before the moment we reached an age that we began speaking words, our minds have been bombarded with cliches and boring, meaningless, truism – catch phrases that tickle our feel good buttons. We are clueless as to what the actual meaning is but how wrong can it be to state: “It’s time for sportsmen to stand together?”

I am reminded of when the German people, after years of deprogramming, were convinced they needed to stand together. Somebody forget to question what it was that they were going to stand together for.


Chemical Aerosol Spraying to Save the Earth While Sacrificing Billions of People

ChemTrailI doubt that I can convince anybody new of the ideas that: Chemical aerosol spraying is ongoing and has been for some time; Anthropogenic global warming is nothing more than a theory; That to some saving the earth is more important than the inhabitants of the planet.

Look up! For crying out loud LOOK UP! It’s right there in front of you. Learn the truth about how condensation trails are formed and then ask yourself if those trails will last all day long. Also do some research to discover the increase in metals and other chemicals in our plants and soil. I don’t think that stuff came up through the ground from China.

I am sympathetic to you if you actually firmly believe and are not interested in gaining better knowledge about man-caused global warming. To claim the science is settled is really no different than Hillary Clinton deciding which of her emails she considered personal and which ones we should be allowed to see.

Perhaps the toughest pill to swallow would be if I told you that regardless of the truth or fiction of any of this, there are those that are very much willing to kill you to save THEIR planet…ahem, save themselves.

According to quotes gleaned by the website Collective-Evolution, the BBC writes: “Schemes to tackle climate change could prove disastrous for billions of people, but might be required for the good of the planet, scientists say.”

Dr. Matthew Watson, a PhD and researcher in the department of Earth Sciences at the University of Bristol, says: “We are swimming, growing, in a sea of ignorance. This terrifies me. But doing nothing is not an option. Unless we’re very wrong about climate change or quickly change our ways, at some point we’re going to have to ‘go outside’ with these technologies.”

If nothing else consider this. This Dr. Watson admits that “we are swimming in ignorance” about global warming/climate change. He shows his own skepticism about the theories of man-caused climate change by suggesting that we might be “very wrong” about it. Yet, he eagerly suggests, even from a point of near panic, that we must DO SOMETHING even if it means destroying the atmosphere and killing billions of humans.

Other scientific studies, as linked to above from the BBC, claim that “schemes to tackle climate change could prove disastrous for BILLIONS of people” and Watson says that we can’t do nothing. And consider the last part of the BBC statement that says killing billions of people, “might be required FOR THE GOOD OF THE PLANET.”

There are two issues here that you, if you are capable, should consider. The first is this. You decide whether saving the planet, regardless of the truth or fiction about man-caused climate change is worth the lives of “billions of people.” To do this, you also must consider whether billions of people will die if “WE” do nothing. This, of course, requires honesty in one’s ability to think and reason and to be honest I don’t think it exists at any level where I would have confidence that enough people could do anything about it.

Personally, I don’t care what you think, but the second issue, if it doesn’t hit close enough to home, nothing ever will. If somebody is deciding that billions of people must be sacrificed to save the planet, convince yourself that you are NOT one of those billions of people. Go ahead!

If you cannot see the absurdity and the insanity of all of this, there is little hope that you would recognize anything based upon Truth. Can you? Will you? Do you even want to?

As I believe that I still have time on this planet and while here I need to find ways in which to support myself and my family, for those of you who are willing to “go outside” with this atmospheric chemical spraying to save Gaia, I’m selling aerosol cans filled with the same materials as they are spraying on us now from planes. It’s a home version and you can buy a case or more of it to help out those eager to kill billions of people to save the earth.

Directions are simple: Make sure all doors and windows are shut tight and commence spraying. Breathe deeply.

There’s also an outdoor version. Why wait for the shit to fall out of the sky? You can now get more of it around you more quickly by spraying inside and out.

Spray me! I want to live! Above anything else SAVE THE PLANET.

But I fully understand that, according to most, I have many screws loose. That is because you have been trained to piss on anyone who would disagree with the lies you believe. Conspiracy Theorists are a danger to society! Stamp them out now!

But Don’t Go Look!


Wolf Brainwashing Propaganda for Kids

Below is the cover of Time for Kids, November 8, 2013, Vol. 4, No.9, Edition 3-4. The cover headline asks, “Are Gray Wolves Safe?” I want to ask, “Safe from what?” or better yet, my first impression upon seeing the cover was, are gray wolves “safe” for kids to be around? After all, do kids really care all that much about whether humans are going to not make wolves “safe?” Aren’t kids more concerned about whether they are safe from wolves?

But we are talking brainwashing propaganda! This garbage is given to kids in public schools all across America and that should nauseate all of us but we are brainwashed too.

So what about the article?

The article is very short and written with obvious bias, full of terrible misleading and non factual information. But what would we expect from propaganda, especially when it comes to wolves?

The article carries the name of Brenda Iasevoli as the author and relies upon information about wolves from only two people. Who? First is Dan Ashe, head of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. He told the author, “We’ve exceeded our recovery goals[for wolves].” And as far as any discussions or debates about whether “gray wolves are safe,” Time for Kids went to none other than that reliable source for everything gray wolves, Suzanne Stone from Defenders of Wildlife.

Need I say anymore?


Girls Softball Team Raffles Gun Chickens Freak Out

Brainwashing works! What we are seeing more and more on a daily basis in America, are the results of brainwashing. Those administering the brainwashing (shall we follow that chain up the ladder to see where it all originates?) have done a splendid job. We are at a point now in this country where any mention of a damned gun and the programmed mindless go hysterical.

A girls softball team in Georgia needed to raise money and so they raffled off a gun. They picked an item they thought people wanted.(Give them an “A” for creative thinking, business management and entrepreneurial genius!) Some ran scared screaming blood shed and massacre. Consider this comment found on the Gateway Pundit’s site from one person who didn’t think the gun choice was all that good.

I just don’t think it should be based around any type of weapons or anything that can cause harm especially when you’re dealing with children,” [Diana Smith] said.

Then by all means let’s end all raffles right here and now. And while we are at it, let’s just ban “anything that can cause harm especially when you’re dealing with children.”[emphasis added]

God knows some fascists like Michael Bloomberg are trying to ban anything that can cause harm, but do you realize how long this list would be? If this was really about causing harm, then surely there are a lot more harmful things than guns. Let’s start with cell phones.

This is the Best “White” Friday Offering, EVAH!

Where black symbolizes evil, I’m offering the best White Friday evah! Yep! You can subscribe to TomRemington dot com for free – a lifetime subscription if you wish. How? Look to the right. No, no the other right! Where it says “Subscribe”. You can just enter your email address and once a day you will be sent an email with a list of all the latest updates from this site, tomremington.com. And did I tell you it is free?

And, NO! I don’t save anyone’s email address for any reason. I will not spam or scam you. There’s enough of that going on everywhere else. Why would I do such a BLACK thing? All I am asking is that you be given a chance to receive the truth….for a change. Notice the lighthouse in the upper right: A Beacon of Truth. That’s all and it’s free!

But in all seriousness, the point is that in driving home from Thanksgiving at my daughter’s house last night, I saw the mislead, brainwashed, sick and perverted, non thinkers lining up at the stores to buy BLACK items from their BLACK god. I find it very sad and know that God in Heaven, our Creator, Yehwah, did not intend for his children to worship material BLACK things, hording BLACK fake money, and being just plain BLACK. I really don’t think “Black Friday” is named black Friday because, as is claimed, it determines whether a business will end up “in the black” at the end of the year. It’s called Black Friday because it is rooted in nothing but evil……in my humble opinion!

I want my life to be WHITE! How about you?

How To Testify Against Wolf Delisting – For Kids


It is important to note the indoctrination and propagandizing of children at very early ages. Also note that nothing in this propaganda piece is science-based – only playing on the emotions of other children and adults. I doubt this video was created to instruct a child on how to be a witness at a public hearing as much as it was to be passed around to others in order to wrongfully corrupt a child’s thinking and ability to learn to think on their own.

This is pure propaganda, which exists at all levels of government and society and should be recognized as such. What will it accomplish? The further brainwashing of children who will someday be forking over their money to the NGOs, who, if you will take note, sponsor and support this video.

U.S. Government’s Brainwashing of Students on Climate Change

polarbearoniceWhat utter nonsense and I’m pissed that some of my tax dollars are being spent to spread propaganda used to brainwash students about the fabricated lies of man-caused climate change. At a time when all indications disprove the lies about man-caused climate change, when scientists are now saying we are entering a phase of at least 30 years of cooling, when Arctic sea ice is growing at a rapid pace, tax dollars are continuing to be used to indoctrinate our kids with lies.

Why do we stand for this?

The Environmental Protection Agency (protecting us from what?) makes available, on a tax-funded website, lesson plans for teachers so they can fill our students’ heads full of lies and deception. Lesson plan titles include:

1. Weather and Climate: What’s the Difference? (The liars perpetuating fake climate change don’t know the difference.)
2. Mapping Greenhouse Gas Emissions Where You Live – (Teaching our kids to be spies?)
3. Carbon Through the Seasons – (Scientists don’t have all the answers to the role carbon plays in our climate.)
4. Getting to the Core: Climate Change Over Time – (You wonder if they use data taken from the University of East Anglia where the fudged climate data was used to promote more research money and fulfill agendas. Climategate ring a bell with anyone?)
5. Tree Rings: Living Records of Climate – (More fake data.)
6. Sea Level on the Rise – (Hokus-Pokus and now scientists are claiming sea levels have stopped rising.)
7. Coral and Chemistry – (I wonder whose)

Utter nonsense and a damned waste of taxpayer money. We don’t care anymore what we stuff into the heads of our kids. Let the government do it. That’s what we are programmed to do.


Guest post by Jim Beers

The lead story in this morning’s St. Paul paper is: “Suicides up sharply in Minnesota”. It goes on, “The suicide rate for white middle-aged men… is soaring” and “Minnesota’s rates mirror national suicide rates” and “The male suicide rate in Minnesota was four times higher than the female rate.” The article offers no explanation of the decade-long growth of “white middle-aged men” committing suicide while going to great lengths to present government “hotlines” and “prevention programs” as our best hope.

Allow me to make two observations:

1. Were I to observe that “middle-aged white men” were increasingly committing suicide in some measure because in these hard economic times times they cannot find employment or even opportunity for scarce employment because of government discrimination due to government race classifications and government preferences for jobs, advancement, contracts, grants, housing, assistance, etc.: I would be labeled a “Racist.” It would be stated and assumed that I was only for “Stand your ground” laws because I wanted to kill young black men. It would be stated and assumed that I was only for voter identification because I wanted to keep minorities from voting. It would be stated and assumed that I wanted to “turn back the clock” to Jim Crow laws or even further back to slavery. No one would listen or even dare to listen to me on the matter of race and government. I might be assaulted or at least marginalized socially for my unacceptable and politically-incorrect views and statements.

2. Were I to observe that “middle-aged white men” were increasingly committing suicide in some measure because in these hard economic times they cannot find employment or even opportunity for scarce employment because of government discrimination due to government sex classifications and government sex preferences for jobs, advancement, contracts, grants, housing, assistance, etc.: I would be labeled a “Sexist.” It would be stated and assumed that I “hated” women outside the kitchen. While women have over the last two decades far surpassed the male graduation rates from high school and college, and now occupy more and more jobs from top to bottom (a few of which one might suppose could have been filled by current “white middle-aged men”?) the need for “more” and everlasting government sex preferences and “training” of boys and men would not be mentioned. As women are now in all military units and as discipline and therefore effectiveness declines from soaring sexual issues involving female and male (now including same-sex) military members and is kept hidden, what began as fairness has become a “right” and is to be forced on the American public

however and to whatever degree can be obtained. Discussion or “dialogue” about any of this remains unmentionable and anyone seeking a candid conversation is immediately “deleted into the trash bin” and ignored.

How like wolves, grizzly bears and all the other (spotted owls, red-cockaded woodpeckers, Kirtland’s Warblers, Delta Smelt, Florida bears and panthers, snail darters, etc.) endangered species that have enabled the growth of central government power, the growth of powerful and uncontrolled federal agencies and increasingly unlimited preferences for urban and radical environmental organizations priorities over the rights and freedoms of rural Americans is all this to Racism and Sexism. Like Race and Sex Preferences and Programs, Endangered Species and other such federal laws have distorted our Constitution and driven us apart into camps that are “gridlocked” and that are steadily taking us closer to catastrophe.

Lately I have been writing and speaking about wolves: about their federally-forced introduction and spread; about their threats to the safety and welfare of rural Americans; about their role in spreading multiple diseases, infections, tapeworms, etc.; about their destructive effects on livestock, wildlife and hunting; and their hidden, yet intended, consequences on State Authorities and Responsibilities resulting in all but unlimited federal authority over how and where rural Americans may live and conduct their daily affairs. As a result, I am a Wolfist. Don’t you know, I “hate” wolves.

When I read recently about the Minnesota teenager attacked by a wolf that grabbed him by the head as he dozed in a campground at night, I was disturbed to read that the DNR and the newspaper reported that “this incident was a ‘freak deal’ and ‘incredibly abnormal behavior’ and that ‘it’s the first one I’m aware of where there was actual physical damage to the victim’.” Really?

1. As one of many such examples, in 1996, Z. Deventhal an American Boy Scout about 13 years old was camping in the Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada. Zach was sleeping outside a tent while on a canoe trip with his parents when a wolf grabbed his head and face and tried to pull him out of his sleeping bag. His parents drove the wolf off. Zach was badly hurt, 80 stitches. Kathy Cook, Reader’s Digest, “Night of The Wolf,” July 1997, pp. 114-119.

2. After the Minnesota attack, the DNR and newspapers reported that a wolf they “thought” was the attacker had been killed. It was said to have a “deformed jaw” that probably “caused” him to do what has “Never” been reported before in Minnesota, i.e. attack a Minnesotan or visitor. Evidently, wolves are or have never born with or experience any debilitation in Minnesota since this has “Never” happened before. Come to think of it, evidently Minnesota wolves must have “Never” contracted rabies as elsewhere that would have caused them to attack persons and anything else that walks, crawl or flies in this state where, according to Garrison Keilor, “all the children are above normal” as well. Aren’t Minnesota dogs required to get rabies shots? Besides, if the old excuse by Geraldine (AKA Flip Wilson) that the “Devil made me do it” is a worthy defense in today’s courts, why isn’t “my deformed jaw made me do it” valid for a wolf that nearly killed this young man?

3. Wolves kill lots of people each year from Eastern Europe to India and the NE coast of Siberia. Wolves have killed (and fed on) at least 2 North Americans in the past decade and more have been injured. Wolves are literally and currently flooding the Lower 48 States that are currently wolf-food rich States with non-human food such as (now dwindling) large game herds, large herds and flocks of livestock that make the US an abundant source of affordable protein, dogs (wolves kill and eat dogs) everywhere, and a public being disarmed by the very government that introduces and protects the wolves while accepting no responsibility for their extensive harms and destruction. Human safety from attacks and from the 30-50 deadly diseases, infections, and other ailments and vectors spread by federal government wolves are causing an unacknowledged (like Racist and Sexist federal government programs) sea change in rural American life as I write this. Saying wolves do not belong in such settled landscapes as The Lower 48 states or that the presence or densities of wolves should be primarily determined by Local elected officials is acknowledged like whistling in the wind is by those around you.

Whether wolves attack and kill humans because of a “deformed jaw” or old age or some other deformity or some infectious parasite or because the victim “ran” or because it (or they) were hungry or because kids are perceived like “kid on a stick” and elderly folks are perceived as easy pickings by wolves or because it was “fun” to chase a bicycle or because the wolf was “wounded” or simply because wolves are mean, nasty, dangerous and destructive animals as a matter of course: wolves do these things 24/7, hot or cold weather, alone or in packs: all the lying, ignorance, disinformation, propagandizing, laws, bureaucrats, studies, and pronouncements by “experts” notwithstanding.

But no one listens. Like serious conversations about federal race or sex programs, discussion of wolf programs by federal force is as prevalent as global warming validity discussions at an Al Gore dinner party: that is to say you are either “for” or “against”, period!

Reading the comments about wolves on blogs or in places like Field & Stream is both scary and disturbing. Putting it as bluntly as possible, those “for” wolves largely express hatred for “people”, American society, farms, dog “ownership”, rural residences, ranches, guns, hunting, livestock, private property, US history and any Local government authority. An attempt to summarize them might be that wolves are leading the way in the US today for a world wherein the human population will be reduced (wolves being only one of many means) and animal equality to and in some cases (temporary of course like federal race and sex programs) superior to human life and human rights. While they sneer at the comments of those “against” wolves (mostly the ones living with them), the appeals of those living with wolves are mostly vain attempts (laughed at by those “for” wolves) to explain the “truth about wolves” to people who will not listen. The resulting political “gridlock” simply increases and the “camps” merely do what they can to grow their membership to forcibly overwhelm their perceived opponents any way possible and to keep them suppressed just like race and sex program advocates do.

So, as a wolfist interested in the primacy of human life and the preservation of Constitutional US governance, I can only continue to do what I can with the experience and abilities I have been given. Whether confrontation or dialogue presents itself, I will carry on and I invite you to do the same.

Remain aware of the larger picture and do not underestimate the determination and disregard for what you hold dear in those arrayed against you and yours. Do whatever you do best and help those you meet along the way.

The unbelievable possibility of the US devolving into Balkan-like Countries (Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Kosovo) composed of Bulgarians, Serbs, Croats, Bosniaks, Romanians, and Gypsies practicing Orthodox Christianity, Catholicism, and Sunni Islam; all of whom have never for centuries been able to accommodate each other unless a strongman like Tito or a Moslem conqueror ruled as dictator or they simply had open warfare and went their separate ways: becomes more real under these current divisions set and encouraged by a continuingly feckless US government. Urban/rural, white/minority, all-powerful central government/Constitutional government, single people/married people, business owners/workers, meat eaters/vegans, animal owners/animal lovers, Red/Blue are but a few of the deepening divisions driving us apart. Consider the periodic flare-ups in our Northern neighbor between Quebec and Canada that expose real possibilities about dividing Canada into parts that do not have the animosities we see swirling in the US today. The danger is very real.

Americans are becoming more and more like those hatred-filled, ethnically and religiously divided generations living in the Balkans. Our increasingly irresolvable problems of our own making will consume us if we cannot resolve the currently irresolvable. The choice is steaming toward either a strongman like Stalin or Putin forcing us back together, or devolving into smaller independent units. When looked at like this, restoring what we once had is the best alternative to pursue so we must not fear labels meant only to silence us. God bless the USA.

Jim Beers
31 August 2013

If you found this worthwhile, please share it with others. Thanks.

Jim Beers is a retired US Fish & Wildlife Service Wildlife Biologist, Special Agent, Refuge Manager, Wetlands Biologist, and Congressional Fellow. He was stationed in North Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York City, and Washington DC. He also served as a US Navy Line Officer in the western Pacific and on Adak, Alaska in the Aleutian Islands. He has worked for the Utah Fish & Game, Minneapolis Police Department, and as a Security Supervisor in Washington, DC. He testified three times before Congress; twice regarding the theft by the US Fish & Wildlife Service of $45 to 60 Million from State fish and wildlife funds and once in opposition to expanding Federal Invasive Species authority. He resides in Eagan, Minnesota with his wife of many decades.

Jim Beers is available to speak or for consulting. You can receive future articles by sending a request with your e-mail address to: jimbeers7@comcast.net

Day 55 – No Executive Orders


I have mentioned before that the depth of brainwashing and propagandizing of the American people is such that even those whose intentions are good, don’t understand their positions have been diminished with years of mind control.

To better understand this, we see that just the simple act of stating one’s belief that a right should be as a simply stated right as it was intended, as an example, the Second Amendment. To say that the Second Amendment should have no “reasonable” restrictions, automatically thrusts you into a world of ridicule and name-calling. You become radical, extreme, right wing, a terrorist, etc., all because the masses have been indoctrinated to believe that “reasonable” restrictions on all our rights, or at least those that most directly hinder the unfolding of a One World Government, is the right thing to do. Another term for this is called common ground or compromising – one of the biggest tactics used by progressives to move absolute rights toward totalitarian rule. Take notice that our society and our political system is now fully engulfed in the mantra of “finding common ground” and “compromising”, believing that nothing can “get done” without it. It’s actually mentally ill behavior in my opinion as well as a formula for political destruction.

In Wiscasset, Maine over the weekend a pro gun rally was held. I was reading the news account in the Bangor Daily News. There are two points in the news article that I would like to take a moment and examine.

The first is what the organizer of the event was quoted as saying in reference to why her protest was intended to send a message to law makers:

“Our representatives’ job is to represent the people,” said Beckwith. “They need to know how we feel. By putting forward anti-gun legislation, we don’t support that. Why should it be allowed to pass? We need to make our politicians accountable for their actions. For far too long, our rights have been trampled on and we need to draw the line in the sand right here, right now.”

A bold statement for sure but why now is it time to draw a line in the sand? Don’t get me wrong. Any action to defend Second Amendment rights is good. The problem is we have been complacent for so long, much the result of a well planned method of brainwashing. It is next to impossible to ever take back rights that have been lost. The truth is, the drawing of the line may have come just a bit too late.

On the other hand, this event shows us another example of how brainwashing has programmed us to believe that doing something like working to restrict Second Amendment freedoms is not an abridgement of rights.

Rep. Timothy Marks, D-Pittston, has proposed seven bills that would restrict Second Amendment rights and yet he has been quoted as saying:

I support the Second Amendment and I always have,” Marks told the Bangor Daily News last month. “I support gun owners’ rights and my votes will reflect that.

Isn’t that a line taken directly from the mouth of the Liar in Chief, Barack Obama?

In addition to a bill that would require all concealed carry permits be handled only by state police, Marks’ anti gun legislation includes:

….criminalizing the possession of an expired permit, raising the minimum age to hold a permit from 18 to 21 and inserting questions about a person’s mental health history into application materials.

A more accurate statement by Marks and Obama would be that they support the Second Amendment as they interpret what it should say and what it should permit.

That rights should be absolute is today considered idealistic at its best and radical extremism even terroristic at its worst. The only way to change the direction this country is headed is through the dismantling of the brainwashing machination that so deeply infests our society.

Good luck with that.

55 Days and there are no 23 executive orders published on the White House website.