June 10, 2023

Everything Slightly More Than Half of Americans Wanted to Hear


Trump Jr. on SRT Radio to Talk Outdoor Sportsman’s Issues



Hillary Way Out Front…That Is in Hillary for Prison

I was emailed one of those “if you like it pass it on” kind of emails about why Trump will win the election. Part of what was written, when comparing who leads the way in social media, was this tidbit:

“But on Hillary for Prison: she gets 255,228 subscribers.
Trump has more subscribers than Clinton on every major
social media outlet but what is even funnier is that
there are nearly 3 times as many people subscribed to
“Hillary for Prison” than there are subscribed to the
Clinton page.

The best part is that the DNC’s leaked emails from
WikiLeaks have proven that Clinton pays people to support
her online.”


After The Republic

*Editor’s Note* – There’s a lot in this entire article. However, it is quite interesting. It helps explain how what used to be in the country is no longer. It gives some time to the destruction of Science for political gain. Interestingly enough, this is the closest I have seen a writer, with enough knowledge to have a pretty good understanding of how things are, attempt to state that there are no differences between either of the political parties. I hope you will take the time to read this. It might hurt some though.

“What priorities will the ruling class’s notion of scientific truth dictate to the next Democratic administration? Because rejecting that true and false, right and wrong are objectively ascertainable is part of this class’s DNA, no corpus of fact or canon of reason restrains it or defines its end-point. Its definition of “science” is neither more nor less than what “scientists say” at any given time. In practice, that means “Science R-Us,” now and always, exclusively. Thus has come to pass what President Dwight Eisenhower warned against in his 1960 Farewell address: “A steadily increasing share [of science] is conducted for, by, or at the direction of, the Federal government.… [T]he free university, historically the fountainhead of free ideas and scientific discovery, has experienced a revolution…a government contract becomes virtually a substitute for intellectual curiosity.” Hence, said Ike, “The prospect of domination of the nation’s scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present—and is gravely to be regarded.” The result has been that academics rise through government grants while the government exercises power by claiming to act on science’s behalf. If you don’t bow to the authority of the power that says what is and is not so, you are an obscurantist or worse.”<<<Read More>>>


Howie Carr Is Deplorable

What tiny bit of respect I had for Howie Carr, the two-faced, spiteful, hypocrite, disappeared the day I read one of his ignorant diatribes about how all hunters were lazy drunks. So, I guess one turn deserves another.

Carr was responding to comments made by insane Hillary when she called supporters of insane Trump, deplorable. His responses show his ignorance and lack of understanding of most of what he says. Attempting to be clever, he steals his approach from comedian Jeff Foxworthy’s “You might be a redneck if..” routine. Carr says you might be “deplorable if…”

Carr’s ignorance is representative of the right/left false paradigm that this entire country is insanely mired in. For instance, Carr says you might be deplorable if you stand for the National Anthem – of course intimating that if you don’t stand, exercising your right to free speech, you’re a supporter of insane Hillary. If you are “deplorable,” you support insane Trump. This, like so many other fake “conservatives” who don’t know which end is bored, shows the intolerant side they spend so much time dumping on the left about. They are all too stupid to even suspect anything about a person’s rights and how to exercise them.

The radio host also claims that if you say Merry Christmas, you are deplorable. Does that mean, in this man’s tiny little brain, that if you don’t say Merry Christmas, you automatically become an insane-Hillary supporter? What of the non Christians? Are fake rightists supposed to shit on anyone who ain’t a Christian that doesn’t celebrates Christmas? And what of those of us who understand that the Christmas holiday celebrated around the world is a pagan event rooted in the evil of Satan. I must be an insane-Hillary supporter then.

We also are told that if you are willing to show an ID before you vote, you are deplorable. Why should we have to show an ID? Why should we have to have a driver’s license, a birth certificate, an ID card, a Social Security card, a Medicare card, etc.? The only reason for having them is in order for centralized government to track us, tax us, and own us, like livestock – chattle. Maybe there are many non Hillary supporters and non Trump supporters who value real rights and freedom more than participating in the idiotic left/right model, but people like Howie Carr are full participants. To him those that aren’t are worth a spit in the middle of the sidewalk.

His idiocy continues. It’s nauseating. He’s nauseating. It’s not so much of what he says but what he implies. It is unfortunate, but expected from an insane person like Hillary, the murderer, Clinton to say rotten nasty things about other people. She hates herself, and justly she should, and thus she hates everyone else. Obama is the master at vial, divisive filth that pours from his mouth. And I understand the bigger point of what Carr is attempting to do. The problem is, he, like millions and millions of others, are clueless. They do not understand their own servitude to the masters of deception, the cheaters, the thieves, the murderers. These rulers of dark places created the fake left/right standard. You accepted it and cemented it firmly into our culture. Now it’s all you know. You are bound and chained by it. There is nothing else that exists to you that isn’t left or right. And you can’t see it. You don’t want to see it. You love your servitude and the hate these evil rulers have caused, you to be a part of.

Come out of her!

While most readers will find entertainment in the tit for tat that Howie Carr embellishes, few understand what is really going on.



Dobbs Gets a Bit Carried Away

I wonder. Matthew 24: 23,24 says: “Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there, believe it not.

For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders, so that if it were possible, they should deceive the very elect. (1599 Geneva Bible)

Trump is a man, nothing more. I’m not even suggesting he is a false Christ or false prophet. He is just a man.

Fox News anchor, Lou Dobbs, says that Trump is the only person big enough to take on the “rigged system” in Washington, that he is big enough to stand up to the Media Giants that control the media. He is wrong on both accounts. He either lacks understanding of the “rigged system” and surely would he put down the media conglomerate of which he willingly partakes and receives compensation from? Only if he is an idiot.

Dobbs says that “Trumpence” has completely changed the political and campaign establishment all by himself. If it were only that easy.

Make no mistake about the fact that Trump could never “take on the rigged system” of politics in Washington, D.C. and live. Nobody else has ever been successful, even when taking on one or two sacred cows, i.e. ridding the nation of Federal Reserve Notes, ending a Ruling Establishment sanctioned war, to name only two. Or how about the many that have gone before who “knew too much?”

Believe what you will….you will anyway. It may prove so in the end, but if Trump were the great “rogue” leader that this country is looking for, as Mr. Dobbs points out, and he lives, he will be no different than any of the rest of those who came before him. That’s the real power at work. Rhetoric and talking points, that have no meaning in the actual scheme of things, is what drives campaigns. When’s the last time you remember some great campaigner promising anything that resulted the way it was promised?

The same Power that decides who will be president is the same Power that controls the media, of which Dobbs is a part of. All the powers and connected at the head. He still has his job and so he is a willing participant of the controlled opposition which is Fox News. Donald Trump and all his men and horses couldn’t hold a candle to the power of the Media, no more than he could change the power structure of the “rigged system” that controls Washington.

Trumpence, like Obama, like Bush, Like Clinton, like Reagan and all those who came before, tell you and I what we want to hear. They know we are willing participants of the false paradigm of left and right. The know what to say and when to say it. They know how you will act and react. They trained you from birth. You are their slave. They know your false vote doesn’t matter – a vote that you have been taught matters. They are too powerful and control too much.

I hope readers saw the picture and caption I posted the other day from Mark Twain. The caption read, “If voting made any difference, they wouldn’t let us do it.” We all laugh because Twain is a humorist. Whether he actually knew this or not, I don’t know. But, it is so true. We’ve been conditioned to believe otherwise.

When a news anchor, it matters not who they are because they have a captured audience, tells us to look over here or look over there, there is someone, a gOD mAN or a gOD wOMAN, a true leader, a patriot, a person the world is waiting for, I would take the advice in Matthew 24 and go the other way.


Hillary Might Drop Dead

Consider the possibilities!

It must first be understood that there is absolutely nothing connected with United States politics and Central Government, directly or indirectly, that can be trusted. If you do trust them, you are a fool. None of us has any idea what is really going on with Hillary Clinton, her health or otherwise, if anything at all. As a matter of fact, once you take the time to forensically examine every tiny aspect of the fraud, constantly perpetuated on the people by Government and the Ruling Establishment, the corruption is so extremely embedded into the system, we can’t even have a semblance of trust that any of the images we see of Hillary are actually her. For sure, nothing repeated by the media, including much of the so-called “Alternative Media,” which is nothing more than a reflection of the efforts of Mainstream Media, propagandizing and brainwashing, is believable or should be believed. You have to have knowledge of who actually runs all media and what their intentions are with it.

I first glimpsed a video yesterday that so cleanly and neatly depicts someone, supposedly Hillary Clinton, back to the camera, standing at the curb waiting a limousine. The video was said to be the work of one Zdenek Gazda, a self-proclaimed person who loves to take photographs. Here’s the 20-second video that I saw. I have not seen, nor do I care to see, any other videos. I don’t waste my time on such nonsense.

Immediately I had my doubts about the authenticity of this video, because: 1. It appears staged. 2. The video was obviously taken from a camera on a solid mount, i.e. tripod? Who has time to “grab a video” to set up a camera on a tripod and why aren’t there throngs of other people mobbing the scene? The picture doesn’t move. 3. At no time does the video show any part of the person’s face and front depicted as Hillary. 4. It’s just too conveniently clean. 5. The hair on this woman is not an exact match to the hair Hillary sported in other photos taken during the 9/11 event. Check out these photos. 6. The hair is too neat and not at least a bit disheveled of a person who had to leave the ceremony because she was “overheated” or, later as we were told by the Mainstream Media, she is suffering from pneumonia. 7. The person in this video appears too slender to be the real Hillary.

But what do I know and what does it really matter? What does matter are two basic issues, each of which can be quite complicated.

The first issue is whether or not Hillary Clinton is this ill. More than likely we have been lied to when we were told that on Friday, Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia. Seriously? How many 68-year-old women, could or should be up on their feet and in the hot blazing sun for any length of time. But never mind that. If she is that sick, I think the American people need to know and she needs proper care.

The second issue is a real complex one that can spider-web in multiple directions, all of which would be designed to defraud and destroy the American people. If Hillary is not sick, then the Media, as I have described above, is perpetuating a myth, even to a point of staging coughing attacks, barking spasms, goofy faces, fits, and now fainting spells.

Perhaps all of this hoopla is for a reason.

Consider the mess she is in concerning just Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation and her email server. Even Hillary admits she used a private server but claims she did nothing wrong and that the FBI has cleared her of any wrongdoing.

While I fully understand that overwhelmingly nothing that Hillary has done or will do is going to change whether or not people vote for her. Those who will, would regardless of any Hillary event. It doesn’t matter if they did or did not vote for her or anyone else because people going to the polls do not determine the next president of the U.S. That has already been decided. The system is rigged and the Powers That Be, manipulate and control every aspect of the election, including the media, and the “Manchurianish” candidate gets the nod, as we witnessed Barack Obama get “elected” – wink-wink.

Perhaps the Powers have determined, after the fact, that Hillary is just too toxic. In other words, they don’t want her. And, what if they don’t want Trump either. What’s the best way to get rid of Hillary’s problems of toxicity and possible pending charges and imprisonment(?).

She drops dead or “They” kill her.

To establish herself as some sort of iconic martyrdom, why not have one of these fits in say the last debate planned between her and Donald Trump…or maybe sooner. The entire event is staged. Hillary collapses and “dies.” She is now worshiped even more by the brain dead masses, any notion of further investigations into the Clinton Foundation or her email or anything else that hasn’t been brought out yet – I’m thinking those promised releases from Snowden – will be dropped and forgotten, except for the scoffed at and demonized “conspiracy theorists.”

After her “death” she is whisked away into a secluded-from-public remainder of her life.

Then what?

Because Hillary has “died,” Obama, with the 100% commitment of Congress, will suspend the election. Most likely, due to time constraints, Congress will have to ensure Obama remains in office for an undetermined amount of time.

From this point forward, I’ll let you consider the possibilities. I assure you they would NOT be good. They are not intended to be good.

Or….maybe she is receiving the Poisoned Cup?

Whacked? Perhaps, but the stage is all set.



Maine U.S. House Candidate Doesn’t Know Constitution or History

Where’s John Kerry and his fake photo of bird hunting, when he was a presidential candidate, when you need it?


Ah, but we don’t need this photo. We got this one instead.


It makes you wonder who advises these blood-sucking, lying, cheating politicians? 

Fortunately for America, so far, history has shown that any time a political candidate, not only stands up in opposition to the Second Amendment, but does something bone-headed like pose for a fake “hunting” photograph, while at the same time telling people stuff about the Constitution, our right to bear arms, and lying about our “right to hunt,” that ain’t true, they get embarrassed in defeat at the polls.

My God they will never learn. Perhaps they believe that the majority of voters are as stupid as they are. Fortunately, there are still a few who know better.

Annie! Before you get your gun, GET A CLUE!


Media Nonsense



Life’s a Bitch and Then We Elect One….Maybe