December 6, 2019

All Eyes on Trump at NRA Convention

The National Rifle Association didn’t surprise many attendees in Louisville, Kentucky with their endorsement of presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Pro-Trump shirts, hats and stickers worn by the NRA members in attendance left little doubt who their selection would be. Others, sporting shirts supporting “Hillary for Prison on 2016” left little doubt how they feel about his likely opponent.

The NRA’s Annual Meeting & Exhibits is normally the time when Second Amendment supporting members get together to celebrate all things firearms-related in a relaxed atmosphere. But this year’s presidential campaign seemed to have put an extra element of urgency in everything: from the rush of attendees buying the latest-and-greatest in accessories and gear to constant reminders that Trump has already done something significant- forcing the normally shifty Clinton campaign to take irrefutable anti-gun stands.

His constant characterizations of Clinton as “crooked Hillary” resonated with the NRA faithful and those responses seemed to add further steam to the Trump team in attendance.

Source: NRAAM Wraps Up Busy Sessions : The Outdoor Wire


A Rigged Election?

Donald Trump claims the Republican Primary event is rigged. I wonder who gave him permission to say that? Of course it’s rigged. The Two Party system is designed to be that way. It ensures that the Ruling Establishment will get THEIR lackey into the White House. Anyone who participates in this charade is an enabler. Trump, like Cruz, Kaisich, Clinton and Sanders are all “riggers.” Should one actually dare to expose and oppose the rigged system, they would soon be DEAD!



Trump Enabling the False Prophet


Because Bernie Gives Away Free Stuff



Cherry-Picking The Vetting

By the way, “Vetting” is a PLANNED and CONTROLLED event! No, really!



Why We’re Ready to Rumble…But They Still Don’t Get it

Then the GOPe foisted Bush 41 on us and we voted for him, because he was the lesser of two evils and he gave us, for one, the first Affirmative Action General, one Colin Powell, who pussyfooted around during the peace treaty with Saddam, thus making sure that we’d have to go back later and finish the job (and verifying what Patton said in 1945). Two, he is a New World Order clown and started the trend to sell our sovereignty to the highest bidder. Three, by his lackadaisical campaigning he basically threw the election to a stupid ass redneck rapist and his lesbian hag. Had he been aggressive, the Rapist and Perot would have gone the way of the Dodo bird.




Behold, He is in the Desert

*Editor’s Note* – Yes, they are ALL in it together. There is NO difference between a republican in Washington and a democrat in Washington. The question is, is Trump really an outsider? Trump is big banking, and yet, pundits are quick to point out that “NY bankers own both sides of the aisle.” Somehow Trump remains an “outsider?”

When I was a young boy, God had given me enough wisdom and independent thought to question why, as was prophesied in the Bible, that when we were told that Jesus was here, there and everywhere, that we should go see him, not to go because He would not be there. We would be lied to. It was one of God’s many ways of warning us to dispel the words of man and not worship the man-god. Have no trust in man-made creations.

It made little sense to me that people would willingly run to the desert, or to the hills, to the Vatican or Los Angeles because somebody said Jesus was there. He told us how he would come the next time, and yet…..

But now that I am living those times, it is an easy thing to see how people want so much to cling to the words of any man-god regardless as to whether those words are based on Truth. They want. They grasp at the corruption and dishonesty of a man, who promises more corruption and dishonesty, and scoff at the only Power that can set them free. Amazing!

God promised, “The Lord is my Shepherd. I shall not WANT.”

One might wonder if the author is part of the controlled opposition, placed strategically to ensure the destruction he predicts; a destruction promoted by hatred and calls for civil war. Is this just someone telling us where we can find help? Are we to listen?

The truth is these career Republicans like things as they are. It isn’t that Trump is not a conservative, the problem is he is an outsider. These career Republicans want the status quo and no outsider to upset the apple-cart. Behind the curtain, make no mistake about it; THEY PREFER HILLARY TO TRUMP. Why? Because Hillary is one of “them” and will never upset the elite status of Washington politicians. She too is owned by the bankers just as Cruz’s wife works at Goldman Sachs. The NY bankers own both sides of the aisle.

Source: Armstrong Economics


What The Candidates Have to Offer








Christie in N.H.: ‘For all of you who want bobcats killed, I’m your guy’

*Editor’s Note* – If Christie answering a question about whether he would support a proposed hunting/trapping season to cull 50 bobcats isn’t bad enough, consider that some person(s) had nothing more important to ask. It reveals the extent of the animal perversion in this psychopathic society in which we now live.

“I now have a firm position: I am for hunting bobcats,” said Christie, adding that he realized the woman who questioned him Monday wouldn’t like that answer. “A little research, and one vote lost,” he said.

“For all of you who want bobcats killed, I’m your guy,” he said, joking that other candidates have yet to take a position on the issue.

Source: Christie in N.H.: ‘For all of you who want bobcats killed, I’m your guy’ – The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram


Is “Bern” on the “List?”