December 3, 2022

Meet the Coywolf

The ignorance on display in this video, comes from two, very young, fully indoctrinated biologists who believe that coywolves inhabiting New York’s Central Park or anyplace in the cities and towns where numerous people live, is a wonderful thing.

Spoken very little of, is the potential danger these animals pose to the public, saying that, while we shouldn’t make friends with the wild canines, we should “make them uncomfortable” to be around humans. Nothing was spoken of the near 50 diseases these filthy critters can carry and spread, and that is, not only a shame, but is irresponsibility bred on ignorance and idealistic Romance Biology and VooDoo Science.


Dead Bear in Central Park. People More Distraught Than If It Was a Human

“When we got closer we spotted the head of a dead animal on the back wheel of the bike,” she said. “I saw its eyes and I thought it was a dead raccoon and then I thought it was a dead dog. I didn’t go too close but I think the mouth was open and bloody. It’s very upsetting”

“It’s shocking,” said Upper West Sider, Shelly Friedman, 56. “I walk around that path every day. I don’t ever think about finding a bear in Central Park. It’s mind-boggling.”<<<Read More>>>