January 28, 2023

Outdoors in Maine: No more chocolate for Yogi

*Editor’s Note* – The emboldened words and phrases below, I added. I’m not an expert on bear baiting and don’t really know how banning chocolate will effect the process, but do scientists really have a grasp on the effects of theobromine on bears? Or is this just a placating law, that will be difficult, to impossible, to enforce, as an incremental step toward the complete ban of baiting bears?

There has been discussion for quite some time now about chocolate eating bears and most information available is based on possibilities. Perhaps it’s akin to when Cyclimates were banned as an artificial sweetener after it was believed that if a person drank the equivalent of a 20-acres pond full of Cyclimates, it might cause cancer.

It seems that processed chocolate, including the kind we eat, contains theobromine, which officials say can be toxic to bears and other wild animals. Apparently a bear in Michigan and, reportedly in New Hampshire, died from eating too much chocolate at a bait site.

Source: Outdoors in Maine: No more chocolate for Yogi | Sun Journal






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New Hampshire’s proposal to ban all chocolate as hunting bait after four bears died last year has stirred intense debate between hunters who say the ban is an overreaction and those who say the risk of chocolate poisoning is too great.<<<Read More>>>


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Death By Chocolate

It appears as though wildlife officials are discovering that bear baiting sites that use mostly chocolate and chocolate candy bars as bait, may cause the death of bears due to an overdose of theobromine, a naturally occurring toxin found in cocoa.

The Bangor Daily News has a story of four bears found dead in New Hampshire and that changes would probably be forthcoming to mitigate this problem.