February 5, 2023

Coyote Pack and Sleepless Nights

Of course it’s definitely springtime in Florida. Daytime highs have been in the 80s and nights cool to the upper 60s. This means sleeping with the windows open and sometimes a fan. It’s also pollen season and it’s kicking me in the butt. I try not to run the fan for that reason. Probably I should close up the house and turn on the AC but I’m afraid Algore wouldn’t approve of that.

Last night was a fanless night and without a fan there’s little to drown out the other outdoor noises. I live in a unique place in that I am perhaps a quarter mile from what is considered the city center and yet to my north is a large wooded area, including about 5 or 6 acres of field. Across the street to the west are a couple of large, by city standards, farms with cattle, horses, llamas, alpacas, chickens and there must be a rooster as I occasionally hear his call.

It’s the wooded area to the north where the pack of coyotes live. The den cannot be far away as I can hear, mostly at night, when the adult dogs bring home something to eat and the pups, who by the sounds are getting quite big, yelp, bark and howl at being treated. This happened several times during last night. In addition, each time fire and rescue or police sirens sounded, and last night it seemed a lot, the pack would howl and yap and yelp! What a pain!

I’m guessing by listening, there must be at least 4 or 5 pups, possibly more.

Tom Remington


Coyotes Keep Me Awake Nights……….Here in the City

My official residence is in a small city in Florida. The population of this city is around 70,000, sitting nearly smack dab in the center of Pinellas County, which has a year-round population of just under a million. During this time of year, migration of the snowbirds, the population grows considerably – some estimates say it nearly doubles.

My problem is coyotes. I live adjacent to a parcel of land owned by the city that is perhaps 20 acres in size. There is a small park on one side and another place near me that is home to a club of radio-controlled airplane fliers. It’s also the home to a pack of coyotes, which by the sounds now number around 6 or 8.

One of the major differences in living with coyotes in the city versus the country, is here sirens from emergency and rescue vehicles are blasting near and distant very often during the night. Once the sirens begin, the howls and yapping commences until all members are participating in a frenzy of yips, howls and yaps.

I’ve had to resort to running a fan during the night to help drown out the noises so I can get some uninterrupted sleep.

Couldn’t happen to a better person. (Insert smiley here.)

Tom Remington