October 2, 2023

Producing Food Violates Clean Air Act?

These jackasses deserve to live in a world without food, then they will say–well gee, producing food is good, and sometimes it produces things like dust.

Sure American food production causes a net increase in some air borne things. That’s called human activity. The 3rd world would like to say–thanks.

These guys want the world to be like a big museum with no living people in it.<<<Read More>>>


If Saving The Environment Were Real

In my opinion, there exists two paradigms concerning the environment and environMENTALism. There’s the apocryphal myth that the actual movement of environmentalism is about protecting resources, clean air and water, etc. This comprises the overwhelming and shallow debates about the environment as if it mattered.

And then there’s the real intent of environmentalism, which, in one word, is control.

If you subscribe to the divisive, right/left, conservative/liberal mantra about what environmentalism is, then you probably would appreciate the article written by Roger Scruton, the Imaginative Conservative.