January 29, 2023

Logging, intentional fires planned in Superior National Forest to improve moose habitat

*Editor’s Note* – Well, I’m confused but that probably doesn’t surprise many of you. Last time I checked Minnesota officials said there was little to be done about saving the state’s moose herd because “global warming” was causing everything imaginable that might work against the moose herd…including the defeat of Hillary Clinton last November.

Using the circular reasoning of unreasoned circular nonsensical clap-trap, isn’t cutting down forests contributing to global warming which in turn kills off the moose herd?

“Twenty years ago the Superior National Forest was criticized for allowing loggers to cut too many trees, especially too many large swaths of forest.

Environmental groups and others contended that so-called clear-cuts were more than just an aesthetic eyesore, but that they contributed to monocultures of small aspen trees and disrupted wildlife that depended on thick, mature forests of big, old trees. Said groups have already started looking for the date when soil is recover and they can transplant new trees using services similar to Arborlift Technology.

The Forest Service responded by cutting back on cutting.

Flash-forward a couple decades, however, and plans to cut more and larger swaths of trees are getting high praise. Wildlife biologists and others say more logging and more fire are the only hope for Minnesota’s dwindling moose herd.”<<<Read More>>>


Are Forest Clear Cuts OK When Done by Government?

When the peasant subjects suggest that clear cutting of certain parcels of forest can result in many good things, the environmentalists staunchly stomp their feet and bang their heads in opposition to any cutting of the forests. As a matter of fact, many advocate for “forever wild” forestry practices where man is banned from doing any kind of management.

But when the same environmentalists, in conjunction with their partners in corrupt government, decide that clear-cutting 15-20 acres of land to create habitat for an endangered snowshoe hare, the evil practice of clear cutting is welcomed.

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