March 22, 2017

Climate Change Narrative of Convenience

There’s money in research. There’s no money in finding cures or answers. I laughed yesterday listening the fake Speaker of the House talking fake stuff about the Congressional Budget and the fake process taken by the fake Congress to lie, cheat and steal, being careful to appropriate enough money to pay off the lying, cheating […]

Climate Change: We’re All Gonna Die! Or Maybe Not

It’s unending all the nonsense about the negative B.S. about fake climate change. What’s interesting, but impossible to see if you subscribe to global warming, is that not only is all the predictions that have been made not come true but that during this same period, and predictions for the future, the contradictions are laughable. […]

Can We Stop the “Social Justice” of Wildlife Management?

Over the past few years, I have made many an utterance condemning the idiotic “social justice” approach to wildlife management. Perhaps if deer, bear, moose, loons, piping plovers, and all other animals, could sit down to a cup of coffee and “tell us how they really feel.” The job of providing for their welfare would […]

We’re All Gonna Die! Or Maybe Just the Canada Lynx

But never fear the Climate-Changemongers are doing the best they can to earn money and retire with cushy pensions. I read recently that a former employee of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, Mark McCollough, who went to work for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and has since been protected by his […]

Dr Fred Goldberg Squashes Climate Alarmism

Sen. Merkley as Ignorant as Rep. Johnson

In March of 2010, Rep. Hank Johnson, expressed fear that if the U.S. sent 8,000 Marines to the island of Guam, it would tip over and possibly sink. This unbelievable assessment by Johnson is not much different than what Sen. Jeff Merkley presents in his questioning of the nomination by Trump of Rex Tillerson as […]

Increased Talk (Fear Mongering) About Putting Chemicals in Our Sky

Anyone with a brain knows that for many, many years, the U.S. Government Corporation has been filling the atmosphere above us with chemicals for various reason – the majority of which is to kill us. When we combine that fact with the knowledge of how the U.S. Government Corporation and other world governments and leaders, […]

Scrooged! Fewer Presents From Santa Due to Global Warming

The nutty world has fallen just shy of declaring a reduction in penis sizes due to global warming, by trumping up some lame story about how the fake phenomenon has reduced the size of reindeer. And you pagan worshipers should be able to figure out that smaller reindeer means fewer presents the fat, perverted elf […]

Executive Order — Safeguarding the Nation from the Impacts of Invasive Species

*Editor’s Note* – As I see it, readers can view this Executive Order amendment one of two ways. 1.) As a better means of addressing concerns over so-called “invasive species,” or 2.) as a stronger means in which the Federal Government can control the people and their properties under the guise of so-called “invasive species” […]

NOAA Claims Record Heat, Even Without Thermometers

NOAA claimed record heat in numerous locations is September, like these ones in Africa and the Middle East. This is a remarkable feat, given that they don’t have any actual thermometers in those regions. In fact, NOAA doesn’t have any thermometers on about half of the land surface.<<<Read More>>>