December 16, 2018

Just How Cold Is It?


Maine Wardens Warn About Protecting Your Beer While Ice Fishing/Drinking

If it was April 1st, I would think this would be a funny story. However, in this day and age, I am surprised to see this sort of thing published. I still wonder if it is some kind of a joke.

“No one loves anything more than a frosty cold one when ice fishing,” Warden Travis Smith said. “However, people need to be aware, when the temperatures are this cold, beer can freeze up on you and burst quicker than you might think.”

That could mean an entire day is ruined.

“You bring a 30 rack to the ice and before you know it, you’ve lost 15, 16 beers, and you’ve still got a whole day of fishing ahead of you,” Smith said.

“I’ve seen it happen too often,” he said, visibly upset. “No one wants to run out of beer before noon.”<<<Read More>>>


Global Warming?

Man, right about now there’s certainly a lot of people wishing and wanting for lots of that global warming. This is a snapshot of the current conditions in Farmingdale, Maine (south central part of state). Tonight, the forecast calls for temperatures to dip down approaching -30 degrees F.