March 30, 2017

Damn That Global Warming

Global Warming Illogical Logic

Deer Season in Northeast Ends on Tough Note

“The early arrival of winter has certainly made for an interesting end to big game seasons. The snow caused deer to yard up already in some areas, and guys I have talked to have seen very little movement over the past couple of weeks.”

NASA Will CREATE Coldest Spot on Earth

The technology, which would allow such experiments, includes an atom chip with on-window wires that enable simultaneous magnetic trapping and optical manipulation, in addition to compound silicon and glass substrate technology that leads to both magnetic and optical control of ultra-cold atoms. The Cold Atom Lab, which actually is designed “for use by multiple investigators” […]

Maine is……..BRRRRRR!

Frigid winds blowing frigid snows from the frigid hillside. Milt Inman Photo

So Cold Fish Frozen in Place

I can’t say I ever remember seeing this unbelievable phenomenon happening before, but I’m guessing it probably has. Evidently it got so cold so quickly that these fish were frozen in place as they swam.

You Don’t Mind If I Bed Down Here In Your Back Yard, Do You?

While shoveling the snow off the backside of his roof, an Alaska resident discovers a moose had bedded down in his back yard. Photo by Al Remington

Alaska – Cold and Snowy. More Than Normal?

Below are some photographs depicting some of the cold and snow in the Anchorage area. Last week I received one report that Valdez, Alaska, a coastal town of just over 4,000 people that sits east of Anchorage, currently has 321 inches of snow. Make no mistake about it, that’s a lot of snow. However, according […]