March 22, 2017

There is No Difference

Or is there?

Brady Campaign’s Lies About Toddlers and Guns, and Hillary Says “Heller” Was About Toddlers

Do you recall the Humphrey Bogart movie, Casablanca? In that movie is a scene in which German soldiers demand that Rick’s Cafe be closed down. In Rick’s, in a back room, gambling takes place. Rick makes sure that the head of the prefecture gets his share of gambling money. During the scene in which the […]

Fascism Skips Over Socialism Straight to Communism

Which fascists will you vote for?

What Slick Willy and “W” Started, Barry Finished

You figure it out. If you ain’t smart enough, you’ll just keep on doing what you been doing. Click on Image to Enlarge

What’s Left for Earth Dwellers is Bleak

Choice Between Murder and Suicide

Using Capitalism to Promote Socialism/Communism – Make Sense?

Everything Free….With One Exception

Sanders: Communism Fair Bread Lines Good

Stupid Is As Stupid Sees