October 17, 2017

If Climate Change is “Settled Science” Why Do We Continue to Research?

That’s essentially what Joe Bastardi says in his contribution opinion piece to the Patriot Post, suggesting that Congress should take the money budgeted for Climate Change research and give it to cover the costs of “preconditions” within the communist health care plans (fake) being proposed by Congress (fake).

Being that we live is a world that is 100% post normal and there is no longer any discussion about why in hell are we being robbed of the money we work our asses off for so that Congress can continue to pay Big Corporations and Big Pharma and suggest levying more taxes to cover fake things that the fat cats don’t want to pay for?

How about this suggestion for all you communist/socialists who LOVE your damned servitude – LET’S DEFUND CONGRESS AND SEND THEM ALL TO HELL!!


Wisconsin Politicians Send Letter to Congress Seeking Wolf Delisting

The Time is Now

Submitted by: Senator Tom Tiffany and Representative Adam Jarchow [Wisconsin]

With the election cycle coming to an end, it is time for Congress to tackle the looming gray wolf problem in the Great Lakes states.  To put it plainly, the federal government has failed residents of the Great Lakes region on this issue and it is time to come together to delist the wolf from the endangered species list once and for all. Senator Ron Johnson and Congress Reid Ribble introduced the State Wolf Population Management Bill (S.2281) with language removing the gray wolf from the Endangered Species List in Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Wyoming. This language has also been added to the Senate version of the North American Energy Security and Infrastructure Act of 2016. We feel this language should be passed as soon as possible to return wolf management back to the states.

It is now time for Senator Tammy Baldwin to step forward and offer leadership on the Democratic-side of the aisle just as Senator John Tester (D-MT) did out west.  We understand this is an uncomfortable issue for Senator Baldwin because of her home in Madison.  However, she was elected to represent the entire state, and we encourage her to take a bold step to heed the will of the people who are most affected by the runaway wolf population–rural Wisconsinites.

Nearly 200 concerned citizens attended the Great Lakes Wolf Summit held in Cumberland in September and proved that delisting of the grey wolf is a bi-partisan issue. While we can all agree that the wolf has a place on the landscape, Wisconsin should not be a wolf sanctuary. Senator Baldwin has the opportunity to help reduce the number of tragic losses of family pets and livestock lost to an out-of-control wolf population in Wisconsin. In the past, Wisconsin has proven to be capable of managing our wolf population and now is the time to return control to the states.


Everyone Shits On Congress But Nobody Seems to Recognize Who Congress Is…Or Something

Congress “got something done!” Whooptie bison dung! I recall a United States Senator from Maine once saying that she was sent to Washington by the Maine people to “make laws and pass them.” It showed her ignorance along with her perception of her power OVER THE PEOPLE. Anyone would be a hero if they pledged to go to Washington and repeal ALL THE LAWS.

Congress has a dismal approval rating and a trustworthiness that’s probably in the negative numbers by now. It’s easy to disapprove of Congress and say terrible things about them. Even the brain dead, crooked members of the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House shit on “Congress” as though they were something foreign. But, it appears nobody knows who Congress really is. They must be invisible.

Remember when the Kabuki Theater of the campaign to elect (wink, wink) a candidate from each of the two PRIVATE PARTIES, democrats and republicans, began? All in the Democrat party were current or former members of Congress. Nearly all of the Republicans the same thing. Those “outsiders” have or soon became connected insiders.

Everyone shits on “Congress” because “they can’t get anything done.” Well, no more! The Patriot Retort claims that Congress really dug in and accomplished something really vital to the future of this nation – voted to make the American Bison the official National Mammal. “I look forward to hearing all of the ways making the bison the national mammal of the United States has impacted your life. I’m sure it’s significant.” 

Now the American people are united once again…well, not really. But that damned “Congress!” They can’t be trusted – none of them. But I think I really like someone like Hillary Clinton or Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders and John Kaisich to turn this country around. I know they can do it this time. GEE WHIZ!

Even these professional liars, with straight faces, stand before the public and shit on Congress, telling of their awful failures. And the people BELIEVE! Chase me off a cliff or something. That’s where everyone else is going and I don’t want to miss out.

This morning I received an email about all the “Muslim” things that have “suddenly” happened in this country since Barack Obama became president. While the email didn’t come right out and say that this all happened since the “Muslim” Obama became president, it was intended.

Presenting the sudden influx of everything Islam into the country as “something that never happened before” Obama, can we then expect that if Donald Trump is elected (wink, wink) president all national parks will be sold for the good of the taxpayers and they will be dotted with Trump Towers and golf courses? Naw! He’s an “outsider.” He’ll not be like them losers in Congress.

Congress is what Congress is told what to be. It’s time Americans learned this. But they won’t. Instead, they would prefer to believe what members of Congress tell them that Congress can’t get anything done. “IF YOU VOTE FOR ME I WILL GO TO WASHINGTON AND……” do the exact same thing I am now.

Time to go wallow in some bison dung! You’ll feel and smell better.



Your Tax Dollars Are Working Quite Well

This is an example of YOUR tax dollars at work. But not just on the surface of what you can see in this video. YOUR tax dollars were at work long before this event. You can witness that because of a robotic, non-thinking, incompetent, programmed dupe representing the Department of Homeland Security. You can also witness it by the lying bastards, members of Congress, who already know the answers to the questions they are asking this woman because they created the problem to begin with.

Yes, YOUR tax dollars at work and evidently YOU like the results because YOU are doing nothing about it.


“Fighting for the U.S.Cattle Producer” – To Know Where Your Food Comes From

A Press Release from the R-CALF United Stockgrowers of America:

Billings, Mont. – Although their deadline for completing and passing the nation’s fiscal year 2016 spending bill expired 79 days ago, today both houses of Congress cheered as the President signed their $1.1 trillion measure, which will now cover only nine and one-half months, the time remaining in the 2016 fiscal year.

By wide margins – 318-109 in the House and 65-33 in the Senate – the dilatory Congress passed the massive spending bill knowing full well that within the dark reaches of its more than 2000 pages was a provision that had nothing to do with government spending but everything to do withsatisfying multinational campaign contributors.

Section 759 of the spending bill strips U.S. citizens of their right to know the origins of their food, specifically the origins of the beef and pork and ground beef and ground pork that hundreds of millions of consumers purchase at retail grocery stores for themselves and their families. The U.S. law that mandated the labeling of beef and pork with country of origin labels was implemented in 2009 and is known as the U.S. country-of-origin labeling (COOL) law.

Congress did this and the President concurred without any congressional debate, let alone public debate. Section 759 was cemented into the massive spending bill behind closed doors.

According to R-CALF USA, this was Congress’ and the President’s gift to a handful of multinational meatpackers that want to expand the list of countries from which they currently source their beef to sell to unsuspecting U.S. consumers. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) reports that the current list of beef sources includes 15 countries.

“Those meatpackers are having difficulty marketing beef in the U.S. market from countries such as Honduras, Nicaragua, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Canada at prices that satisfy their shareholders. This is because our COOL law empowered consumers to differentiate United States-produced beef from the beef imported from less developed countries,” said R-CALF USA CEO Bill Bullard.

Bullard said the multinational meatpackers first tried to repeal the COOL law in Congress in 2008 but was unsuccessful because the issue was then subject to the democratic process of open debate. In 2013 the meatpackers tried again to repeal COOL but this time in the U.S. judicial system. They filed a complaint in a U.S. district court and subsequently appealed their case to a U.S. court of appeals. The district and appellate courts soundly rejected the meatpackers’ claims that COOL violated their rights.

“But the meatpackers enlisted the help of the governments of Canada and Mexico to bring their grievance against COOL to the World Trade Organization (WTO), which was more than happy to help them deprive U.S. citizens of their right to know where their food was produced,” Bullard remarked.

Bullard said the WTO was poised to authorize Canada and Mexico to impose retaliatory tariffs in the amount of just over $1 billion if the United States did not capitulate to the meatpackers’ demand that COOL be repealed or take the next step.

“The next step in the process was for the President to direct his cabinet members to engage in diplomatic negotiations with Canada and Mexico to resolve their parochial concerns with our COOL law before any retaliatory tariffs could be implemented, but the President and his cabinet remained indifferent to the potential loss of the right of U.S. citizens to know the origins of their food,” Bullard explained.

“Now the Congress and the President have foreclosed any opportunity to preserve our COOL law through diplomatic channels when together they gifted the repeal of COOL to the multinational meatpackers in the 2016 spending bill,” Bullard concluded.


RMEF: Supports Congress on Conservation Funding, More Work to Do

*Editor’s Commentary* – One of the major problems that exist in the corrupt Congress, and all of Washington, D.C. for that matter, is this act of baiting and bribing people to vote on a bill that may or may not be worthwhile. It’s extortion! This is WRONG on all levels. Is it really in the best interest of everyone to vote for an “omnibus” bill because it has funding for pet projects? In my opinion it is not. By promoting such an act, as we see below, the message we are sending the crooked bastards in Washington is that we approve of their corrupt tactics because we want someone else money for pet projects. 

I’m not, necessarily, picking on the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. This utter nonsense, rife with corruption and insider trading for the benefit of political agendas and personal gain, is an act that should never be allowed. Most people are willfully blinded by this act and refuse to understand that the same evil pieces of camel dung that utilize this corrupt method of governing and stealing tax dollars, are the ones who refuse to change the law. Why is that?

I understand the RMEF’s enthusiasm for supporting these riders placed on an omnibus budget bill, a bill necessary because the dysfunctional, criminal Congress can’t do the job they are being paid way too much money to do. But at what expense(monetarily and political corruption)?

During the days of Mob rule, anybody who wanted to remain in business had to pay the Mob a percentage of their money and assets. Is there really any difference between then and what Congress is doing now? They pad the bill, i.e. entice people with their own tax dollars they are going to steal, for your vote.

These bastards can’t pass a functional operating budget (hell, they can’t even obey their own laws they pass). Why, then, should we hand them a big stamp of approval by encouraging corruption? Doesn’t anybody understand what’s going on? Doesn’t anybody care?

If you vote for or promote this continued action, then you really are no less corrupt then the blind mice of Congress.

(Note) – If readers will recall the rider attached to an omnibus bill that resulted in the delisting of wolves in Idaho and Montana, I did not support for many reasons. However, the major reason was because I was not willing to support a corrupt budget bill.

Press Release from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation:

MISSOULA, Mont.—The Rocky Mountain Foundation calls on the full Congress to vote in favor of critical conservation and sportsmen issues just approved by Congressional leadership in the latest omnibus budget agreement.

The legislation, which is mandatory to avoid a government shutdown, reauthorized the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) through 2018. It also permanently authorized an incentive toward the creation of conservation easements on privately owned land which will assist farmers and ranchers to permanently protect important wildlife habitat.

A bipartisan effort of western congressional leaders worked together to secure this legislation for wildlife, sportsmen and landowners; all critical elements to healthy elk country.

“We are grateful to Senators Bennet, Crapo, Daines, Gardner, Heller, Risch, Tester and Wyden as well as Representatives Simpson (Idaho) and Zinke who all had key roles in negotiating and overseeing the approval of these two extremely vital and essential conservation programs,” said David Allen, RMEF president and CEO. “We now urge RMEF members across the nation to contact their Congressional representatives to vote in favor of these issues as part of the current budget agreement vote set for Friday. And we call on the president to sign it into law.”

Congressional leaders appropriated $450 million for LWCF in FY2016, a $100 million increase from FY2015 levels. Since 1990, RMEF has utilized more than $85 million in LWCF funding across 62 projects in ten different states in partnership with federal agencies to protect, conserve and open access to some of the most vital elk country in the United States.

On the downside, Congress came up short on several fronts including permanently fixing the wildfire funding dilemma which continues to drain federal budgets, modest and much-needed forestry reform, and delisting gray wolves in Wyoming and the Great Lakes states—a common sense approach that would have ensured consistency in their management. Many view the lack of support for these two issues as negotiating chips given up in this compromise legislation.

“These issues have been and will remain priorities for RMEF and our members since they need to be addressed and are not going away anytime soon,” added Allen.


Senate, House push to remove gray wolves from endangered species list

And in typical “liberal,” biased, media coverage, this report only collects comments from those who oppose the action to insert language into an Interior Department budget bill. Perhaps the newspaper could have done some honest journalism and reported that due to the relentless, always taking and never giving of the Environmentalists, Congress is left with no other alternatives than to write law to circumvent activist judges operating within a rigged system.

The language provides for the delisting of gray wolves and prohibits the rule from ever being subjected to judicial review — which means it could never be overrruled by a future judge.

Source: Senate, House push to remove gray wolves from endangered species list – StarTribune.com


Preventing Congress from Ratifying a Flawed CSKT Water Compact

The Water Rights Compact (treaty) recently signed by the Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes, the State of Montana and the U.S. Department of Interior is a complex, first-of-its-kind agreement that will seriously impair the rights of Montana land and water rights holders, including CSKT Tribal members. The Compact also will reshape, for the worse, future water rights compacts currently being contemplated by other U.S. states and regions (including in Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Oklahoma, the Midwest and the East).

The Water Rights Compact must first be approved by Congress before it can be implemented by the Parties. This means that Congress will have the opportunity to closely examine the processes these Parties employed to enter into the Compact as well as the Compact’s specific terms, andthat Congress bears the primary legal and fiduciary responsibility for ensuring that such processes and terms, as defined and as to be applied, willnot violate federal, state and/or tribal laws and the U.S., State and Tribal constitutional rights of Montana’s citizens.

You are cordially invited to attend an exclusive meeting organized to discuss these critical issues. The meeting will be led by a team of experts who will provide an overview of these issues and potential paths forward for educating Congress about them. These experts include:

· Lawrence Kogan, The Kogan Law Group, P.C., NY, NY, an attorney specializing in international trade, regulatory and treaty law;
· Quentin Rhoades, Rhoades & Siefert, PLLC, Missoula, MT, an attorney specializing in Montana and Federal trial and appellate court litigation;
· Elaine Willman, Board Member, former Chair, Citizens Equal Rights Alliance, specialist in Indian law and policy; and
· Robert Fanning, former Republican Candidate for Governor (2012).

Given Congress’ indispensable role in reviewing the Water Compact, it has been confirmed that top aides from both congressional offices will have senior representatives in attendance.

The meeting will take place on Thursday, May 21, 2015 at 3:00 pm, at the Lexington Inn and Suites, located at 3040 King Ave W, Billings, MT 59102. Directions are provided below:

http://www.lexingtonbillings.com/ (406) 294-9090

We would be honored to have you come and listen to their presentations, and we welcome your constructive inputs.

Thank You!

Mae Woo

On behalf of Lawrence Kogan, Quentin Rhoades, Elaine Willman, Robert Fanning and Eric Olsen


Wyoming congresswoman, others press for national wolf delisting

Wyoming U.S. Rep. Cynthia Lummis and others in Congress are pushing the U.S. Department of Interior to end federal protections for wolves nationwide.
Source: Wyoming congresswoman, others press for national wolf delisting


The Courts v. Congress

What a mess the Courts have made as it may pertain to Endangered Species Act (ESA) rulings. Court interpretations of the ESA have essentially rendered the Act a useless instrument to deal scientifically with specie issues. Because of out of control Courts, it has literally taken an act of Congress to effect some sort of sanity back into reality…..or not.

In the latest issue of the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine (SAM) newsletter, Gerry Lavigne, a former Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) biologist, now works with SAM as a science adviser, wrote an article titled, Trojan Lynx.

In that article he writes: “To make matters worse, the USFWS lumped all 14 states into one recovery area, or “Distinct Population Segment” (DPS). Biologically, there are four distinct and separate lynx populations in the lower 48 states. Each of these four lynx populations extend into Canada….

“Recovery and removal of the lynx from the endangered species list depends on all four subpopulations attaining some as yet undetermined recovery standards simultaneously. What are the chances? How the USFWS chose to define the listing appears corrupt, and lacking biological integrity.

Lynx canadensis  Canada Lynx

The yellow-shaded areas show the historic range of Canada lynx throughout North America.

I’m not sure I agree totally with Lavigne’s assessment but that has little bearing on the bigger issue at hand. There was corruption all around during the Canada lynx listing process, and so we know that the choice to list the lynx was all based in political corruption and animal rights activism. Little can be done to reverse that act as history has shown government agencies and their pal environmentalists are not held accountable for any of their corrupt actions.

At this juncture, it matters not whether the USFWS listed lynx as “threatened” in one recovery area, 4 or 4,000, the Courts have decided, twice that I am aware of, that the USFWS doesn’t have authority to do that. Yesterday I explained this in an examination of Judge Beryl Howell’s recent gray wolf nonsense ruling.

Lavigne states that the only way the lynx can be taken off the list of protected species is when all lynx in all of the Lower 48 States are recovered – and we don’t know what the recovery criteria is because the USFWS has, of yet, to make that determination. (Sanity would suggest that in order to declare something “threatened” there must be some kind of data to show that and at the same time to have knowledge of what it will take to declare a species recovered. Otherwise how can such an act come about other than through corruption? But we don’t deal in normal things.)

At the present moment I think Lavigne is correct, according to the Courts. Judge Howell’s and Judge Friedman’s rulings both said that the USFWS doesn’t have authority to create a DPS for the purpose of delisting a species. And yet reality shows that they have authority to create a DPS for the purpose of listing a species. This cannot be and makes no sense at all. A complete one way street as I see it.

I almost never support the USFWS because they are agenda oriented, biased, corrupt and inept, but I do believe that part of the USFWS’s decision in listing the lynx originally as one segment in the Lower 48 States, their belief was, from past events, that they could chunk out a separate population segment and declare lynx (or any other species) within that segment recovered. The Courts have said no way.

Even though the USFWS has provided the Friedman Court an explanation of where they get authority within the ESA to create DPS and delist, and the Obama Administration drafted and entered into the Federal Register their definitions of historic range, current range and “significant portion of its range” evidently the Courts don’t want anything to do with that stuff.

The Courts have created a legal mess, destroying the ESA and rendering the functioning of the USFWS as nothing more than a government agency trying to work with both hands tied behind their backs. This all brings the solution back to Congress. As with what happened in Montana and Idaho, because the Courts are so ignorant of wildlife issues, and corrupt due to activism, then the Legislature has to do what legislatures do and that’s write more laws. When a corrupt Congress decides that the corrupt courts can’t interpret laws as they were corruptly written, then the lawmakers simply write new corrupt laws even if if means circumventing the corrupt rule of law. Make sense to you?

Lavigne asks what the chances are that lynx will be recovered simultaneously throughout 14 states. The answer is never and that is the reason why the Courts rule in favor of the environmentalists because animal protection, in their perverted minds, must be continual, and that includes no hunting, trapping and fishing. Go ahead. Keep denying it.