August 6, 2020

Reports of Connecticut Mountain Lions

“Multiple people in North Stonington claim they’ve spotted a mountain lion roaming around. However, the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) says mountain lions have not been in existence in this state for more than a century.”<<<Read More>>>



Trick or Treat Bear – No Warning for Kids?

In Middletown, Connecticut people are worried about a bear that’s been eating and smashing pumpkins, hanging out in neighborhood trees and generally milling about the area. From this report on NBC Connecticut, it sounds, by description, that there may be more than one bear taking up at least part-time residence in this central Connecticut town.

Here we are only 4 days away from Halloween, when kids by the gobs-full head out trick or treating….and no warnings being issued to parents and kids to be on the look out? Seems to me a bag full of Halloween goodies would make good fodder for a hungry bear.



N.J. Bear Attack Got Em Runnin’ Scared in Connecticut

In New Jersey, a bear attacked and killed a Rutgers University student and evidently it’s got people in Connecticut running scared out of fear it could happen to them. (Must I remind people to “look big?”) And then afterward blame it on global warming.

After reading this article at, by the standards and logic used by those who would prefer to marry a bear than kill it, this wildlife biologist should be fired for stating such nonsense.

The habitat is not shrinking, it’s expanding,” said Paul Rego, a wildlife biologist with the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

“I receive calls every day from people concerned about bears in their yards and pets attacked,” Rego said.

“As the population expands, it will include more developed parts of the state, and the probability of injuries increases as the frequency of contact increases.”(emboldening added)

Who ever heard of such a thing as expanding habitat? Such talk does nothing to promote the agendas of the predator lovers, those whose ideas about animals tip the scales to the point of perverted animal worship and preference of them over humans and human safety.

Using their logic, perhaps all that habitat should be destroyed in order to prevent the bears from being killed because they are a nuisance and a public safety concern.


Even Heavily Populated Connecticut Seeing Problem Bears

“Over the past 12 months, Wiltonians have reported two bear sightings to the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. While Weston has been home to only one reported sighting, Ridgefield has seen seven, and Redding has seen 11.

In fact, a Redding beekeeper even had his artificial nests destroyed by a black bear in June. The large pawprints left behind on the equipment were one reason the resident knew it was a bear and not vandals.”<<<Read More>>>



Open Your Soul – Give Animals What They Want


Connecticut Considering a “Controlled” Bear Hunt?

With first year bear cubs staring at a survival rate of 80%, the bear population, with no real predator except man, is growing out of control in some places. In a report found today about Connecticut bears and the number of problem calls received by fish and game officials, it states that, “The University of Connecticut is currently conducting a study to pinpoint the exact population of bears in the state, which is the to close to 700. This data will be used to revisit the prospect of a controlled bear hunt.”


Connecticut Has Its Hands Full of Bears

“In the past year, there have been 3,618 black bear sightings in the state, with most of them in Farmington and Avon in central Connecticut with 397 and 339 sightings, respectively.”<<<Read More>>>



Connecticut Overrun With Bears

There have been more than 3,400 reports of bear sightings in the last year in Connecticut, and most of them are in the northwest corner.<<<Read More>>>


Another Predator Taking Control of People’s Lives

The fisher, Martes pennanti, now can be found just about everywhere in Connecticut; enough so that people are beginning to see them in their back yards…….really? Claimed to be nocturnal, one science teacher, captured one on video during the middle of the day.

And as one has become accustomed to hear, “Officials from DEEP also say it’s unlikely “fisher cats” will bother humans. Officials recommend removing any food sources such as garbage cans from your property.”

The bit of irony in this story is that wildlife officials in 1988 captured fisher cats in Vermont and New Hampshire and introduced them into the northwestern area of the state. Now, since 2005, licensed trappers can harvest the animals for often times valuable fur.

Connecticut awaits the Loup Garou!



Bear Peeks in CT Front Door Window

“The Barry family said bears appear on their property a couple times a year, but this is the first one to show up on their doorstep.”<<<Read More>>>