February 7, 2023

The Closing of the Scientific Mind

Brain*Editor’s Note* Often on this website myself and readers have made comment and engaged at some level of discussion about what has happened to science. It has been described as “prostituted”, “bastardized”, “outcome based”, “politicized”, etc. Together, we have experienced how the abuse of scientific authority has devastating results.

Below is a teaser with a link to an article, a lengthy piece, by David Gelernter about objective and subjective consciousness and how a paring away of subjectivity is destroying the scientific approach of skepticism and questioning, in search of truth.

Oh, I don’t pretend to understand all that Gerlernter writes in his brainy piece, but contained therein may be some answers. If you are willing to read through this, just maybe there are some answers that you have been looking for…..or maybe not.

Because of much that I don’t comprehend in this piece, I cannot say what I agree with or disagree with. I can say that I agree that some scientists have realized the power they wield simply because they are scientists and have wrongly used that power for sinister or at least undesirable reasons. As a result, to the untrained minds, robots if you will, who are eager to believe, and yet do not want to believe they are being manipulated, they become the victim of bastardized, prostituted, outcome-based and politicized science. A combination of abuse of responsibility that comes with scientific study and the knowledge that people’s minds can be controlled and manipulated, creates a troubling prospect for the future.

From the article:

“The huge cultural authority science has acquired over the past century imposes large duties on every scientist. Scientists have acquired the power to impress and intimidate every time they open their mouths, and it is their responsibility to keep this power in mind no matter what they say or do. Too many have forgotten their obligation to approach with due respect the scholarly, artistic, religious, humanistic work that has always been mankind’s main spiritual support. Scientists are (on average) no more likely to understand this work than the man in the street is to understand quantum physics. But science used to know enough to approach cautiously and admire from outside, and to build its own work on a deep belief in human dignity. No longer.”<<<Read More>>>