December 3, 2022

Classical Values

Propitious timing, as NOAA and environmental activists are desperately trying to avoid complying with Congressional oversight into whether politics is driving ever-higher surface data adjustments. This particular farce has gone beyond mere confirmation bias and entered the realm of Lysenkoism. Do they really not understand that billions of tax dollars come with certain legal strings attached? “Shut up and go away” is not an acceptable response to a Congressional subpoena.  The taxpayers paid for the scientists as well as the nonscientists whose government records they deigned to release. No oversight? Fine, no funding. Shut NOAA down until they comply.  Good luck in the private sector, folks.  One further hopes these savages either fully comply or end up in jail for obstruction, as their behavior is horribly corrosive to scientific integrity, the spirit of free inquiry, the principles of objectivity and reproducibility, and the rule of law.

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When the People Fear Their Government, There is Tyranny. When the Government Fears the People, There is Liberty… 

Lunny documented how the NPS repeatedly misrepresented the scientific record to depict the farm as environmentally harmful.  These concerns were later vindicated by the Department of the Interior Inspector General, which found the NPS “misrepresented research.”  Further, a review of the NPS’s activities by theNational Academy of Sciences found that one report “gave an interpretation of the science that exaggerated the negative and overlooked the beneficial effects of the oyster culture operation,” adding that the Service’s conduct “cast doubt on the agency’s credibility and motivation.”

Despite these developments, on December 31, 2014, the National Park Service forced the iconic eighty-year-old oyster farm to shut down.

“Let me be clear, we did not fail as a business. This was not bad luck. Rather, the Park Service engaged in a taxpayer-funded enterprise of corruption to run our small business out of Point Reyes. Our family experienced the worst of what a motivated federal agency can do to a small business,” Lunny testified. “From the beginning of our stewardship of the farm, false science has been used as the primary tool to divide our community, intimidate government officials, and ostracize our family. Our family run oyster farm became ground zero for scientific misconduct in the United States.” 

Source: When the People Fear Their Government, There is Tyranny. When the Government Fears the People, There is Liberty… – House Committee on Natural Resources