March 20, 2023

Wolves Become Increasingly Dogs

I wanted to share with readers part of an email that I received written by Dr. Valerius Geist. His email was in part about policies that exist in dealing with and the perpetuation of wolves, particularly in “settled” landscapes, i.e. forcing wolves to live in areas inhabited by humans.

Recently many of us read an article about how “evolution” had created a “new” canine species – a mixture of wolf, coyote and domestic dog. It now appears the “buzz” is about wild dogs interbreeding, with no knowledge or understanding as to the new behavior of the cross-bred wild dog.

Odd isn’t it that such topics become popular in the media when there’s an agenda to be promoted.

Many of us, for years, have been clamoring to get people to understand that the policies of wolf and coyote protection were doing more harm to the actual canine species than the unnecessary and political act of protecting them is accomplishing. The call for scientific management and control over wolves, immediately is responded to by ignorant wolf advocates that we are wolf haters. They can’t even see that what I and many others have been calling for for years has been for the interest of the preservation of the species as a wild wolf and not a Heinz-57 wild, mongrel mutt, worthless to anybody accept those who find it a useful tools to stop land and resource access.

I think Dr. Geist puts it accurately and to the point when he said:

“In a nutshell the wolf conservation policies in Europe, but also cutesy your Fish and Wildlife Service, are a disservice to conservation, and a brutal disservice. I have made my views plain in Europe, that these policies have nothing to do with science and even less with nature conservation. Their effect is to not only do bitter damage to land-use we depend on for sustenance, but also to exterminate the wolf genetically as a species. In settled landscapes, wolves become increasingly dogs. Moreover, there is here another fallacy to contend with: yes, wolves and dogs are very similar genetically. However, they are vastly different organisms. Ask those that have studied both! They should never be included in the same specie designation. Here we deal with another remarkable ignorance, namely the assumption the equal genes means equal organism. This is a fallacy. Humans and chimps are exceedingly similar genetically, but would you give passports and marriage licenses to chimps? Pigs and hippos are very similar genetically to whales, but you do not do much for whale conservation by multiplying pigs! And the destruction of the wolf genome is nothing theoretical, not with western coyote, gray and eastern wolf and dogs flowing together into the worthless mongrel called coy wolf – or even worse, eastern coyote. Those foolish enough to celebrate it as “newly evolved species” do insult to evolution, and may not have noticed that this destroys both, America’s “big wolf” and the “little wolf”! Some triumph in conservation!”

The policies of animal protection worldwide are a reflection of the perverse animal insanity that pervades the people of the world.