December 8, 2022

Obama Trip to Cuba Condemned by Black Activists

Press Release from the National Center for Public Policy Research

Project 21 Black Leaders Condemn Obama Trip to Cuba

“Communism has never worked, can never work and… must be challenged”

“Why is the President cozying up to killers?”

“This president… has pole-vaulted over America’s territory of Puerto Rico, which is dying on the economic vine, to play kissy-face with the Castros”

“Cuba gets legitimacy and currency while America gets empty promises”

“Castro turned on us; not us on them”

“Mr. Obama should think before he acts”

“Many members of the Obama Administration are making excuses for this bastion of institutional racism”


Washington, D.C. – Members of the Project 21 black leadership network are issuing strong statements of condemnation about President Obama’s trip to Cuba, which continues today.

“President Obama has truly let down America and the supporters of freedom all over the globe with his recognition of Cuba,” charged Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper. “Recognizing President Castro and his despotic co-autocrats who make up the Communist party leadership as welcome members of the world’s family of nations is bad enough. Appearing on their soil and declaring that Cuba’s confiscation of private property and government-controlled economy makes sure ‘that everybody is getting a decent education or health care, has basic security and old age, that those things are human rights as well’ is beyond the pale.”

“Supporting the enemies of America and isolating our friends is not just terrible for America, it sends the wrong signals to dispossessed people all over the globe,” Cooper continued. “Communism has never worked, can never work and instead of being appeased, must be challenged. Shame on Mr. Obama.”

“President Obama has been humiliated by foreign dictators before, but this trip to Cuba is taking humiliation to a whole new level,” said Project 21’s Bishop Council Nedd II, the rector of St. Alban’s Anglican Church in Pine Grove Mills, PA and an elected Pennsylvania State Constable. “The White House said the president would not travel to Cuba unless there were improvements in human rights. The White House must have thought the Castros would want the visit so much they’d make at least cosmetic improvements, but President Obama guessed wrong: they didn’t. But Obama did, so he went anyway, and dissidents were being rounded up even as Air Force One was headed to the island. Some of these ‘dissidents’ have done nothing more than attend church!”

“Raul Castro has gone out of his way to insult the president, and through him, every American,” Bishop Nedd continued. “Heads of state go to the airport to meet important foreign guests. Raul Castro went to the airport for the leader of Iran. He skipped the trip for President Obama. That’s a calculated insult.”

“President Obama even allowed himself to be photographed in front of a huge memorial to racist Che Guevara,” Bishop Nedd concluded. “Would the President allow himself to be photographed in front of a memorial to a KKK or Confederate leader, or any avowed racist here in the United States? Even one who was not a murderer, as Che Guevara was? It’s extremely unlikely, but he was willing to do it for the Castros. Why? Why is the President cozying up to killers?”

“What this president is doing in opening relations with Cuba is near treason,” said Project 21’s Niger Innis, the national spokesman for the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), one of the nation’s most famous and influential civil rights organizations. “He does it at a time when the Castro regime has given nothing to the United States, and when its senior patron, Venezuela, is also on the economic ropes.”

“It seems the raison d’etre of this president is to make bridges to America’s enemies while simultaneously undermining our strongest allies, as he has done to Israel, the Czech Republic, and Poland,” Innis continued. “But in perhaps the most glaring effort by this president to undermine America’s interest, he has pole-vaulted over America’s territory of Puerto Rico, which is dying on the economic vine, to play kissy-face with the Castros.”

“Once again, President Obama, being anxious to make history while appeasing America’s enemies, looked absolutely foolish yesterday as the Cuban dictator declared in front of him with a straight face that Cuba doesn’t hold any political prisoners,” said Project 21’s Christopher Arps, a Missouri-based political consultant and co-founder of, a 43-state network of conservative and moderate black Americans. “Like Iran, Cuba gets legitimacy and currency while America gets empty promises. This is dangerous diplomacy for America and her allies.”

“President Barack Obama desperately wants a clean victory before leaving office,” said Project 21’s Wayne Dupree, host of the Wayne Dupree Show and founder of the WAAR Media Group. “So far, Obama has been a weak president at best and a complete failure at worst. When I was young, Cuba was the country that allowed Soviet missiles to be stationed there so they could present a mortal threat to the United States of America. Fidel Castro was the communist leader who pointed a gun at us, like the guy in North Korea points one at South Korea. President Kennedy mistakenly trusted and welcomed the ascension of Fidel Castro. Then Castro turned on us; not us on them. People have been fleeing Cuba for 50-plus years. No one should start celebrating yet. Are we to just wipe the slate of history; act as though history doesn’t exist? We will be paying billions if we try to bring Cuba up to modern standards of living.”

“Obama is trying to get an automatic win here,” Dupree continued. “Those of us who remember know we need a lot more from Cuba’s communist leadership before we smoke cigars and drink a beer with them.”

“Our President is always attempting to make history or be the first to visit a hostile nation or country that is at odds with the USA,” said Project 21’s Emery McClendon, an Indiana Tea Party activist and past winner of Americans for Prosperity’s “Activist of the Year” award. “Mr. Obama should think before he acts because each time that he has done this over his past seven years in office things have not worked out for the better for America. Iran and North Korea are just two examples.”

“President Obama’s visit to Communist Cuba may indeed be historic in nature, but many members of the Obama Administration are making excuses for this bastion of institutional racism,” said Project 21’s Kevin Martin, a Navy veteran. “The plight of Afro-Cubans, or ‘Mulatos,’ has been well documented since the Castro brothers came to power more than 50 years ago. While many liberal activists have built a business of condemning America for its past transgressions of racism against minorities in America, the Obama Administration and these same Liberals have taken a hands-off approach to the plight of Afro-Cubans, who are the most oppressed minority on the Cuban Island.”

“The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) has often praised the Castro brothers and the Cuban socialist system and has repeatedly called for the lifting of the U.S. embargo, while at the same time ignoring the plight of those who look like them,” added Martin. “If the president, our liberal elected officials and State Department can condemn other nations, such as Myanmar, Zimbabwe and others for their human rights records, then they need to explain why they have taken a hands-off approach to the plight of Afro-Cubans over the years. This is especially true now, during this historic Presidential visit to the island nation, during the administration’s effort to cement normalized relations with Cuba.”

Project 21 has been a leading voice of black conservatives since its founding in 1992.


Persecution: Behind Pope Francis’ Embrace of Cuba’s Murderous Dictator

Pope Francis gave the dictator a copy of his 2013 apostolic exhortation titled “The Joy of the Gospel,” in which he sharply criticizes economic freedom. Talk about preaching to the converted. As Raúl put it, “The pontiff is a Jesuit, and I, in some way, am too. I studied at Jesuit schools.” No kidding.

Source: Persecution | No Spin Catholicism


Investors Asked to Vote Down Attacks on Free Enterprise

Leading Free Market Activist Group Advises Investors to Reject Upcoming Shareholder Resolutions Designed to Stifle Free Speech and Defund Market-Based Policy Solutions

Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and Honeywell Investors Face Votes on Anti-Capitalist Measures

National Center for Public Policy Research Leading the Charge Against Extremist Attacks on the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)

As ALEC Works to Improve Business Environment and Expand American Jobs, Liberal Activists Spread Misinformation and Fear

Washington, DC – The National Center for Public Policy Research is advising investors to reject shareholder resolutions being presented by extremely liberal activists posing as good governance stewards at the respective upcoming annual shareholder meetings of Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and Honeywell.

The annual meeting of Pfizer shareholders will take place April 23 in Short Hills, New Jersey at 8:30 AM.

The annual meeting of Johnson & Johnson shareholders will take place April 23 in New Brunswick, New Jersey at 10:30 AM.

The annual meeting of Honeywell shareholders will take place April 27 in Morris Township, New Jersey at 10:30 AM.

“Corporate America is under assault from a twisted web of coordinated, progressive activist groups that pose as good governance proponents,” said National Center Free Enterprise Project Director Justin Danhof, Esq. “From NorthStar Asset Management, to As You Sow, to Ceres, to the SEIU, to the Center for Media & Democracy and many dozens more, liberal activist groups are seeking to use corporations as tools to advance far-left policies on issues such as health care and the environment. But more than anything, this movement is about ending one thing that many liberals simply abhor – free speech.”

At Thursday’s annual meeting of Johnson & Johnson shareholders, investors will vote on a proposal submitted by NorthStar Asset Management that ostensibly asks the company to align its corporate donations with its stated corporate values. However, the proposal is actually an attack on conservative politicians, free market positions and pro-business organizations. The proposal attacks Johnson & Johnson for past donations to politicians that supported free-market approaches to American energy policy and traditional marriage. It also attacks the company for its involvement with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

“NorthStar gives away its true intentions in its proposal’s opening sentence, which complains about the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission by bemoaning the Court’s plain language interpretation of free speech,” said Danhof. “But speech – in this instance, monetary donations – that Johnson & Johnson has made to liberal politicians is conspicuously absent from the laundry list of activities that NorthStar’s proposal complains about. NorthStar’s proposal only complains about donations that advance conservative or free-market causes. And that is the heart of this entire movement – the left is all for free speech, unless it disagrees with that speech.”

NorthStar Asset Management’s proposal can be found on page 78 of Johnson & Johnson’s proxy statement.

Johnson & Johnson made itself vulnerable to this type of proposal when it bowed to leftist pressure in 2012 and caved to Color of Change after it pressured the company to stop working with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

“By acceding to the left’s demands to end a relationship with a well-respected, four-decade old organization of state legislators that promotes free market values and limited government, Johnson & Johnson put a target on its back. Once these extreme activists know a company will give an inch, they will come back for a mile,” said Danhof. “Johnson & Johnson’s investors can send a loud message Thursday by rejecting this latest liberal assault and perhaps steel the company’s spine against further attacks.”

Pfizer and Honeywell are under attack specifically for their continued involvement with ALEC.

“Liberal agitators have been running a coordinated effort to demonize ALEC for the better part of three-plus years. Pfizer and Honeywell investors have an opportunity to send a loud message that this movement has lost its steam. Built on a foundation of misinformation and outlandish racial attacks, liberals have been fomenting hatred for ALEC in an overt attempt to stifle free speech,” said Danhof. “Once investors know the truth about these trumped up attacks, I am confident they will reject these proposals and with it the entire anti-ALEC, anti-free speech movement.”

Pfizer investors will vote on a proposal submitted by the Christopher Reynolds Foundation that is a clear attempt to pressure the company to sever ties with ALEC. The proposal attacks work that ALEC did years ago concerning renewable energy standards and voter ID, claiming that such initiatives are “controversial.”

The left-wing Christopher Reynolds Foundation, established in 1952, is dedicated to the normalization of U.S. relations with Cuba, but it lends its invested assets in U.S. corporations to other left-wing activism projects, such as those attacking ExxonMobil on climate change ; Merck, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson for belonging to PhRMA; many corporations on executive compensation, Dominion, Southern, and Covanta on biomass energy, and more.

“The Christopher Reynolds Foundation has clearly been spending too much of its time helping the Castro brothers,” said Amy Ridenour, chairman of the National Center for Public Policy Research, “because it has gotten out of touch with the beliefs and interests of Americans here at home. It complains that Pfizer belongs to a pro-business group that supported voter ID years ago. Does the Christopher Reynolds Foundation not realize the American people support voter ID by 70-27%? That Democrats support it 55-43%? Black Americans 51-46? People with a college degree 64-33% and people without, 75-23%? I can well believe Fidel Castro disapproves of voter ID – he doesn’t even approve of voting – but the American people overwhelmingly do.”

“The Christopher Reynolds Foundation also complains in its proposal that ALEC has opposed ‘state-level Renewable Portfolio standards.’ These standards hurt the poor and disproportionally harm minorities by raising their energy prices ,” Ridenour added. “The Christopher Reynolds Foundation says it questions whether opposing regulations that raise energy costs on low-income Americans ‘is consistent with a commitment to integrity.’ Seriously – that’s its position. But we believe keeping energy costs as low as possible for low-income people is a good thing, and we suspect most investors do, too. So we call on Pfizer investors to vote DOWN the Christopher Reynolds Foundation proposal, which is Item #4 on the Pfizer proxy statement, and in so doing, vote UP the views and interests of the American people.”

Next Monday, Honeywell’s investors will face a similar proposal being moved by the City of Philadelphia Public Employees Retirement System and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Pension Benefit Fund. Their proposal is on page 90 of the Honeywell proxy statement.

“This proposal is nothing more than an attempt to use Honeywell as a tool to continue the left’s tired tripe that ALEC is some boogeyman to be feared,” said Danhof. “The proponents are part of an effort that is actively working to undermine America’s capitalistic roots and by extension Honeywell itself. As the Obama Administration continues to expand the regulatory state, ALEC’s market-based approaches to policy problems are needed now more than ever.”

The National Center’s Free Enterprise Project is the nation’s preeminent free-market activist group focusing on corporate activities. In 2014, Free Enterprise Project representatives participated in 52 shareholder meetings advancing free-market ideals in the areas of health care, energy, taxes, subsidies, regulations, religious freedom, food policies, media bias, gun rights, workers rights and many other important public policy issues.

The National Center has participated in eight shareholder meetings in 2015.

The National Center for Public Policy Research, founded in 1982, is a non-partisan, free-market, independent conservative think-tank. Ninety-four percent of its support comes from individuals, less than four percent from foundations, and less than two percent from corporations. It receives over 350,000 individual contributions a year from over 96,000 active recent contributors. Sign up for free issue alerts here.


Ted Cruz’s Father Gives Speech

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Cuban Communist Survivor Gives Lesson on Understanding Rights of People

Tells panel that they don’t know what liberty is because they have never lost it.