April 27, 2017

When Man Wasn’t Around Animals Survived

*Editor’s Note* – A New Hampshire town wants to better manage wildlife on town property – just in excess of 2,500 acres. It is believed too many coyotes are reducing the deer population below numbers desired. As is often the case, animal lovers seem to think managing is more cruel than the savagery of letting “Nature” do it alone. Ignorance driven by emotion.

“Why fool with Mother Nature?” asked Elliot, adding that he’s read that trapping is considered inhumane. “What happened years ago when we weren’t around? They (the animals) all survived.”<<<Read More>>>

Hateful Spite and Wanton Waste


The attending photo, shows a pile of dead deer killed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, to control the ungulate (deer) population at a U.S. military base on the island of Guam. According to the brief report I saw, the killing was done legally, however, disposal of the dead deer wasn’t carried out the way it should have been. That same report states: “We should note, in the past, the dead ungulates would be dispersed to the mayors offices, but liability issues put an end to that practice.”

Liability issues my behind! It’s the hatred of demented perverts, the spite that rules their lives that, with their totalitarian propagandizing and mind manipulation, they are more interested in some sense of protecting animals at all costs, even if the cost is human life. They are disgusting examples of God’s creation.

But the wanton waste? This is food, probably better food than anybody on the island of Guam is eating that they get from the grocery stores that are loaded with food items laced with toxic chemicals. God put these creatures on earth for the benefit of man. Lost in our perverted world is that we should be eating this resource, being thankful to God for it. Instead, we insult God and mock Him, by slaughtering deer and burying it in landfills.

Don’t get me wrong. I understand the need to control deer populations. This is a problem in many places, contrary to the lie that man is destroying everything. But, to deliberately waste good food is insanity. The people of this world are insane.

Take your “lie”ability and stuff it.

Islesboro grapples over deer hunt — again

ISLESBORO, Maine — Along with flowers, warm breezes and visitors from other states, warm weather on Islesboro brings worries about ticks, Lyme disease and, by most accounts, an overabundance of deer on the picturesque Maine island community. Earlier this month, residents voted 45 to 27 at a special town meeting […]

Source: Islesboro grapples over deer hunt — again — Midcoast — Bangor Daily News — BDN Maine

Insanity Prevails in Decision to Kill British Columbia Wolves Killing Caribou

As many as 184 wolves must be shot in British Columbia, Canada, in order to save the caribou, according to a statement from the provincial government. The Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations announced plans on January 15 to address what they consider the threat of wolf predation in the areas of the South Selkirk Mountains and the South Peace, along the border of US states Washington and Idaho.<<<Read More>>>

Wolves Are Killing Caribou People Are Killing Me

CaribouProverbs 17:28 King James Version: “Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding.”

Or some people like to make the following statement and attribute it to Abraham Lincoln, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.” But this runs contrary to human nature because we humans excel in showing the world just how ignorant we are. It is blissful they say.

Canada has a problem in that wolves are killing off the caribou population. Not that the majority of spouter-offers care anything about learning or even the implementation of a few facts in any matter that involves wolves, Dr. Tom Bergerud has essentially dedicated his life to the study of the woodland caribou. It’s no mystery that wolves kill caribou and are the leading culprits in the demise of the northern animal. But don’t go look.

Canada’s problem has reached a point in some places where “people” (I will deliberately avoid using the term scientist) have decided that if the number of wolves in parts of British Columbia isn’t reduced caribou will disappear. This does not set well with the ignorant masses that see wolves as something to fantasize about. According to their brainwashing and propagandizing, if wolves were left alone the woods of British Columbia would be Nirvana.

This becomes evident when one reads the comment section in this article. What is it that H.L. Mencken said, “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American Canadian public.”

It isn’t really a matter of whether or not you think that people should kill wolves to protect caribou. The real issue is the lack of any remote understanding and factual knowledge about what is taking place. (Oh give me a break. The ignorance erupts like a volcano out of their comments!) Without ever once taking it upon oneself to do some research and study, it’s much easier to hate on humans. Everything you don’t like is reason to ask for the destruction of humans…..well, so long as it isn’t you…right? Kill them but not me. I’m enlightened….by Walt Disney.

I believe it was Thomas Sowell who once said that he did not fear exposing people to all sides of any issue, provided that he first had the time to teach people how to think and be independent in thought. He then knew that truth would rise to the surface. Brainwashing, coupled with intellectual laziness doesn’t offer that option.

Wolves become an emotional subject here on planet earth. Why? Various reasons but mostly because humans have become programmed to love their dogs (all animals really), even to a fault. Having pet dogs isn’t a problem. Pet dogs that are given priority over human welfare is. You can discover all of the psychological reasons people prefer dogs over humans but in our propagandized indoctrination institutions wolves are our pets and how dare somebody shoot one that is about to kill a fellow human being? Kill the human instead.

So, blinded by the programmed hatred toward other human beings, the wolf becomes a great tool to embellish that hatred. And it is loved.

Ignorance is behind all the emotion. Lazy ignorance foments myths like a balanced nature, and humans kill everything, while never once lifting a finger to discover truth. Truth, they have been taught, is what someone with a paper certificate tells you it is. If you like the sound of it then it must really be truth. You are castigated to think otherwise.

But why bother? Why should I spend the 30 minutes it takes to type this diatribe when few will read it and even fewer will, whether they agree or not, go beyond what they have just read to think independently. We are incapable for the most part. Go back to what you were doing.

Let’s Introduce Wolves to Washington, D.C.

Bringing in predators is more or less what some brilliant folks are suggesting. Rock Creek Park in Washington, D.C. has too many deer (someone has determined this because someone else said they were smart and could.) To solve this problem of too many deer, the park service is hiring somebody – defined only as “sharpshooters” – to go into the park at night, whenever they feel like it, and kill a few deer. Their quota is said to be 106 deer.

In a Scientific American article, the author says, “The growth [of deer] has been blamed on a lack of predators and growth of deer-friendly residential areas outside cities.”

Reading the comments from readers below the article explains a lot as to why I have my doubts that man ever really landed on the moon. I guess the solution, by some, is to bring in predators big enough to kill deer and kill humans who want to live in a house.

To swear by the statement that predators balance “ecosystems” (what is that anyway?) is akin to swearing that police departments prevent crime. In case you were wondering, sometimes they show up to clean up a crime scene, but generally speaking that add to crime, just as predators add to the problems of those mystical “ecosystems.”

Some fear the deer will spread disease, like Lyme Disease. I wonder if some of these tick-infested deer could be moved over to graze around the White House and Capital. By dumping a handful of very hungry wolves into Washington, D.C. might give them bastards on Capital Hill a taste of how it feels to be surrounded by and fall victim to ravenous wolves, as we are to their corrupt politicking and robbing us of our money and rights.

As was pointed out in one comment about this article, man is The predator. Let him take care of this problem, kill a few deer and feed some hungry people. It shows the usefulness of deer and intelligence of man, in that they can feed people. Brilliant!