November 29, 2022

How Not to Bag a Donut

BostonCremePieI have heard many, many times that the kids of today are so much more “smarter” than, say, when I was a kid – more than 10 years ago. Snicker. I don’t think so. They are indoctrinated differently than I was and, growing up with computers, can do most anything with them. I once used an abacus. I doubt few kids even know what one is.

I know one thing that is completely lacking in today’s society and business world – customer service. Chances are, if you go into a place of business and do something really stupid, and confusing to the cashier, and use cash to pay for any purchases, chances are if you have change coming back to you, the cashier, without speaking, will slap the change on the counter with a balled up piece of paper, once known as a receipt.

Anyway, the other morning I decided to change up my routine some and I jumped on my bicycle to take a ride. I ambled over to the park and around, enjoying the fresh air and listening to the twitterpated birds chirping all around.

After a bit, for some reason, I opted to head up a particular street to check on the progress of a new high school being built. Next to the high school, of all things, there is a Dunkin’ Donuts. I’m not a coffee drinker, but my wife is and a realized we were nearly out of coffee. So, I went into DDs to buy some coffee.

I shouldn’t have done that because before I paid for the coffee there were these two delicious-looking Boston creme pie donuts staring me in the face and begging me to take them home. So, I did.

I paid little attention to the girl who bagged the donuts.

I walked back to my bicycle, took off my small backpack and put the bag of coffee in the bottom and gently placed my precious cargo on top.

To add further drama to the story, I am in Florida in late May. The air temperatures are at around 90 degrees, but I knew I was only 10 minutes from home. So, off I struck.

When I got home and got ready to sink my teeth into the donuts, I opened the bag and extracted the top Boston creme pie, Yummy!

A couple of news articles later and a yelling and screaming from the other Boston creme pie to be released from its bag prison, I opened the sack and discovered that when the Dunkin’ Donuts girl bagged the two donuts, she put the first one in frosted side down and the second one in frosted side up.

Removing the Boston creme pie as carefully as I could, all the chocolate frosting remained behind, stuck to the bottom of the bag.

There was no way the donuts shifted during shipment. They were stacked that way by the clerk. Who would do that? Why would anybody do that?

Perhaps the tell-tale sign of who and why came when, as I was leaving, I turned and said, “Thank you!” and all I got in return was a blank stare – like I just screwed everything up.

Customer service is no longer taught, is not practiced and isn’t even considered as part of a customer service-oriented business. Why does this not make sense?


Does Cabela’s Customer Service Basically Suck?

I’m not a huge Cabela’s fan, but I have purchased about as many products from the “World’s Foremost Outfitter”, that I can count on one hand and still tie my shoes. Therefore, I am no authority on whether or not Cabela’s, as a whole, has lousy customer service or whether the following incident is endemic and relegated to just the Scarborough, Maine store.

I received an email from a friend asking if somehow I could help in order that other sportsmen doesn’t run into the same problems that he has in attempting to buy a particular gun. I emailed back with a couple of questions and am awaiting a reply. What I wanted to know was whether he and his wife have any idea of his claim that Cabela’s, “service basically sucks”, is widespread throughout the entire Cabela’s corporation and whether or not he had contacted or attempted to contact corporate offices to resolve his problem. If and when I get that information I will share it.

I am going to post the majority of the email, hopefully without taking something out of context. I am blanking out the names for right now as I don’t see any need for that. I will say that I have known this person and his wife for perhaps 40 years and they are exceptionally trustworthy people.

Here’s the email:

Hello Tom,

Maybe some of your readers can help me with my dilemma with Cabela’s. Before last hunting season I twice called the Scarborough, ME Cabela’s looking for a Remington 750 carbine in a .308 cal.. Twice I was told that the gun buyer would get back to me and it never happened, so I went the season without that firearm. So this year I thought I would start earlier and called on Monday. The person in the gun dept. told me that they didn’t stock that model and that I should call Remington and purchase the gun from them. I was then supposed to have it shipped to Cabela’s and they would transfer it to me at a nominal cost of $25.00 to $35.00.. I was always under the impression that Cabela’s was a retailer and not a transfer agent and with that kind of representation Cabela’s cannot possible be “The World’s Foremost Outfitter”. Cabela’s customer service basically sucks and I hope one of your readers can point me to a customer service person at Cabela’s headquarters. XXXXX and I have Cabela’s Signature credit cards but that shouldn’t matter since all customers should be treated equal. That is the way we run our business and the way all businesses should run.

L.L. Bean is looking better all the time,


I find the story puzzling for a number of reasons but I will tell you this. As I have said, I have known this man for about 40 years and among his hunting buddies at camp he is teased because it seems everything he owns comes from Cabela’s, even the seat covers in his truck, etc. etc. etc. With the amount of time he has spent at this store and the amount of merchandise he has purchased through them, he should have a good sense of what their customer service is like.

In this day and age of economic struggles, a large retailer like Cabela’s, I would think, would NOT want to find their name plastered across the Internet in a negative fashion.

If there are any readers who can provide him/me with a contact person at Cabela’s headquarters, please email me the information or I can put you in contact with this guy. You can also express your experiences with Cabela’s, good and bad, in the comment section below.

Thank you.


Screaming and Yelling At PayPal

Damn! I’m angry! I have an account with PayPal. The only reason I have an account with them is because I sell CDs for a friend on mine and use PayPay as the service that customers can use to buy CDs etc. I’m struggling right now to find anything nice to say about PayPal, but let me say that I have used them for several years without any problems. That ended the other day.

When I logged onto my account there was a notice that my Visa card ending in 7529 was about to expire and that I needed to click on a link to update my information. The problem is I don’t have a credit card with PayPal. I have a debit card but it doesn’t end in 7529.

I thought about just deleting the card from my account but in that process it told that it was the ONLY account number I had and that if I deleted it, I would not have access any longer to my account. I decided I better contact them and that’s when the real problems began.

It’s next to impossible to resolve this problem without speaking to a human being (and as far as dealing with PayPal, use of human being is liberally used.) But you can’t get a human being to speak with because of the worthless computerized robots.

So, I sent an email and sure enough, I got a robot to answer my email that they would do their best to get back to me in 24 hours or so. In about 24 hours, I received an email saying they were going to call me in a minute. I waited and waited and no call. Then I got an email a few hours later stating they were unable to reach me and left a number to call.

You are probably already guessing that the number to call took me right back to the robot that gave me NO options to speak to a human being.

I went back to the PayPal website and attempted another contact email. This time, regardless of what I entered for information they asked for, it would not recognize any of it.

I’m seething by now and ready to put my fist through a wall. I called again and again and again, trying to figure out how to reach a human. No luck. I thought some more about it. Finally I called and just kept repeating myself to the robot like a robot, “I want to talk with a human being. I want to talk to a human being. I want to talk to a human being.” Does not compute! Does not compute.

After perhaps 25 or 30 of those hypnotic rants, I finally screamed to the top of my lungs, making my head hurt, “I WANT TO TALK TO A HUMAN BEING!” (I might have added expletives.

I waited and there was silence. FINALLY, the robot says, “OK. There seems to be a problem here. I’m going to transfer you to someone who might be able to help.”

BINGO! But the poor bastard who got my call, I’m sure is still shook up…..or he and everyone else in the office are laughing their asses off at me, as they probably should be.

But do you think it ended there? NOPE! Incompetence is running rampant. It’s unbelievable. I explained to this guy what was going on and so he asks me if I want to delete my credit card. Now I’m screaming again. I said, “LISTEN CAREFULLY! &()^$$ *(^%$Y I don’t own a goddamn visa card………

And just so you know, the little bastard never once apologized because his company screwed up and made my life a living hell for a few days. And, I have no confidence the problem is resolved. Probably some other poor schmoe will lose his credit card and have to go through what I did.

I’m so glad so many kids today and paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to go to school, receive a college degree and are so damned stupid they can’t walk and chew gum at the same time.


FYI PayPal is an EBay company which is Google. Surprised?