March 25, 2017

Minnesota Wolves: No Kudos from Here

The following article from a Northern Minnesota newspaper describes a 40-year US Fish and Wildlife Service (retired) Wolf Biologist admitting that wolves in Minnesota have indeed decimated the Minnesota moose population and that, undoubtedly, any attempt to increase moose numbers in Minnesota would be akin to introducing impalas into a lion cage at the zoo. […]

Wolf Sermons by the Head Druid

By James Beers *Editor’s note – In order to understand Jim Beers’ following article and rebuttal, readers must first read the article in the Pioneer Press that Beers refers to. Below is a short teaser and a link to the article, followed by Jim Beers’ response. “”What it sounds like is a dog chasing a […]

“Experts” Say Wolves in Great Lakes Not Endangered

*Editor’s Note* – From my perspective, Dr. David Mech was instrumental in the reintroduction of wolves and the nationwide protection of them. In interviews and statements he has made, he admitted to effectively lying about wolves in order to get wolves living in everyone’s back yard. Now that they are here and nothing short of […]

David Mech’s Damage Has Been Done – Too Late to Attempt Reconciliation

It seems some readers are agog today over an article discovered to have been published at Daily Kos, discussing supposed errors made in attempts to understand wolf and wildlife science, balance of nature and trophic cascades. At the center of this article is David Mech, father of the Wolf Wars; the man who identifies with […]