January 31, 2023

We Must Learn to CoExist With Bears

“Consider installing electric fencing, an inexpensive and efficient proven deterrent to bears, around Dumpsters, gardens, beehives and other potential food sources.”

No, this was actually a suggestion on how to coexist with bears. <<<Read More Brilliant Tips>>>


Did You Know Maine Bears Went to School?

Actually, this is not true but when you read an article in the CBC News, online, titled, “Education, monitoring, key to getting rid of black bears, says biologist”, and read the opening paragraph, readers could take what it written at face value.

A wildlife biologist in Maine says public education and a careful monitoring program helped communities in his area get rid of a black bear problem similar to the one facing the Glovertown area.

I’m curious as to whether the bears are segregated from the rest of the public education participants and if so, is this legal?……and racial considering the bears are black?