February 2, 2023

Maine’s New Deer Biologist Reveals Idealistic Nonsense About Deer Management

I honestly do not think a person need be a rocket scientist or…….or, well, a person really need not be a deer biologist to read hand writing on the wall. All you have to do is read and be honest with what is being said.

So, as can be found in a recent article in the Portland Press Herald, written by Deirdre Fleming. The idealistic nonsense comes from a quote published in the above linked-to article that says:

“Any job has a learning curve. My philosophy on deer is to move toward a more specific density goal. I would like to use a new system of managing for the health of the deer, rather than how many there are per square mile. That number doesn’t tell you if the deer are healthy,” Ravana said.(emphasis added)

To be kind, this is the nonsense being taught from the very beginning days in our indoctrination factories that go hand in hand with such garbage as “sustainable development” and in wildlife management, “natural balance,” etc. To state that the desire is to manage for a “healthy” deer herd is doublespeak for “I don’t know what I’m talking about” and that I have no intentions of managing whitetail deer for surplus harvest but rather how can I please the environmentalists who are the nasty, well-funded activists who can really make my life miserable.

Such drivel.

There exist some distinct issues in the article, aside from the idealistic, fantasy, mumbo-jumbo. One issue involves the exposing of what the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife’s(MDIFW) philosophies of management are and the admission that things aren’t working so well and yet sportsmen are being told they are. Another is the same old, same old, of the rotten perspectives of the Maine outdoor sportsmen by the ruling class. In other words, Maine sportsmen pay the salaries and bills and yet are treated like second class idiots. I, for one, am tired of it.

MDIFW hired a green horn to take over as head deer biologist at a time when the deer herd is in trouble, with nothing seriously being done to correct it and yet if one were to believe some at MDIFW Maine has returned to the glory days of whitetail deer hunting; all via the magic of global warming. The rhetoric may be only second to that of Barack Obama. In hiring Kyle Ravana, was the decision more about money, philosophies in management, or something not even worth giving ink to?

Ravana may be the epitome of the new wildlife biologist who has been taught that wildlife, if left separated from the bad influences of humans, will do just fine…..sort of a “group hug” kind of mentality, if you know what I mean. (Will Ravana develop a pain chart so deer can tell him at what level they are feeling pain?)

Not that I really expected anything different but if this is the approved approach to saving a deer herd, unless the management for health contains aspects that provide from real growth and surplus populations for harvest, nothing will change. The product of our progressive, non scientific, education factories will continue us down the road to hunting, trapping and fishing destruction. If the new biologist plays the part and uses the right words, i.e., “managing for the health of the deer,” and is able to use his aggressiveness, as described in the article, to convince enough people, whoa to the future of deer hunting in Maine.

Excuse me if I’m not agog about Ravana’s hope and change, especially with each passing news article extolling things that just are not real. I’ve listened to this nonsense for years and still nothing changes.

This article tells us that the money spent on helicopter fly-overs to count deer was a waste of time. I questioned this action long ago.

When the media writes: “And biologists can’t control some factors that hurt deer numbers, such as severe winters, the loss of habitat on private land and coyote predation(emphasis added).”, this must be proof that officials at MDIFW, along with their pals at every environmentalist organization, are doing the job they intend of convincing the Maine people that evil man is destroying all the habitat and coyote management is akin to controlling the weather. Nobody, as of this writing, can answer my question as to why, if habitat is a problem, hundreds of thousands of acres of ideal habitat for deer remain unoccupied. It’s a lousy job to blame low deer numbers on climate and tree cutting, when population numbers are below carrying capacity.

To compare coyote control to weather and habitat as something nobody can do anything about, shows, not only ignorance, but an extreme bias toward protecting a nasty, rotten, varmint that spreads disease and destroys wildlife. If Ravana wants to manage Maine’s deer in a way that makes them healthy, he cannot be in denial of the truth of disease and destruction caused by overgrown populations of predators and other wildlife. How is protection of predators, that result in disease and scarcity, at all healthy? Evidently today’s wildlife biologist is to flush decades of proven deer management down the toilet and replace it with a “new system of managing for the health of the deer.” Odd, isn’t it, that today’s modern game biologist believes nature can “balance itself” and yet deer can’t manage their own health care.

Registering a “10”, on a scale of 1 – 10, the vomit meter gives the following statement a high grade.

Moreover, in 2015 a public working group will convene and give the department new objectives for managing Maine’s deer herd, and decide whether there are too many on the landscape or too few. Ravana hopes to meet these objectives by using statistics on deer health rather than density.

Sorry, it took me a minute to wipe the vomit off my computer screen. Rereading this had that effect. Like out of the Danny Martin days, yet another useless working group. My God! It’s like the barometer for bad leadership; when there is no plan, form a working group. But this time promises to be different, as Ravana says he will bring “statistic on deer health.”

INSANTITY, I say. INSANITY! And for you elites who like to dump on people with a brain and common sense, paint me one of your hated people who expect more out of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, than the same old dead end results. Time to try managing for surplus game and less time planning for retirement.

Hold your breath waiting for something good, if you would like, and I’ll try to protect your head when you pass out.