February 21, 2017

If I Were In Charge of MDIFW

The Maine Sportsman, a print publication, carried an article in their January 2017 edition written by Joe Saltalamachia, Director of Admissions at Unity College in Maine. The title was, “If You Were in Charge of DIF&W…” In the February, 2017 edition, the magazine published comments left by readers who responded to Mr. Saltalamachia’s suggestions of […]

The Case Against the Case For Antler Point Restrictions

In the January/February issue of SAM (Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine) News, Vol. 41, No. 1, author Mike Look presents his argument for Antler Point Restrictions (APR) as they may pertain to whitetail deer management. In essence this was a counterpoint to the case made by Gerry Lavigne against APRs. Personally, I do not favor APRs […]

Bureaucratic Nonsense Update

On Thursday I published an article explaining why, in my opinion, I thought Maine’s 15-year plan for deer management was little more than bureaucratic nonsense. This morning I updated that article to include important information that I forgot to include. Below is the update I posted. *Editor’s Note* – After posting this article and rereading […]

Deer Literacy

Let the Whining About Maine’s Deer Harvest Report Commence

My morning routine now has mostly morphed into turning on the television and examining the line-up of Turner Classic Movies for the day. However, this morning, at some point in time, the television landed on the Fox “Whine” Network, for surely that is the most of what they do. This all got me to thinking […]

267-Pound Allagash Buck

<<<Read the Story>>> Kip Paules of Bowdoinham, Maine, with the 267-pound buck he shot while hunting in the Allagash on Nov. 19. (Thom Thomas photo)

Taking the High Road on Hunting Vernacular

I was recently reading an article in a Maine publication about how, when somebody used the wrong terminology in discussing hunting, in particular deer hunting, it made that one somebody appear incredible. An example given was of one person referring to a hunter being successful in bagging a deer, that he had gone out and […]

No Need to Publish Letters About Publishing Photos of Dead Deer

Warning! The photo to the left can be viewed as offensive and an influence to your moral compass. To continue reading, first, grow up. This morning my inbox contained a link to a Letter to the Editor published in a Maine newspaper from someone that I believe is a faculty member at Thomas College. The […]

Deer Down

Maine Hunting Camp friends had success on Saturday. Congrats!

Stepping All Over Those Deer From Last Year’s “Mild” Winter

I’ll concede that there are places where the deer numbers in Maine are good…perhaps even too good. I’ll also admit, and rightfully so, that game managers (I use that term extremely lightly) can only “manage” by Wildlife Management Districts – those areas created by certain boundaries that help to shrink the size of management areas, […]