November 26, 2015

Traditional Hunting Practices Replaced With “Everyone’s a Participant” Mentality

I never thought the day would come when I would become a cantankerous old bastard, but here it is I guess. What’s the world coming to…except a rapid end? Growing up in Maine and being a part of a deer hunting family, the goal was to bag the big buck. Second to that was to […]

Maine IFW Operating in the Dark Ages

I don’t think Maine sportsmen have ever been given a reasonable explanation as to why the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) takes several months in order to count from one to somewhere in the twenty-thousands. We live in an age of instant information and yet the MDIFW still takes several months to […]

Maine’s Early Deer Harvest Numbers? Crickets…..

A friend sent me this information and I thank him. Here we have portions of reports across parts of the United States where early deer hunting harvest information is made available to anyone interested. Check these out: New Hampshire Deer Hunting Report And in Maine, where historically it takes 4-6 months for hunters to get […]

Mark Blazis: Fewer deer spotted this season

Local areas where he has noticed a drastic decline include Spencer, Sturbridge, Warren, and the Brookfields. On the other hand, Doherty has seen a surprising increase in many suburban areas where deer find refuge in areas that are not legally huntable because current tree stand restrictions require setups to be 500 feet from a dwelling. […]

Maine Hunting Camp: Why Bother?

As each year passes, I continue to ask myself, why bother? Why bother to go? There are very few deer, as has been the case for going on two decades now and nothing is changing in the woods…nothing. I just completed my 40th year at a Maine hunting camp – the same family hunting camp […]

Three Questions About the Ethics of Wildlife Management

*Editor’s Note* – The below opinion piece is a classic example of ignorance as it pertains to wildlife management. That ignorance is driven by emotional nonsense of “ethics,” and “values.” The author claims that the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) manages wildlife from the perspective of “the end justifies the means.” He […]

The Comeback: 20 Memories of the Return of the Whitetail Deer

*Editor’s Comment* – If you can tolerate the pop-up ads, some that make you wait and watch, you might find these stories interesting. Lost in this season’s noise of rut tactics, essential hunting gear, and antler scoring is the reality that, to generations of outdoorsmen across America, deer were once more fiction than fact. For […]

First Freeze Primes Massachusetts for Banner Opening Day

With snow and freezing temperatures throughout the Northeast this weekend, Massachusetts deer hunters are primed for a banner opening day today. The coldest weather so far this year is hitting the region, and parts of the interior Northeast might continue seeing a light dusting of snow. Source: First Freeze Primes Massachusetts for Banner Opening Day […]

Has “High-Tech Hunting” Killed the Event?

*Editor’s Note* – I have stated before that, BY CHOICE, I prefer deer hunting in the fashion I grew up with, save one exception. I grew up with a gun (sometimes), open sights, and most times with one or two bullets – it was all we could afford. I learned the forest and to recognize […]

Understanding Wildlife Conservation

I read yesterday a letter to the editor of a newspaper in New England. The complaint from the reader/writer was that New Hampshire’s fish and wildlife department wasn’t “conserving” wildlife because they didn’t reduce the number of hunting permits for deer when Maine and Vermont did. The writer first claimed that because New Hampshire was […]