February 10, 2016

Maine’s Percentage of “Big Bucks” Remains Below Average

The Maine Sportsman Magazine has released their list of registered “Big Bucks” from this past year’s harvest. My numbers guy, who compiles and keeps the tables of deer harvests and big bucks, has sent me his most, up-to-date table of big bucks taken in Maine. As you will see on the graph, the total deer […]

Hunters Sometimes Might Be Stupid and Lazy

Very early on in my writing career, I was told by veteran writers never to talk badly about your reading audience. That is probably true. However, if my reading audience doesn’t change their ways at certain things, I won’t have an audience left. So, here goes! If you believe that collecting data on harvested deer […]

Tallies from hunting show that deer, bear and turkeys are doing well in N.H. – moose, not so much

…although it may seem counterintuitive, hunting seasons are one of the best ways to determine the size and health of wild animal populations. A popular hunting season can send thousands – tens of thousands in the case of deer season – into the woods looking for specific species. Because hunters must register their kills for […]

N.J. Shoots More Deer Than ME, NH, VT, MA


Hunter’s Corner: Deer take about in line with 10-year average

The unofficial deer, bear, turkey and moose numbers are in and 2015 was an interesting year. The total deer kill was 10,912, which represent a 4-percent decline from the 11,396 taken in 2014. The good news, however, is that this was slightly above the 10-year average of 10,896. Source: Hunter’s Corner: Deer take about in […]

Hunter gives high praise to West Forks hunting lodge

I am an 80-year-old deer hunter, and I remember when there were deer in Maine, especially up north, like these 200 pounds and up. I have many 200-plus patches and two beauties, 8-point and 10-point, on my wall. Then came the coyote problem, which was never addressed or recognized by the fish and game department. […]

Another Bad Deer Hunting Season in Maine?

I reported to readers of my efforts in the Maine woods while at my annual hunting camp retreat. Reports seem to be mixed and, of course, sportsmen will be denied any information from the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) about harvest numbers for another 4 – 6 months. So, what’s left is conjecture. […]

Local Effort Creates Positive Deer Management Success

*Editor’s Note* – It is good news to hear something positive in the way of deer management in Maine. Perhaps there is no sound proof but it appears from this information that the increase in deer harvest success is due mostly to the efforts of the local community and hunters. One has to wonder how […]

Traditional Hunting Practices Replaced With “Everyone’s a Participant” Mentality

I never thought the day would come when I would become a cantankerous old bastard, but here it is I guess. What’s the world coming to…except a rapid end? Growing up in Maine and being a part of a deer hunting family, the goal was to bag the big buck. Second to that was to […]

Maine IFW Operating in the Dark Ages

I don’t think Maine sportsmen have ever been given a reasonable explanation as to why the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) takes several months in order to count from one to somewhere in the twenty-thousands. We live in an age of instant information and yet the MDIFW still takes several months to […]